Energy and Water Development Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1990: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, United States Senate, One Hundred First Congress, First Session, on H.R. 2696 ....


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Page 221 - Another objective of the program is to use the Department's unique scientific and technological capabilities to solve major scientific problems in medicine and biology.
Page 102 - ... the National Park Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Page 202 - The Operating Expenses request will allow us to conduct research aimed at uncovering new energy-related information in materials sciences, chemical sciences, applied mathematical sciences, engineering and geoscIences, energy bIosciences and advanced energy projects.
Page 185 - There is increasing anticipation that the unification of the strong nuclear and the electroweak forces into one "grand unified" framework may be possible, thus reducing the apparent number of forces in nature to two. The ultimate goal is a "super-grand" unification that would bring all of the forces in nature into a single unified framework.
Page 185 - High Energy Physics facilities also play an important role in the training of highly skilled scientists and engineers who often contribute significantly to the transfer of technology to other fields. Our understanding of the nature of matter and energy and the basic forces has grown substantially in recent years; but the search continues for a unified, or single, theory that can explain the connections among the basic forces of nature.
Page 202 - In addition to universities and national laboratories, BES supports research in and maintains strong ties with industry. Representatives from different industries serve on the BES Advisory Committee; experts from industry participate in the review of research proposals and use the specialized facilities sponsored by BES; industrial scientists participate in advisory committees to the national laboratories; and industry representatives are invited to attend BES conferences and workshops on special...
Page 197 - However, in nuclear collisions, medium- si zed nuclei such as barium and cerium can send each other spinning. At high spins, the shape of the nuclei changes into an ellipsoidal (football) shape. Surprisingly, in the deformed state, the nucleus seems to act rigidly, not as a spinning drop of fluid. How the collective action of the protons and neutrons within the nucleus gives It this rigid shape is a major question. Further studies of superdeformed nuclei may give clues as to how the shell model,...
Page 220 - FY 1990. The project was funded as an Operating Expense project through FY 1989. With a total estimated cost (TEC) of $75.6 million and an estimated completion date of FY 1993, the CPRF will bring to the program an experimental capability to explore the physics properties of a reversed field toroidal confinement experiment that has the theoretical capability, in a future device, of heating the plasma to ignition with lower magnetic fields. The FY 1990 request will support fabrication of the coils...
Page 183 - SC fiscal year 2002 budget of $3.3 billion funds programs in high energy and nuclear physics, basic energy sciences, magnetic fusion energy, biological and environmental research, and computational science. SC, formerly the Office of Energy Research, also provides management oversight of the Chicago and Oak Ridge Operations Offices, the Berkeley and Stanford Site Offices, and 10 DOE non-weapons laboratories.
Page 108 - Thank you Mr. Chairman, for the opportunity to appear before you and the committee today to discuss the proposed fiscal year 1988 budget for the Bureau of Reclamation.