Me-Not" will be published, Autobiogra- | Say; and the second, intended as a comphical Memoirs of Ferdinand Franck, the panion, a scene in Twelfth Night, from early part of which originally appeared a picture by the same artist, exhibited at in that annual Miscellany,

the Royal Academy, to be engraved in Mr. E. H. Barker, who long enjoyed | mezzotinto by Mr. T. Lupton. the intimacy of the late Dr. Parr, is em In a few days will be published, in ployed on a biography of that eminent royal 18mo. The Elegant Lelter-Writer, scholar.

or Selection of Letters on the most faA Hebrew tale, entitled Sophorn, de- miliar, interesting, and instructive subscriptive of Palestine, and of the man jects which English literature affords, ners and customs of the ancient Israelites, to serve as models upon which the rising will shortly appear in two post 8vo. vols. generation may form ideas of style and

Dr. Kitchiner is preparing for publi manner. cation, A Treatise on Telescopes, and the Mr. Curtis will commence his next second part of his Economy of the Eyes, Course of Lectures on the Anatomy, being the result of thirty years' experi- Physiology, and Pathology of the Ear; ments.

and the Medical Treatment of the Deaf A third series of Sayings and Doings and Dumb, early in October. .. is said to be in preparation.

The Burmese Imperial State Carriage, The Memoirs and Currespondence of which was captured at an early period of Paul Jones, from original documents in the present sanguinary Indian war, has the possession of Mr. J. H. Sherburne, I just reached this country, and is now registrar of the United States navy, are preparing for a public exhibition at the in the pressocheme

Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly. It is without · Mr. Hartshorne, of St. John's Col. exception one of the most splendid works lege, Cambridge, is engaged in a collec of art that has ever been produced, pretion of unpublished Metrical Romances, senting an entire blaze of gold, silver, and other pieces of our early poetry; with and precious stones. Of the latter, the introductions, notes, glossary, &c. number must amount to many thousands,

The four volumes of Sernions by the comprehending, diamonds, rubies, saplate Dr. Doddridge, the publication of phires white and blue, emeralds, amewhich was directed in his will, and which thysts, garnets, topazes, cats'-eyes, cryshave hitherto remained in the custody of tals, &c. &c. The carving is of a very supehis family, will shortly appear.

rior description; the form and construcMr. Vincent Novello has obtained per- tion of the vehicle extraordinary; and mission from the University of Cam the general taste displayed throughout bridge, to examine the old and valuable the whole design is at once so grand and Musical Manuscripts in the Fitzwilliam imposing, yet at the same time so chaste Museum, and to select for publication and refined, as to defy all rivalry even such compositions as he may consider from European workmanship. The warmost curious and beautiful. All the like power and resources of this surprisgreat names in the old school of music ing people are at present exciting univerare to be found in this collection. .. sal astonishment and attention: this new • Proposals are circulated for publish- object attests the fact, that, for taste in ing by subscription two prints, 18 inches design and skill in the execution of works by 14: one of Othello relating the His. l of art, their talents have been no less tory of his Life to Brabuntio and Desde- hidden and unknown to us. The carriage mona, from a picture by Fradelle, lately stands between twenty and thirty feet in exhibited at the British Gallery, to be height, and is drawn by elephants. engraved in mezzotinto by Mr. William

Printed by L. Harrison, 373, Strand.

[graphic][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][merged small][merged small]



Manufactures, 8c.


Vol. VI.

NOVEMBER 1, 1825.




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PAGK 1. View of StoxenAM-PARK, THE SEAT of Joun FLEMINO, Esq. M.P. 249 2.


. . . . . 305 4. LADIES' EVENING DRESS .

. . ib. 5. EPISCOPAL CHAIR DRAWIXG-Room CHAIR-TABLE FOR A Boudoir . 307 6. Muslin PaTTeRNS.



Meves' Divertimento from the March VIEWS OP COUNTRY SEATS.–Stoneham

and Airs in Rossini's Opera of “ SePark, the Seat of Joun FLEMING, Esq.

miramide" . . . . . . . . . 302 M. P. . . . . . . .

