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IN considering in what manner I might best discharge the duty, which is imposed upon me by the office which I have the honour to hold in the University, of producing annually, during my tenure of that office, some work in defence, either of the doctrines or the evidences of Revealed Religion, it occurred to me, that the attacks which have been directed by avowed Infidels against the divine authority and the inspiration of the Apocalypse, as well as the mistaken views, with respect to its prophetical character, which prevail amongst many sincere Christians, made it a subject peculiarly proper for an official publication. And this impression was strengthened by the consideration of the general circumstances of the Christian world at the present time, and of this country in particular; which appeared, in an especial manner, to direct the attention. of Christians in general to this important prophecy.

In order, however, that I may justify myself from the charge of presumption, or of having taken up hasty views on this important subject, I feel it to be due to myself, and to those who may be led to a perusal of this work, to state the grounds, on

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