me say,

chusetts and of New England. To such let everywhere are cordially invited to cooperate

This Congregational House is not for in any way their own good sense may suggest. Boston, though it is to be erected in Boston; Books and pamphlets, packed away in nor for Massachusetts. It is for the denomi- those closets, and in barrels or boxes, in the nation it represents; nay, for the world. attic, or useless in the drawers of the secreJerusalem belongs to CHRISTENDOY. So this tary or book-case, will find a very fitting and garner of all that is precious, both old and useful place very quickly after they reach new, pertaining to Congregational principles, our table. I find them not merely useless, character, and work, just so far as the most but often an incumbrance in this and that patient and diligent research can secure place, where I happen to be; and have added them, shall be for the entire brotherhood of our much to our library, and relieved the kind churches everywhere. Every State and sec- ladies of further care by taking them here. tion should, therefore, be represented in it. Will those who have such, BOX, OR BUNDLE, And let none keep back what the heart OR BARREL THEM, and send them as below, prompts as an offering, though it must needs by express, at my charge? Do not fear sendbe small. From the far West, and the far ing what will be useless here. It is scarcely East, from the cold North, and, it may be, possible. Let them come to the colder South, we invite and welcome any

ISAAC P. LANGWORTHY, gifts, be they great or small. Already more than twenty thousand dollars are pledged.

23 Chauncy St., Room No. 10, This is a good beginning, but avails nothing,

Boston, Mass. until much more is added to bind it. Pastors August 10, 1865.

Congregational Quarterly Record.

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Charches formed.
Jan. 12, 1865. In NORMAL, III. 26 members.
Feb. 24, In SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., the Green

St. Ch., 26 members.


In WAVERLY, Iowa, 18 members. :
April 5, In BRISTOL STATION, III., 10 mem.

9, In LESLIE, Mich., 12 members,

9, In COLOMA, Cal., 8 members.
May 2, * At SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. Y., 45

members. 17, In BALTIMORE, Md., 30 members. 18, In BROOKFIELD, Mo., 5 members. " 27, In CHAIN LAKES CENTER, Minn.,

16 members.
June 4, In KINGSTON, Mo., 7 members.

5, In LACLEDE, Mo., 15 members.
6, In PROVIDENCE, R. I., the Charles

Street Ch.
19, In NO. WATERFORD, Me. 32 mem.

25, In CHESTER, Iowa. 16 members,

25, In ANTIOCH, Cal. 7 members.
July 11, In WAVERLY, Ms. 16 members.
11, In CHILLICOTHE, Mo. 12 members.

In FOREST, IN. 6 members.

Mar. 2. Rev. GEORGE BUSHNELL, over the

1st Cong. Ch. of Beloit, Wis. Sermon by
Rev. Harvey D. Kitchel, of Chicago, nl.
Installing Prayer by Rev. Horatio N. Brins.
made, of Beloit.
15. Rev. GEORGE H. COFFEY, over the
Ch. in Jackson, Mich. Sermon' by Rev.
Joseph Haven, D.D., of Chicago Seminary.
15. Mr. B. A. SMITH, over the Ch. in
Southampton, Ms. Sermon by Rev. Gor-
don Hall, D. D., of Northampton. Ordain.
ing Prayer by Rev. Emerson Davis, D.D.,
of Westfield.
15. Rev. EDWARD STRONG, over the
South Ch. in Pittsfield, Me. Sermon by
Rev. Wm. I. Budington, D. D., of Brook.
lyn, N. Y.
28. Mr. CYRUS M. PERRY, to the Gos-
pel Ministry in Holden, Ms. Sermon by
Rev. Seth Sweetser, D, D., of Worcester.
Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Clarendon Waite,
of Rutland.
29. Mr. GEORGE R. LEAVITT, orer the
Ch. in Lancaster, Ms. Sermon by Rev. Or.
pheus T. Lanphear, New Haven, Ct. In.
stalling Prayer by Rev. Alfred Emerson, of
30. Rev. LEONARD W. BACON, over
the New England Ch, in Williamsburg,
N. Y, Sermon by Rev. Leonard Bacon,

