The Edinburgh Monthly Magazine and Review, Volume 1

D. Schaw and Son., 1810

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Pagina 2 - Whereas the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons assembled at Westminster, lawfully, fully and freely representing all the estates of the people of this realm...
Pagina 13 - The illustrious soul that has left amongst us the name of Burns, has often been lowered down to a comparison with me ; but the comparison exists more in circumstances than in essentials. That man stood up with the stamp of superior intellect on his brow ; a visible greatness : and great and patriotic subjects would only have called into action the powers of his mind, which lay inactive while he played calmly and exquisitely the pastoral pipe. " The letters to which I have alluded in my preface to...
Pagina 13 - Burns," has been the watch-word of my friends. I do remember Burns ; but I am not Burns ! neither have I his fire to fan or to quench; nor his passions to control! Where then is my merit if I make a peaceful voyage on a smooth sea and with no mutiny on board?
Pagina 4 - French decrees should have actually taken effect and the commerce of neutral nations have been restored to the condition in which it stood previously to the promulgation of those decrees.
Pagina 4 - An act to interdict the commercial intercourse between the United States and Great Britain and France and their dependencies, and for other purposes...
Pagina 44 - Holland, and of ll£ per cent, in the exchange with Paris, to be explained in some other manner. If the same mode of calculation be applied to the more recent statements of the exchange with the continent, it will perhaps appear, that though the computed exchange is at present against this country, the real exchange is in its favour. From the foregoing reasonings relative to the...
Pagina 83 - And he said unto me, Depart: for I will send thee far hence unto the Gentiles. 22 And they gave him audience unto this word, and then lifted up their voices, and said, Away with such a fellow from the earth; for it is not fit that he should live.
Pagina 3 - As long as the philologer confines himself to discussions of grammar and of etymology, his labours, while they are peculiarly calculated to gratify the natural and liberal curiosity of men of erudition, may often furnish important data for illustrating the progress of laws, of arts, and of manners ; — for clearing up obscure passages in ancient writers ; — or for tracing the migrations of mankind, in ages of which we have no historical records.
Pagina 38 - An increase in the quantity of the local currency of a particular country, will raise prices in that country exactly in the same manner as an increase in the general supply of precious metals raises prices all over the world.

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