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we claim nothing which can distinguish him from large numbers very methodical, laying his plans so that

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The record of a life marked by no of young men in our congregations, striking incidents, whose usefulness has unless it may be that with more singlebeen attained by the faithful employ- ness of aim and patient industry he ment of only ordinary talents, is occa- made ordinary natural abilities unusually sionally more valuable than that of one effective in the Christian Church. which has been rendered illustrious by ALBERT DRAKE was born in Dorchesspecial natural endowments or by rare ter, Mass., November 13, 1823, the eldest opportunities. The young men of our son of Jeremy and Abigail B. Drake. churches cannot all become governors of In 1825 his parents removed to South States nor generals of armies. They Boston, where at four years of age he cannot all become distinguished leaders became connected with the Sabbath in the hosts of the Church militant, by School of the Phillips Church. With gifts of eloquence, nor by superiority of the history of this Church his whole life scholarship. They will not all be doc- was so identified that it is worthy of tors of theology; nor as business men mention as a coincidence, that the date will they become millionnaires and found of his birth and the date of the organicolleges. Being educated under the zation of the Church were separated benign influence of Congregationalism, from each other by less than a month. whose fundamental principles are those He was trained up under the Puritanical of “common sense,” they are usually so system of family government, and was well supplied with this essential element one of the boys who seem to take to it of usefulness that they do not seek great naturally. It suited his temperament things for themselves, but, by fidelity to and tastes, and he thrived under the little things within what is sometimes regimen of well-observed Sabbaths and regarded as a contracted sphere, they the Westminster Assembly's Shorter oftentimes, unconsciously to themselves, Catechism. From early childhood, he achieve true greatness of character. was remarkable for his habits of indus

For the subject of this brief memorial try and perseverance, often rising at four sketch, introducing a name wholly un- o'clock in the morning to practise music known to the majority of the readers of lessons that they might not interfere with this Quarterly, we claim nothing which the other duties of the day. Ile was can distinguish bim from large numbers very methodical, laying his plans so that

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