D. D., of New Haven, Ct.
Apr. 5. Rev. JAMES M. HUBBARD, over the

Ch. in Middleton, Ms. Sermon by Rev.
Edward S. Atwood, of Salem. Installing
Prayer by Rev. Wm. s. Coggia, of Boxford.
5. Rev. ELIJAH C. BALDWIN, over the
Ch. in Branford, Ct. Sermon by Rev. Wm.
T. Eustis, Jr., of New Haven. Installing
Prayer by Rev, Timothy P. Gillett, of Brane

Ministers Ordained, or Installed.

Jan, 20, 1865. Mr. G. W. PHINNEY, over the

Ch. in Kelloggsville, 0.


April 5. Mr. JAY CLIZBEE, over the 2d Cong.

Ch. in Amherst, Ms. Sermon by Rev. J.
H. Seelye, D. D., of Amherst College. Or.
daining Prayer by Rev. Rowland Ayres, of
19. Rev. LYMAN WHITING, over_the
Ch. in Dubuque, Iowa. Sermon by Rev.
Samuel C. Bartlett, of Chicago Seminary.
Installing Prayer by Rev. Jesse Guernsey,
of Dubuque.
20. Mr. LEMUEL JONES, over the Ch. in
Bellevue, Iowa. Sermon and Ordaining
Prayer by Rev. Lyman Whiting, of Du-
20. Rev. JOHN COLBY, over the Pilgrim
Ch. in Southboro', Ms. Sermon by Rev.
Lconard Swain, D. D., of Providence, R. I.
Installing Prayer by Rev. Luther H. Shel.
don, of Westboro'.
23. Rev. GLOVER C. REED, to the Gos.
pel Ministry in Civil Bend, Iowa. Sermon
by Rev. Reuben Gaylord, of Omaha, Neb.
Ordaining Prayer by Rev. L. S. Williams.
27. Rev. $. BOURNE, Jr., over the Ch.
in Harlem, N. Y. Sermon by Rev. Wm. I.
Budington, D. D., of Brooklyn. Installing
Prayer by Rev. David B. Coe, D.D., of New

May 2. Rev. TIMOTHY A, HAZEN, over the

Ch. in Egremont, Ms. Sermon by Rev.
John Bascom, of Williams College. In-
stalling Prayer by Rev. R. B. Stratton, of
Great Barrington.
2. Rev. E. N. SAWTELL, D. D., over the
Ch. at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Sermon by
Rev. Ray Palmer, D. D., of Albany. Instal.
ling Prayer by Rev. Absalom Peters, D.D.,
of New York:
Gospel Ministry in Holland, Ms. Sermon
by Rev. Charles Chamberlain, of Eastford,
Ct. Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Samuel 1.
Curtiss, of Union, Ct.
3. Mr. H. A. P. TORREY, over the Ch. in
Vergennes, Vt. Sermon by Rev. John
H. Worcester, of Burlington. Ordaining
Prayer by Rev. James Buckham, of Bur.
9. Rev. DWIGHT K. BARTLETT, over
the Plymouth Ch. in Rochester, N. Y, Ser.
mon by Rev. Henry G. Ludlow, of Oswego.
Installing Prayer by Rev. L. Smith Hobart,
of Syracuse.
over the Ch. in Wilbraham, Ms. Sermon
by Rev. Samuel G. Buckingham, of Spring.
field. Installing Prayer by Rev. Joseph
Vaill, D. D., of Palmer.
10. Mr. JAMES M. WHITON, over the
ist Ch. in Lynn, Ms. Sermon by Rev. Wol.
cott Calkins, ot' Philadelphia, Pa. Ordain.
ing Prayer by Rev. Benjamin R. Allen, of
17. Rev. ALBERT H. CURRIER, over
the Central Ch. in Lynn, Ms. Sermon by
Rev. William M. Barber, of South Danvers.
Installing Prayer by Rev. Albert H. Plumb,
of Chelsea,
18. Rev. HORACE PARKER, over the
Ch. in Ashby, Ms. Sermon by Rev. Alfred
Emerson, of Fitchburg. Installing Prayer
by Rev. James M. Bell, of Watertown.
24. Rev. JAMES B. CLEAVELAND, over
the North Cong. Ch. in New Hartford, Ct.
Sermon by Rev. Samuel W. S. Dutton,
D. D., of New Haven. Installing Prayer
by Rev. Ira Pettibone, of Winchester Cen.