Poole's “ My lodging is on the cold

. . . 249 The Grange, near Alresford, Hampshire, ground" : the Seat of ALEXANDER BARING, Esq.

BANISTER's Selection of Melodies from

Weber's “ Der Freyschütz". . . . M. P. .

ib. . . . . . . . .,' Julia Mandeville . . . . . . . . 251


Monro's “I left the bowl for Ellen's cye" 303 No. 11.-Joax Hogan, a Self-taught

Barl's " Where thy native streams me. Sculptor, of Cork, in Ireland (conclud.

ander" . . . . . . . . . . ib.

__" Now while eve's soft shadows ed) . . . . . . . . . . . . 257 The Fastidious Lover . . . . . . 263

blending" ..... :: · CAMBRIAN SKETCHES. No. 1-The Spec

Warraker's “ Come to the dale" . tre of Pont Vathew

Morris's Anthem, “ The God of glory

. . . . . . 208 Irish Chivalry . . . . . . . . . 274

sends bis summons forth" .. .. ib. The Heroic Mother . .

CUTLER'S « Charity. . . . . 275

. . . . . . . ib. On the Writings of Henry MACKENZIE , 276

FASHIONS. The Loiterer. No. XVII. . . . . . 281 LONDON Fastions. — Ladies' Garden The Confessions of a Rambler. No. XX. 283 Costume ....

i n · · · · · .303 THE LITERARY Corerie. No. IX. - York Ladies' Evening Dress . ..

Musical Festival-Mills's History of General Observations on Fashion and Chivalry . . . . . . . . 287

Dress . . .

. . . . . . ib. The Confessions of my Uncle. No. IV. 294 FasilioNABLE FURNITURE, - Episcopal MUSICAL REVIEW,

Chair-Drawing-Room Chair-Table

for a Boudoir . . . . . . . . 307 CRAMER'S Diversions . . . . . . . 298

MOSCHELES' Impromptu . . . . . . 299
SCHLESINGER'S Allegro di Bravura . . . 300

Introduction and Rondo. ib

POETRY. BRUGUIER's Preparatory Excrcises . . 301 || Obstipus: An Egotistical Poem. Part VI. 309 Jousse's Musical Grammar . . . . ib. || Beauty . . . .

. . . 310 ARRANGEMENTS AND VARIATIONS. Epitaph, from the English BuryingLATOUR's Airs in Meyerbeer's Opera of 1 Ground at Bordeaux . . . . . . ib.

Il Crociato in Egitto" ..... 302 | Lines written on a blank Leaf of the BRUGUIER'“ Fleters d'Italic" .... ib li “ Forget Me Not". . . . . . . ib.

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To whom Communications (post-paid) are requested to be addressed.

Printed by L. Harrison, 373, Strand.

TO READERS AND CORRESPONDENTS. Publishers, Authors, Artists, and Musical Composers, are requested to transmit, on or before the 20th of the month, Announcements of Works which they may have on hand, and we shall cheerfully insert them, as we have hitherto done, free of expense. New Musical Publications also, if a copy be addressed to the Publisher, shall be duly noticed in our Review; and Extracts from new Books, of a moderate length and of an interesting nature, suitable for our Selections, will be acceptable.

Persons who reside abroad, and who wish to be supplied with this work every Month as published, may have it sent to them, free of Postage, to New-York, Halifax, Quebec, and to any part of the West Indies, at £4 12s. per Annum, by Mr. THORNHILL, of the General Post-Office, at No. 21, Sherborne-lane; to Hamburgh, Lisbon, Cadiz, Gibraltar, Malta, or any Part of the Mediterranean, at £4 12s. per Annum, by Mr. SERJEANT, of the General Post-Office, at No. 22, Sherborne-lane; and to the Cape of Good Hope, or any part of the East Indies, by Mr. Guy, at the East-India House. The money to be paid at the time of subscribing, for either 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.

This Work may also be had of Messrs. ARDON and KRAP, Rotterdam.

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