Popery, the Inquisition and the Jesuits, historical facts exposing their profligate tenets [by E.K. Pickering].

D. Batten, Clapham Common, 1851 - 110 pagina's

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Pagina 89 - Rome condemns, rejects, and anathematizes : — in conclusion, that this is the true Catholic Faith, ' OUT OF WHICH NO ONE CAN BE SAVED...
Pagina 12 - ... to that of minister. They were the spiritual guides of almost every person eminent for rank or power. They possessed the highest degree of confidence and interest with the papal court, as the most zealous and able champions for its authority.
Pagina 44 - It is certain that the restless and enterprising spirit of the Catholic Church, particularly of the Jesuits, merits attention, and is, in some degree, dangerous to every other communion. Such zeal of proselytism actuates that sect, that its missionaries have penetrated into every nation of the globe ; and, in one sense, there is a popish plot perpetually carrying on against all states - — Protestant, Pagan, and Mahometan.
Pagina 28 - ... and impression of religion, however detestable and heinous they may be in themselves, are not imputable to the transgressor before the tribunal of God ; and that such transgressions may often be as involuntary as the actions of a madman ; " That the person who takes an oath, or enters into a contract, may, to elude the force of the one, and the obligation of the other, add to the form of words that express them, certain mental additions and tacit reservations.
Pagina 94 - Branuton, called in, and examined. You are a Priest in holy orders ?— I am. Suppose Schools were established upon the National, or British and Foreign Society's plan, but without any Catechism being taught, or any obligation to attend Church, are you of opinion that there would be any impediment in the way of Catholic parents sending their children to such Schools ? — That might depend upon the kind of religious instruction. To the general question I should say, as a Catholic Priest, I should...
Pagina 45 - I did believe, and do still, that Popery is breaking in upon this nation, and that those who advance it, will stop at nothing to carry on their design. I am heartily sorry that so many PROTESTANTS give their helping hand to it, but I hope God will preserve the Protestant religion, and this nation, though I am afraid it will fall under very great trials, and very sharp sufferings.
Pagina 8 - ... their introduction ; they will infatuate them so far as to induce them to reveal the greatest secrets of their hearts ; they will be in no way aware of them. This will be the consequence of their advisers neglecting to observe the laws of God and of his gospel, and conniving at the sins of princes.
Pagina 96 - I could not, in any manner, approve of any Catholic children reading the Protestant version of the Scriptures. Suppose the version is taken of those passages in which the two do not differ ? — Even in that case I should thinJc it contrary to my duty, and the constant discipline of the Catholic Church, to permit it.
Pagina 48 - I, AB, do solemnly swear, by our Lord Jesus Christ, who suffered for us on the cross, and by the blessed Virgin Mary, that I will burn, destroy, and murder all straingers, and their masters, and kill up to my knees in blood. ę
Pagina 27 - That persons truly wicked, and void of the love of God, may expect to obtain eternal life in heaven, provided that they be impressed with a fear of the Divine anger, and avoid all heinous and enormous crimes through the dread of future punishment; " That those persons may transgress with safety, who have a probable reason lor transgressing, ie any plausible argument or authority in favour of the sin they are inclined to commit;

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