May 25. Rev. FRANKLIN TUXBURY, over July 26. Mr. G. H. DE BEVOISE, over the Ch.


the Ch. in Brandon, Vt. Sermon by Rev.
Wm. G.T. Shedd, D. D., of New York. In.
stalling Prayer by Rev. Silas Aiken, D. D.,
of Rutland.
30. Mr. NATHAN B. KNAPP, and Mr.
H, M. HIGLEY, to the Gospel Ministry at
Sandy Creek, N. Y. Sermon by Rev. Sam-
uel Å. Dimmock, of Syracuse. Ordaining
Prayer by Rev. L. Smith Hobart, of Syra-

cuse. June 1. Mr. S. M. CONVILLE, to the Gospel

Ministry at Loda, Ili,
6. Mr. NATHAN T. MERWIN, over the
Ch. in Trumbull, Ct. Sermon by Rev. Louis
E. Charpiot, of Stratford. Ordaining Prayer
by Rev. Matson M. Smith, D. D., of Bridge-
7. Rev. WILLIAM W. PARKER, over
the Union Cong. Ch. in Groton, Ms. Ser.
mon by Rev, Stephen R. Dennen, of Provi.
dence, R. I. Installing Prayer by Rev.
John Dodge, of Harvard.
7. Rev. FRANKLIN NOBLE, over the
Ch, at Torringford, Ct. Sermon by Rev.
Joseph Eldridge, D. D., of Norfolk.
8. Mr. J. C. HALLIDAY, over the Ch, in
Wilmington, Vt. Sermon by Rev. George
P. Tyler, D. D., of Brattleboro'. Ordaining
Prayer by Rev. Joseph Chandler, of West
19. Mr. D. N. GOODRICH, to the Gospel
Ministry at Oberlin, 0.
22. Rev. GEORGE H. GRIFFIN, over
the Plymouth Ch. in Milford, Ct. Sermon
by Rev. George L. Prentiss, D. D., of New
York. Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Chauncey
Goodrich, of New Haven.
28. Rev. ALVAI SPAULDING, over the
Ch. in Weathersfield, Vt.
28. Mr. B. F. HAMILTON, over the Ch.
in North Andover, Ms. Sermon by Rev.
Edwards A. Park, D. D., of Andover. Or-
daining Prayer by Rev. Elijah P. Barrows,
of Andover.
29. Mr. JOHN W. BAKER, over the Ch.
in Brighton, Vt. Sermon by Rev. Pliny H.
White, of Coventry. Ordaining Prayer by
Rev. Samuel R. Hall, of Brownington.
29. Rev. C. C. CARPENTER, over the
Harvard Ch., Brookline, Ms. Sermon by
Rev. Wm. M. Barber, of South Danvers.
Installing Prayer by Rev. Andrew L. Stone,
D. D., of Boston.
29. Mr. A. H. WILCOX, over the Ch. in
Preston, Ct. Sermon by Rev. William B.
Clarke, of Yale College. Ordaining Prayer

by Rev. Hiram P. Arms, D.D., of Norwich. July 5. Rev. CHARLES J. HILL, over the Ch.

