History of the United States: History of the colonization of the United States

Little, Brown and Company, 1853 - 462 pagina's
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Pagina 432 - This liberty is the proper end and object of authority, and cannot subsist without it; and it is a liberty to that only which is good, just, and honest. This liberty you are to stand for, with the hazard (not only of your goods, but) of your lives, if need be. Whatsoever crosseth this, is not authority, but a distemper thereof.
Pagina 302 - Then I proclaimed a fast there, at the river of Ahava, that we might afflict ourselves before our God, to seek of him a right way for us, and for our little ones, and for all our substance.
Pagina 348 - I shall call that my country, where I may most glorify God, and enjoy the presence of my dearest friends.
Pagina 303 - I cannot sufficiently bewail the condition of the Reformed churches, who are come to a period in religion, and will go, at present, no farther than the instruments of their reformation.
Pagina 252 - ... —such was the sublime tenor of a part of the statute—" hath frequently fallen out to be of dangerous consequence in those commonwealths where it has been practised, and for the more quiet and peaceable government of this province, and the better to preserve mutual love and amity among the inhabitants, no person within this province, professing to believe in Jesus Christ, shall be any ways troubled, molested, or discountenanced, for his or her religion, or in the free exercise thereof.
Pagina 252 - The tawny lion, pawing to get free His hinder parts ; then springs, as broke from bonds, And rampant shakes his brinded mane...
Pagina 408 - Hampden, that he had a head to contrive, a tongue to persuade, and a hand to execute, any mischief.
Pagina 69 - Europe, having first hanged his prisoners upon the trees, and placed over them the inscription : "I do not this as unto Spaniards or mariners, but as unto traitors, robbers, and murderers.
Pagina 88 - The second of July we found shoal water, where we smelled so sweet and so strong a smell as if we had been in the midst of some delicate garden abounding with all kinds of odoriferous flowers...
Pagina 189 - London company, was confirmed in office ; and he and his council, far from being rendered absolute, were only empowered to govern " as fully and amplye as any governor and council resident there, at any time within the space of five years now last past.

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