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progress of the successive pieces. | regularity of keeping, and propriety The sonata, upon the whole, is rather | of harmonic treatment, and as it prein a style which was prevalent about sents no intricacies of execution, we thirty years ago; but as it possesses can recommend it for the practice of . a sufficiency of melodic attraction, pupils of moderate attainments.



| Auted, and the brim edged with nare 1. Fine British Leghorn hat; the row blond; the crown surrounded by brim large, flat, and of equal breadth; || a wreath of blue satin leaves, tied in the crown moderately high; round it pairs by a satin knot, each leaf deepis a lilac satin ribbon, with a bow only notched. White ostrich feathers the left side, from which rises a fan- | are tastefully arranged round the ciful trimming in lilac gros de Naples, crown, the highest being in the front. edged with straw-colour satin, ,terminating at the top of the crown a li: EVENING DRESS. little beyond the front. Another trim. || Dress of pink gros de Naples; ming is introduced midway, and ris- | the corsage of a moderate height, ing circularly, finishes with a small with a slight fulness in front, and bouquet of fancy flowers on the left | crossed with a thin drapery of folded side: a bouquet is also placed on the gauze of the same colour, beginning right side, but higher. Strings of at the shoulder, with a pink satin star lilac satin, and a bow on the right, in-composed of four leaves, each leaf side the brim.

having one deep notch, and a knot 2. Turban of scarlet or pomegra- | or button in the centre of the stur nate-colour crepe lisse, with large uniting the points of the leaves. The close longitudinal folds, confined in sleeve is full and very short, and has front by a broad gold band placed | five divisions, each formed by two obliquely: the head-piece of gros de satin notched leaves, united by a butNaples, pointed in front, and edged ton, and placed perpendicularly round with gold lace.

the sleeve. The skirt has a rich 3. Cap of white crèpe lisse; the border of crèpe lisse bouffant, with crown circular, and formed by two pairs of notched leaves, arranged to rows of large puffs, edged with pink correspond with the sleeves: a broad satin, having a wreath of China roses satin rouleau heads the trimming, beneath the upper row, and round and at the bottom is a wadded hem; the head-piece, within each puff, a above is a row of crèpe lisse puffs, sprig of arbutus and geranium : the placed obliquely, and fastened at the border is very full and deep, and top with a small satin button, and fities under the chin with pink satin nished at the opposite end with three ribbon.

pink satin notched leaves, united hy 4. Pale blue gauze dress hat, a button. Broad satin sash, with a Vol. VI. No. XXXIV.


gold buckle on the left side, and two hats and bonnets; they are mostly small bows; the ends long and fring- those of the season. ed. White crèpe lisse tucker, and Transparent mantles and lace pe. long full sleeves, confined by broad lerines are now declining in favour in gold bracelets. The hair dressed in carriage dress. Silk barèges shawis large curls. Gold ear-rings and gold and scarfs are still in estimation; and chain and eye-glass. White satin spencers are much worn. We have shoes, and short white kid gloves. noticed one remarkable for its taste

and novelty; it is composed of creamGENERAL OBSERVATIONS ON FASHION coloured gros de Naples, trimmed AND DRESS.

up the bust on each side by Fettes, Silk pelisses begin now to be more edged with a narrow but rich blond prevalent in promenade dress; and a lace. Pelerine collar, falling over, few levantine mantles have already and trimmed to correspond; as is appeared: but these last are seen the bottom of the sleeve. The spenonly in the early morning walk. Pe-cer fastens behind, and is finished lisses are made in general in a plain by a satin ceinture, also edged with style, and of colours very appropriate blond lace, and fastened in a bow to the season, as deep lavender, Po-|| mona-green, or purple. The pelisse | | Transparent bonnets are now selusually closes before, and the great- dom seen in carriage dress. A few er part of them have pelerines. The Spanish hats have appeared in Brimantles have as yet nothing novel in tish Leghorn of a very superior quatheir form.

lity: they are ornamented with feaMuslin is still in request for prome- | thiers, Gros de Naples and satin bons nade gowns; but they are now al-nets seem in equal estimation. The ways worn with a shawl or a silk crowns of some are ornamented with spencer. Some of the latter are | draperies of either blond or satin on trimmed in a novel style: they have the top, and bows, crèves, or other a double chain of very narrow rou ornaments, composed of the same leaus, which descend in a sloping di- | materials, mingled with the flowers rection on each side of the bust from and feathers which decorate the the shoulder; each of the links which front of the crown. We have seen form this chain is ornamented with several white silk bonnets, trimmed a richly wrought silk lozenge button. with red roses and crèpe lisse of the The sleeve, en gigot, is confined at same colour: an intermixture of this the lower part of the arm by five material with marabouts is also in bands, each fastened by a smaller favour. ornament to correspond; they are Morning dress is invariably of musplaced in a slanting direction. lin. We have noticed some trimmed

Leghorn bonnets are more seen so as to resemble an open gown and than last month; but coloured silk petticoat, but in a style of considerones are still very prevalent, particu- able novelty. A deep double fold larly pink, which are worn with dress-goes round the bottom of the skirt es of all colours. Transparent bon-behind, about half a quarter higher nets have disappeared. Flowers still than the petticoat, and in a slanting continue the favourite ornaments of direction up the sides to the shoulder,

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