in Gloversville, N. Y. Sermon by Rev.
John Todd, D.D., of Pittsfield, Ms. In-
stalling Prayer by Rev. Dr. Barnard.
19. Rev. JOHN C. HOLBROOK, D. D.,
over the Ch. in Homer, N. Y. Sermon by
Rev. Wm. I. Budington, D. D., of Brook.
21. Rev. GEORGE E. SANBORNE, over
the Ev. Cong. Ch. in Northboro', Ms. Ser.
mon by Rev. Edward N. Kirk, D. D., of
Boston. Installing Prayer by Rev. Luther
H. Sheldon, of Westboro'.
over the Ch, in North Woburn, Ms. Ser:
mon by Rev.Joseph C. Bodwell, of Woburn.
Installing Prayer by Rev. Wm. Barrows, of

in Walpole, N. H. Sermon by Rev. Ed.
wards A. Park, D, D., of Andover Semi-
nary. Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Theodore
M. Dwight, of Putney, Vt.
HENRY M. STEVENS, to the Gospel Min.
istry in Bangor, Me, Sermon by Rev. Geo.
W. Field, of Bangor. Ordaining Prayer by
Rev. Enoch Pond, D. D., of Bangor Semi-
28. Mr. H. ALLEN SHOREY, over the
Ch. in East Orrington, Me. Sermon by
Rev. Stephen H. Hayes, of South Wey-
mouth, Ms. Ordaining Prayer by Rev.
Enoch Pond, D. D., of Bangor Seminary.

June 7. Rev. ROBERT D. GARDNER, from

the Ch. in Ellsworth, Ct.
7. Rev. D. D. T. MCLAUGHLIN, from
the Ch. in Sharon, Ct.
7. Rev. JOHN M. WOLCOTT, from the
Ch. in South Britain, Ct.
the Ch. in Windsor, Ct.
12. Rev. JOHN E. M. WRIGHT, from

the Ch, in Rockport, Me. July 28. Rev. WELLINGTON NEWELL, from

the Ch. in East Orrington, Me. Aug. 1. Rev. OLIVER A, TAYLOR, from the

Ch, in Simsbury, Ct.

Pastors Dismissed.
April 2, 1865. Rev. JOHN W. CHICKERING,

D. D., from the High St. Ch. in Portland,

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Ministers Married. Sept. 3, 1864. In Hong Kong, China, Rev. JOHN

T. GULICK, of the Sandwich Islands, mis. sionary to Northern China, to Miss EMILY

DE LA COUR, of Manchester, England. April 5, 1865. In Hamilton, C. W., Rev. HENRY

WILKES, to BARBARA, daughter of the
late Anthony McKeand, Esq., of Glasgow,
25. In Ludlow, Vt., Rev. R. B. SNOW.
DEN, to LILLIE A. PIERCE, both of L.
25. In Middlefield, Ms., Rev. NATHAN.
JEL BONNEY, of Peru, to Miss SARAH
28. In West Medway, Ms., Rev.J.C. HAL-
LIDAY, of Wilmington, Vt., to Miss SA.

May 1. In Ashburnham, Ms., Rev. FRANCIS

J. FAIRBANKS, of Westininster, Vt., to Miss ABBIES. RUSSELL, of A. 1. In Worcester, Ms., Rev. FRANKLIN D. AUSTIN, of South Royalston, to Miss JULIA M., daughter of Mr. Parley God. dard. 17. In Leominster, Ms., Rev. HORACE PARKER, of Ashby, to Miss NELLIE S. LOOK, of 'L. 31. In Memphis, Tenn., Rev. THOMAS E. BLISS, to Miss FRANCES ROWLEY, of

M., laté of Stamford, Ct. July 11. Rev. EBENEZER G. PARSONS, of

Derry, N. H., to Miss SARAH D., daughter of Hon. A. McMillan.

