The History of the Reign of Emperor Charles V. with a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire, to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century


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Pagina 213 - Charles, in an assembly no less splendid, and with a ceremonial equally pompous, resigned to his son the crowns of Spain, with all the territories depending on them, both in the old and in the new world. Of all these vast possessions, he reserved nothing for himself but an annual pension of a hundred thousand crowns, to defray the charges of his family and to afford him a small sum for acts of beneficence and charity.
Pagina 283 - He was particularly curious with regard to the construction of clocks and watches ; and having found, after repeated trials, that he could not bring any two of them to go exactly alike, he reflected, it is said...
Pagina 235 - On the other side they communicated with the chapel of the monastery, in which he was to perform his devotions. Into this humble retreat, hardly sufficient for the comfortable accommodation of a private gentleman, did Charles enter, with twelve domestics only.
Pagina 203 - Charles's resignation should fill all Europe with astonishment, and give rise, both among his contemporaries, and among the historians of that period, to various conjectures concerning the motives which determined...
Pagina 287 - ... formed for vigorous exertions in every direction, that he acquired such knowledge in the art of war, and...
Pagina 235 - He buried there, in solitude and silence, his grandeur, his ambition, together with all those vast projects which, during half a century, had alarmed and agitated Europe ; filling every kingdom in it, by turns, with the terror of his arms, and the dread of being subjected to his power.
Pagina 211 - ... you shall wish to enjoy the tranquillity of private life, may you have a son endowed with such qualities, that you can resign your sceptre to him with as much satisfaction as I give up mine to you.
Pagina 283 - ... as well as regret, on his own folly, in having bestowed so much time and labour on the more vain attempt of bringing mankind to a precise uniformity of sentiment concerning the profound and mysterious doctrines of religion.
Pagina 285 - His domeftics marched thither in funeral proceflion, with black tapers in their hands. He himfelf followed in his fhroud. He was laid in his coffin, with much folemnity. The fervice for the dead was chanted, and Charles joined in the prayers which were offered up for the...
Pagina 235 - It consisted only of six rooms, four of them in the form of friars' cells, with naked walls ; the other two, each twenty feet square, were hung with brown cloth and furnished in the most simple manner.

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