The Commercial directory of Liverpool, and shipping guide [afterw.] The Commercial directory and shippers' guide [afterw.] Fulton's commercial directory and shippers' guide

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Pagina 269 - AERIAL. Insulated Wire. Telegraph Insulators. Speaking & Signal Instruments. Railway Block Signals. Battery Cells. Telegraph Instruments. Electric Bells for Houses and Public Buildings. Passenger and Guard Communicators Alarm Bells. Telegraph Stores of all kinds.
Pagina 245 - Circulars and Price List, also estimates for Heating with the most improved Boilers, EXPANSION JOINT PIPES, or COILS on application Kneile George, 320 and 322 Mill st S Lees Robert and Co., 48 and 50 Mill lane.
Pagina 275 - Illustrated circular and price list ; also estimates for heating with the most improved Boilers, expansion joint pipes or coils, on application, (fee Enyineert — Hot Water, page 245) Jones John and Sous, St.
Pagina 8 - French principle," and mixed with the Finest Bruges Chicory. BARBER & COMPANY, 274, REGENT CIRCUS, OXFORD STREET, W. 61, Bishopsgate Street, EC ; The Borough, London Bridge, EG; King's Cross, N. ; 102, Westbourne Grove, W. ; 42, Great Titchfield Street, W. ; 93, Market Street, Manchester ; Quadrant, New Street, Birmingham ; 147, North Street, Brighton ; 38, Corn Street, Bristol ; 104, Fishergate, Preston ; and i, Church Street and Minster Buildings, and London Road, Liverpool.
Pagina 250 - Manufacturers in Iron and Steel of all descriptions of uses for land, marine, and locomotive engine work ; plain and collared axles ; piston rods ; bosses for screw shafts ; rudder and stern frames ; keel bars, and all kinds of forgings required for iron steamers and ship-building purposes.
Pagina 1041 - Hundred, has been Canvassed by Agents thoroughly acquainted with the "Work, and neither care nor expense has been spared to make this a thoroughly simple and reliable Book of Eeference to the Merchants, Exporters, and Manufacturers in every Branch of Business.
Pagina 113 - MOSS HE & CO., steamship brokers, and brokers for the sale, purchase and charter of ships and steamers, 2 Rumford place W...
Pagina 270 - Public Buildings. Passenger and Guard Communicators Alarm Bells. Telegraph Stores of all kinds. TORPEDO APPARATUS. As used by the Sen-ices of Great Britiin, the United States, tJc. A Complete System for Coast Defence, with all the latest improvements, and Firing Batteries.
Pagina 130 - Brazilian buildings, 10 Drury lane W Pyke Thomas, plumber, 40 and 42 Copperas hill E Pyzer James, confectioner, 26 Paddington E...
Pagina 166 - West Derby Union Workhouse, Walton N West of England Fire and Life Insurance Co , 1 York buildings, Dale et W ; William Gregory, agent West Ernest E.

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