Carlyles' Works: Critical and miscellaneous essays

Estes and Lauriat, 1884

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Pagina 414 - While earnest thou gazest. Comes boding of terror, Comes phantasm and error, Perplexes the bravest With doubt and misgiving. But heard are the Voices, — Heard are the Sages, The Worlds and the Ages: " Choose well ; your choice is Brief and yet endless: Here eyes do regard you, In Eternity's stillness; Here is all fulness, Ye brave, to reward youj Work, and despair not.
Pagina 298 - With a pennyworth of oil, you can make a handsome glossy thing of Quashee, when the soul is not killed in him ! A swift, supple fellow ; a merry-hearted, grinning, dancing, singing, affectionate kind of creature, with a great deal of melody and amenability in his composition.
Pagina 126 - Loxley's waters cold, To kindle into beauty tree and flower, And wake to verdant life hill, vale, and plain. Cloud trades with river, and exchange is power : But should the clouds, the streams, the winds disdain Harmonious intercourse, nor dew nor rain Would forest-crown the mountains : airless day Would blast on Kinderscout the heathy glow ; No purply green would meeken into grey O'er Don at eve ; no sound of river's flow Disturb the Sepulchre of all below.
Pagina 414 - The Future hides in it Gladness and sorrow ; We press still thorow, Nought that abides in it Daunting us, — onward. And solemn before us, Veiled, the dark Portal ; Goal of all mortal : — Stars silent rest o'er us, Graves under us silent. While earnest thou gazest, Comes boding of terror, Comes phantasm and error ; Perplexes the bravest With doubt and misgiving. But heard are the Voices, Heard are the Sages, The Worlds and the Ages : " Choose well, your choice is Brief, and yet...
Pagina 185 - The Lieutenant of Ireland (Strafford) came but on Monday to town, late ; on Tuesday, rested ; on Wednesday, came to Parliament ; but, ere night, he was caged. Intolerable pride and oppression cry to Heaven for vengeance.
Pagina 399 - I conceive that books are like men's souls ; divided into sheep and goats. Some few are going up, and carrying us up, heavenward ; calculated, I mean, to be of priceless advantage in teaching, — in forwarding the teaching of all generations. Others, a frightful multitude, are going down, down ; doing ever the more and the wider and the wilder mischief.
Pagina 343 - Name can have been, will, as the first and directest indication of all, search eagerly for a Portrait, for all the reasonable Portraits there are ; and never rest till he have made out, if possible, what the man's natural face was like. Often I have found a Portrait superior in real instruction to half-a-dozen written
Pagina 45 - In all ways it needs, especially in these times, to be proclaimed aloud that for the idle man there is no place in this England of ours. He that will not work, and save according to his means, let him go...
Pagina 392 - I believe you will find in all histories that that has been at the head and foundation of them all, and that no nation that did not contemplate this wonderful universe with an awe-stricken and reverential feeling that there was a great unknown, omnipotent, and all-wise, and all-virtuous Being, superintending all men in it, and all interests in it — no nation ever came to very much, nor did any man either, who forgot that.
Pagina 102 - Who would suppose that Education were a thing which had to be advocated on the ground of local expediency, or indeed on any ground ? As if it stood not on the basis of an everlasting duty, as a prime necessity of man!

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