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4. Rev. H. G. MCARTHUR, from the Ch.
in Oshkosh, Wis.
4. Rev. HENRY L. HUBBELL, from the
First Ch, in Amherst, Ms.
5. Rev. AMOS H. JOHNSON, from the
Ch. in Middleton, Ms.
14. Rev. CHARLES L. MILLS, from the
Ch. in Wrentham, Ms.
15. Rev. JOHN A. ALBRO, D. D., from
the First Ch. in Cambridge, Ms.
17. Rev. CHARLES D. HERBERT, from
the First Ch. in West Newbury, Ms.
17. Rev. ABRAHAM BURNHAM, from
the Ch. in East Haverhill, Ms.
18. Rev. REUBEN S. KENDALL, from
the Ch. in Lenox, Ms.
20. Rev. BENJAMIN F. CLARK, from
the Ch. in Winchendon, Ms.
24. Rev. ALBERT H. CURRIER, from
the Ch, in Ashland, Ms.
24. Rev. HENRY B. BLAKE, from the

Ch. in Belchertown, Ms.
May 1. Rev. FRANKLIN A. SPENCER, from

the Ch. in Terryville, Ct.
1. Rev. GUSTAVUS D. PIKE, from the
Olive St. Ch. in Nashua, N. H.
10. Rev. JOSIAH T. HAWES, from the
Ch, in Bridgton, Me.
10. Rev. JOHN P. SKEELE, from the
Ch, in Wilbraham, Ms.
16. Rev. JOHX E. ELLIOTT, from the
Ch, in Ridgebury, Ct.
31. Rev. C. D. HELMER, from the Ply.
mouth Ch, in Milwaukie, Wis.
31. Rev. S. CLARK SEELYE, from the



Ministers Deceased.
Mar. 5. In Grandville, Mich., Rev. MICHAEL

20. In Wilmington, N. C., Rev. JACOB

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April 3. In Vernon, Ct., Rev. LAVIUS HYDE, April 21. In Sanbornton Sqnare, N. H., Rev.

North Ch. in Springfield, Ms.
June 2. Rev. ELIAS NASON, from the 1st Ch.

in Exeter, N. H.
5. Rev. LUCIUS R. EASTMAN, Jr., from
the Ch. in South Braintree, Ms.

aged 78 years.
7. In Milton, Vt., Rev. GEORGE W.
In Oakland, Cal., Rev. GEORGE W. FIN.
NEY, aged 69 years.

JAMES BOUTWELL, aged 50 years. 25. In Georgia, Vt., Rev. GEORGE H. ,CLARK, aged 30 years. 28. In Cohocksink, Pa., Rev. DANIEL

GASTON, aged 65 years.
May 2 In Northfield, Ms., Rev. ISAAC S.

PERRY, aged 12 years.
7. In Litchfield, Maine, Rev. DAVID
THURSTON, aged 86 years,
8. In Norton, Ms., Rev. SAM’L BEANE,

aged 53 years. June 27. In Litchfield, Ct., Rev. DAVID L.

PARMELEE, aged 69 years.
July 9. In Shutesbury, Ms., Rev. T. A. LEWIS.

In Chester, N. H., Rev. JOEL R. AR-
NOLD, aged 71 years.
13. In Brooklyn, N. Y., Rev, NEWTON
HESTON, aged 41 years.

Ministers' Wibes Deceased. Mar. 7, 1865. In Pomfret, Ct., Mrs. HANNAH

JERAULD, wife of Rev. Lemuel Grosve

nor. April 2. In Deerfield, Ms., Mrs. ANNA M., wife

of Rev. George L. Hovey, aged 42 years.
7. In Nelson, N, H., Mrs. LUCY DUN.
CAN, wife of Rev. Thomas W. Duncan,
aged 74 years.
26. In Blandford, Ms., Mrs. CATHERINE
B., wife of Rev. Charles J. Hinsdale, aged

72 years. May 5. In Brunswick, Me., Mrs. HARRIET

PORTER, wife of Prof. Wm Smyth, of
Bowdoin College.
13. In Rocky Hill, Ct., Mrs. FLORA A.,

wife of Rey. Philo Judson. July 23. In Morehead City, N. C., Mrs. RE

BECCA J., wife of Rev. Frederick A. Fiske, late of Newton, Ms.

