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Manufactures, &c.


Vol. VI.

OCTOBER 1, 1825.



BARING, BART. This mansion was erected by the || ficent staircase, and is convenient in late Sir Francis Baring. It stands all its arrangements. The front is near the road from London to South- decorated with a portico of the Doampton, on the side of an extensive ric order, under which the carriagedemesne, well wooded and stocked way passes. In front of the house, with deer. The grounds are laid | inclosed in thick clumps of trees, out with much taste, and the present stands the church of East Stratton, proprietor is planting and daily add its towers and pinnacles rising above ing to the improvements of the place. the foliage. A little to the left lies, His love and encouragement of the embosomed in trees, a cottage in fine arts are universally acknowledg- the old English style of architecture; ed. The splendid collection of pic- and the view in every direction is tures which he possesses is a proof picturesque and pleasing. of his refined taste. It is pleasing to | The collection of pictures contains see a man of his political exertions, splendid specimens of art, chiefly of devoted to the welfare of his country, the Spanish and Italian schools, and not unmindful of that more domestic also some from the best English masvirtue, the encouragement of supe-ters: The Holy Family with St. rior genius, which always meets sup. Catherine, by Spagnoletto; A Report from his liberality.

pose, by Titian; The Assumption, by The building, from designs by Da- Murillo; The Vision of Ezekiel, and rer, contains a great number of apart- a Portrait of one of the Medici Faments, with a large hall and magni- mily, by Raffaello; A Warrior, by Vol. VI. No. XXXIV.

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Velasquez; Flora, by Leonardo ; || Christ bearing the Cross and MagThe Virgin Child and St. John, by dalen, by C. Dolci; Angels' Heads, the same; the same subject by Julio by Corregio; portraits by Vandyke, Romano; A Holy Family, by Se- and many others of distinguished bastian del Piombo; the same sub- merit. The pictures by English masject by Parmegiano; some fine land- ters are by Wilson, Opie, West, scapes by Claude, G. Poussin, A. Loutherbourg, Northcote, GainsboCaracci, Salvator Rosa, Dominichi rough, Wilkie, &c. &c. There are no; St. Mark and St. Luke, by Vasa || also some good French pictures by ri; Ecce Homo, by Guido; The Nati- Lairesse, P. de Champagne, and vity, by L. Caracci; Bathsheba, by || Vernet.' the same; Herodias, by Giorgione; Il

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THE SEAT OF WILLIAM JOIN CHUTE, ESQ. The annexed View represents the || He remodelled the whole of the inLawn-Front. On the left is seen the terior, and erected a handsome stairchapel erected by the first Lord || case, after designs of his own. John Sandys. John Chute, who succeed- | Chute, Esq. died 1776, and was suced to this property, was the intimate ceeded by Thomas Lobb Chute, of friend and companion of Walpole and Fakenham, in Norfolk, who died in of Grey. He also possessed much | 1790, aged seventy-eight, and was taste, and was distinguished by his succeeded by his son, the late Willove of the arts. This mansion, | liam John Chute, M. P. for Hampwhich had been considerably altered shire, in 1790, whose widow now reand improved by Chaloner Chute, sides here. Her taste for the arts is the Speaker, from designs by Webb, l very considerable, and her own proson-in-law to Inigo Jones, was great-ductions are not inferior to many by ly improved by John Chute, Esq. Il professors.

Observations on some of the Scenes of STERNE's “ Sentimental Journcy."

BY A GERMAN TRAVELLER. It is not likely that any one will stance, where Shakspeare's Globe read the names of these two places was situated; where Chaucer lived; without thinking of the author of what tavern was frequented by the the “ Sentimental Journey," who geniuses of the age of Elizabeth; may be said to have immortalized where the neat house stands in which them. The English have extraor-Addison wrote the “ Spectator;" dinary hobbies of various kinds, but where Dryden died, &c. When one they are not so proud as they ought calls to mind the amiable Sterne, and to be of the celebrity of certain names reads his delightful “ Sentimental which are in the mouth of every one. Journey," one cannot conceive how How few Londoners know, for in-ll year after year so many thousands

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