Bernard's picture.--Situation of Egypt.-Belzoni introduced.

Motives for his going into Egypt.-Poor success of his by-
draulic machine. His thoughts turned towards the antiqui-
ties of the country.-Difficulty in removing Young Memnon
from Thebes to Cairo.-Belzoni's visit to a Mummy Cave.-
Deceit of the Arabs.-Egyptian customs.-Belzoni goes up
the Nile into Nubia.–Visits the island of Elephantine.--Ar-
rives at Ybsambul.- Attempts to open its magnificent Tem-
ple.-Obliged for want of time and money to give up the
project.–Visits the little isle of Mainarty.--Danger on the
Cataract.- Returns to Thebes.-Removal of Young Memnon
to Cairo.-Belzoni resides for a short time at Rosetta.


Bernard's perseverance.-Belzoni's second voyage.---Rapid

journey from Minieh to Thebes.-Superb Temple at Carnac.
-Works carried on both at Gournou and Carnac.-Mummy
Caves.-Belzoni's object iu entering them.—Manufactures of
the ancient Egyptians.—Their Jdols.-Curious Habitations at
Gournou.—He revisits Ybsambul.-Opens the Temple.-Rc-
turns highly gratified to Thebes.


Emily amused with a description of Greenland.-Belzoni makes

the valley of Beban el Malook the scene of his researches.-
He enters and explores the tomb of Psammuthis.-Receives
a visit from Hamed Aga.-Returns to Cairo.–Visits the
Pyramids.-- Time and purpose of their erection uncertain.-
Enters one which for more than one thousand years had ap-
peared a solid mass of stone.


Belzoni's journey to the Red Sea.--Motives for going there.

Inundation of the Nile.— The caravan crosses the Desert.
Account of the Ababde, an independent tribe residing among
the rocks on the coast of the Red Sea.- Search for the an-
cient city of Berenice.—The boats of the Ababde fishermen
described. Discovers the remains of the Berenice mentioned
by a former traveller.-Returns towards Esne.—Meets with
two shepherd girls tending their sheep on the mountains.-De-
scription of the sufferings travellers undergo in crossing the
Deserts.-The caravan reaches the banks of the Nile.-Bel-

zoni returns to Gournou.


Dr. Franklin's kite.-.Some sailors ascend Pompey's Pillar, by

meavs of a paper kite.-Removal of the Obelisk from the
island of Philoe.-It falls into the Nile.--Ingenious method
of raising it.

It is launched down ataract.-Arrives in

safety at Rosetta.-Belzoni goes to Beban el Malook.—Com-
pletes his drawings and models of the Tomb. Bids final
adieu to Thebes.- Traverses the western Desert in search o
the temple of Jupiter Ammon.-Procures a donkey at Benis-
cuf.--Reaches the Lake Mæris.-Rose-trees in profusion.-
Visits the temple of Haron among the rocks near the lake.
Attacked by a furious hyena.-Account of the famous Laby-
rinth. Visit to rls Tusk desca interview with Khalil Bey.-
Account of the wins.-Belzoni crosses the Desert attend-
ed by Schiek Grumar.-A man rushes out of some bushes.
Arrival at Zaboo.-Interview with the Scheik and Cady of
El Cassar.-Belzoni goes to their village.--Discovers the
seat of the temple.- Meets with an unfortunate accident on
his return to Zaboo.-Reaches Benisæuf.- Arrives at Cairo.-
Embarks for Europe. -Returns to England.



Page. 1. The Bashaw seated in his Garden on the Banks of the Nile, shooting at an earthen Pot

26 2. The Bashaw jumping off the Insulating Stool

28 3. The Hydrualic Machine

32 4. Young Memnon on its road to the Nile

41 5. Belzoni with two Arabs in a Mummy Cave

43 6. Belzoni introduced to Khalil Bey ..

51 7. The Inhabitants of Mainarty secreting themselves from Belzoni and his Companions

69 8. Mr. and Mrs. Belzoni in a Bark in the middle of the Cataract

71 9. Removing the Sand from the Temple of Ybsambul 73 10. Placing the Colossus Head in a Boat

84 11. Belzoni in one of the Grottoes at Gournou

104 12. Belzoni crossing the narrow Bridge to get into the Tomb

142 13. Some Turks appearing in the Valley for the purpose of interrupting Belzoni

147 14. Belzoni viewing the Pyramid whilst his Companions enter it







15. Inundation of the Nile, with the distressed state of the

Inhabitants of the Country 16. The Caravan setting out 17. The Boats of the Ababde Fishermen 18. Sailors ascending Pompey's Pillar 19. Belzoni's Distress in observing a part of the Obelisk

in the Water 20. The Boat with the Okolik désr-ending the Cataract 21. Scene near the Lake Maris 22. A furious Hyena makes his appearance, to the great

dismay of the Boatmen 23. A man, alarmed at the appearance of Belzoni and his

Companions, presents his Gun, &c. 24. Belzoni introduced to the Scheik and Cady of El Cas







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