Imerican Congregational Union.

arrangements for the publication of the sermon."

THE Annual Sermon before the American Congregational Union was delivered in the Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, Sunday, May 7, 1865, at half-past seven o'clock, P. M., by Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, on Eph. iv. 1113.

The Annual Report of the Board of Trustees was read by the Corresponding Secretary. [See page 445.]


The Twelfth Annual Business Meeting of the American Congregational Union was held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, on Thursday, May 11, 1865, at four o'clock, P. M. The meeting was called to order by Rev. Isaac P. Langworthy, and on motion, Rev. Milton Badger, D. D., was chosen chairman, and opened the exercises with prayer.

The Treasurer read his Annual Report for the year ending May 1, 1865. [See page 442.] On motion, it was

Voted, That the Annual Reports of the Board of Trustees and of the Treasurer be accepted and referred to the Trustees for publication.

On motion of Rev. I. P. Langworthy, it was

Voted, That the thanks of the American Congregational Union be tendered to the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher for his able and interesting sermon delivered Sabbath evening, May 7, in behalf of the Union; and that a copy of the same be requested for publication. Also,

Voted, That Henry C. Bowen, Esq., be appointed a committee to present a copy of this vote to Rev. H. W. Beecher, and to make

ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The following officers for the ensuing year were chosen:

President. Rev. LEONARD BACON, D.D., New Haven, Ct.

Vice-Presidents. WILLIAM G. LAMBERT, Esq., New York. A. S. BARNES, Esq., Brooklyn, N. Y. Hon. BRADFORD R. WOOD, Albany, N. Y. Rev. GEORGE SHEPARD, D. D., Bangor, Me. Rev. MARK HOPKINS, D. D., Williamstown, Ms. Hon. EMORY WASHBURN, Cambridge, Ms. Rev. CHARLES WALKER, D. D., Pittsford, Vt. Hon. ARISTARCHUS CHAMPION, Rochester, N. Y. Rev. H. D. KITCHEL, D. D., Chicago, I. Rev. T. M. Post, D. D., St. Louis, Mo. Rev. EDWARDS A. PARK, D. D., Andover, Ms. Rev. 0. E. DAGGETT, D. D., Canandaigua, N. Y. Rev. WILLIAM Patrox, D. D., New Haven, Ct. Rev. LEONARD SWAIN, D. D., Providence, R. I. Rev. J. M. STURTEVANT, D.D., Jacksonville, IN. Rev. J. H. LINSLEY, D. D., Greenwich, Ct. Rev. H. M. STORRS, Cincinnati, O. Rev. B. P. STONE, D, D., Concord, N. H. S. B. GOOKINS, Esq., Terre Haute, Ind. Rev. T. WICKES, Marietta, O. Rev. JULIUS A. REED, Davenport, Iowa. ABNER KINGMAN, Esq., Boston, Ms. Hon. W. A. BUCKINGHAM, Norwich, Ct.


Rev. Joseph P. Thompson, D.D., Rev. Wm. Ives Budington, D. D., Rev. Milton Badger,

* Published in The Independent of June 8, 1865.

D. D., Rev. Isaac P. Langworthy, Rev. John Henry 0. Bowen, Esq., Rev. Edward Taylor, Milton Holmes, Rev. Edward Taylor, Rev. and Rev. John Milton Holmes, be appointed George B. Bacon, Rev. Lyman Abbott, Rev. J.

to represent the American Congregational Clement French, Henry C. Bowen, Alfred S.

Union at the Council of Congregational Barnes, N. A. Calkins, William Allen, James W.

Churches to be held in Boston, June 14, 1865. Elwell, S. Nelson Davis, Robert D. Benedict, Wm. G. Lambert, Walter T. Hatch, Charles

Adjourned. Gould, Samuel Holmes, A. S. Hatch.

N. A. CALKINS, Recording Secretary. Corresponding Secretary. Rev. ISAAC P. LANGWORTHY, Chelsea, Ms. Recording Secretary and Treasurer.

The Twelfth Annual Social Re-union was N. A. CALKINS, New York.

held in the Brooklyn Academy of Music,

Thursday evening, May 11, 1865. Rev. John American Congregational Union Rooms, 49 Bible House, Astor Place, New York.

P. Gulliver, of Norwich, Ct., President.

Prayer was offered by Rev. Edward N. The subject of increasing the receipts of Kirk, D. D., of Boston. the society, during the ensuing year, to meet Addresses were made by Theodore Tilton, the numerous demands for aid in building Esq., of The Independent, Rev. John Todd, houses of worship from newly organized D. D., of Pittsfield, Mass., Rev. A. A. Wil. churches at the West and South, was dis- letts, of the Reformed Dutch Church, Brookcussed by Henry C. Bowen, Esq., Rev. Ed- lyn, Prof. Cyrus Northrop, of Yale College, ward Taylor, Rev. Mr. Jocelyn, Rev. J. P. and Rev. H. M. Gallagher, of the Nassau Gulliver, and Rev. I. P. Langworthy; after Street Baptist Church, Brooklyn. which it was

This meeting was one of the most successVoted, That a committee, consisting of ful of these interesting social gatherings.


American Congregational Union in account with N. A. Calkins, Treasurer.


[blocks in formation]

By balance in Treasury, May 1, 1864, $11,981 77
" contributions from Maine :
Oak Hill, Cong. Ch. and Soc., 84 00
Monson, Rev. H. S. Loring, 1 00

5 00 By contributions from New Hampshire :

Lancaster, Cong. Ch. and Soc., $30 00
East Concord, Rev. Abel Man.

6 00 Plymouth, Cong. Ch. and Soc., 16 00 Milford,

9 50 Wolf boro',

6 00 Dover, 1st

44 62 Belknap “

5 50 Durham, Rev. Alvan Tobey, 2 00

119 62 By contributions from Vermont :

Pittsford, Cong. Ch. and Soc., 17 25

12 35 Coventry,


By contributions from Massachusetts :

S. Abington, Cong. Chi & Soc., 27 53
Somerville, 1st Orthodox Cong.

Ch. and Soc., 37 00
Winchendon, No. Cong. Ch. &

68 00
Wilbraham, Cong. Ch, and Soc., 12 15
S. Natick, John Elliot Ch, and

10 00
Shrewsbury, Cong. Ch. & Soc., 24 00
S. Boston, Phillips

58 33

149 00
E. S. N. Stockwell,

50 00
Boston, Mt. Vernon Ch. & Soc., 632 00
Berkeley st.

74 25
H. W, French, Esq., 125 00
Rev. H. B. Hooker,
D. D.,


10 00 St. Albans, 1st

7 00 St. Johnsbury, North Cong. Ch.

and Soc.,

88 50 South Cong. Ch.

and Soc., 34 00 Ascutneyville, Cong. Ch. & Soc., 1 50 Montpelier, Chas. Bowen, Esq., 5 50 Glover, a few friends,

5 00 Pawlet, Cong. Ch. and Soc., 12 15

15 00 Mrs. Daniel Safford, 50 00 Uxbridge, a lady,

2 00 Andover, Rev. Jos. Emerson, 25 00

Mrs. Lydia Edwards, 1 00
Worcester, E. A. Goodenow,

10 00 Essex, Rev. J. M. Bacon, 10 00



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