This CERTIFIES that the

Church in - -, desiring to be represented in the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CONGREGATIONAL CHURCHES which is invited to assemble at Boston, in Massachusetts, on the 14th day of June, A. D. 1865, has appointed

and its representatives to a Conference of Churches to be held at

on the

of for the choice of Messengers to the National Council aforesaid.

Should the brethren above named be unable to attend, the delegates present from other churches are hereby authorized to act for this Church.

In behalf of the Church,

Dated at



Quarterly Record.


Churches formed. Oct. 23, 1864. In DENVER, Col. 12 members. Nov. 13. In COPPEROPOLIS, Col. Ter. 10


In DUTCH FLAT, Cal. 13 members.
In PACIFIC CITY, Iowa. 9 members.

24. In CANTERBURY, Del. Jan. 1, 1865. In WALLA WALLA, Washing

ton Territory. 7 members. In SALT CREEK, Nebraska. 6 members. COPPEROPOLIS, Cal. 7. In WORCESTER, Ms. 18 members, 14. In RIO, Wis. 9 members. 17. In SOUTHVILLE, Ms.

29. In GROVE CITY, Iowa. 19 members. Feb. 7. In TROY, Iowa. 14 members. 14. In SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. 18


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Ministers Ordained, or Installed.

Dec. 7. Mr. S. L. BLAKE, over the Ch. in Pep.

perell, Ms. Sermon by Prof. Edwards Å.
Park, D.D., of Andover. Ordaining Prayer
by Rev. Pliny B. Day, of Hollis, N. H.
14. Rev. JOSEPH B. JOHNSON, over the
Ch. in Uxbridge, Ms. Sermon by, Rev.
Andrew L. Stone, D. D., of Boston. Instal.
ling Prayer by Rev. Henry B. Hooker, D.
D., of Boston:
14. Rev. GEO, H. GOULD, over the 1st
Ch. in Hartford, Ct. Sermon by Prof.
Henry B. Smith, of Union Theological
Seminary. Installing Prayer by Rev. Joel
Hawes, D. D., of Hartford.
15. Mr.JAMES W. GRUSH, to the Gospel
Ministry in North Potsdam, N. Y. Sermon
by Rev. John Waugh, of Canton.
15. Mr. WM. T. CLAPP, to the Gospel
Ministry in Edinburg, Ohio. Sermon by
Rev. John C. Hart, of kent. Ordaining
Prayer by Rev. E. C. Sharp, of Atwater.
21. Rev. CHAS. BROOKS, over the
Unionville, Ct. Sermon by Rev. Horace
Bushnell, D. D., of Hartford. Installing
Prayer by Rev. Leverett Griggs, of Bristol.
21. Mr. J. H. LAIRD, over the Ch. in No.
Fairfield, Ohio. Sermon by Rev. John
Safford, of Bellevue.
27. Rev. JAMES M. PALMER, over the
Ch, in Biddeford, Me. Sermon by Prof.
Geo. Shepard, D. D., of Bangor. Installing
Prayer by Rev. Alvan Tobey, of Durham,
N. A.
27. Rev. EDWIN B. PALMER, over the
Ch. in Southbridge, Ms. Sermon by Rev.
Stephen H. Hayes, of South Weymouth.
Installing Prayer by Rev. Marshall B.
Angier, of Sturbridge.
27. Mr. LYMAN T. SPALDING, over the
Ch. in West Stafford, Ct. Sermon by Rev.
Chas. L. Woodworth, of Amherst, Ms.
Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Samuel I. Curtiss,
of Union.
28. Mr. EDWARD NORTON, over the Ch.
in Montague, Ms. Sermon by Rev. Artemas
Dean, of Greentield. Ordaining Prayer by
Rev. Moses H. Wells, of Hinsdale, N. H.
over the 2d Ch. in Norwich, Ct. Sermon
by Prof. Roswell D. Hitchcock, of Union
Theological Seminary. Installing Prayer
by Rev. Hiram P. Arms, D, D., Norwich
Ch. in Strafford, Vt. Sermon by Rev. Jos.
Chandler, of West Brattleboro'.

June 8, 1864. Mr. A. S. YALE, to the Gospel

Ministry in Norwich, N. Y. Sermon by
Rev. J. H. Nason, of Smyrna. Ordaining
Prayer by Rev. Edson Rogers, of Cincinna-

tus. Sept. 21. Mr. CHAUNCY GOODRICH, as Mis

sionary of the A. B. C. F. M. to China, in Hinsdale, Ms. Sermon by Rev. Moses M. Longley, of Washington. Ordaining Prayer

by Rev. George W. Stimson, of Windsor. Nov. 2. Mr. HENRY DURHAM, over the Ch.

in La Salle, Ill. Sermon by Rev. Martin K.
Whittlesey, of Ottawa. Ordaining Prayer
by Rev. Edwin N. Lewis, of Danby.
2. Mr. BENJAMIN T. JONES, over the
Ch. in Williamsburg and Genoa Bluffs,
Iowa. Sermon by Rev. 8. D. Cochran, of
Grinnell. Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Mr.
Barnes, of Newton.
16. Mr. S. R. DOLE, over the Ch. in Vien-
na, III. Sermon by Rev. Joseph E. Roy, of
Chicago. Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Martin

K. Whittlesey, of Ottawa.
Dec. 6. Rev. JAVAN K. MASON, over the Ch.

in Thomaston, Me. Sermon by Rev. Ed. ward F. Cutter, of Rockland. Installing Prayer by Rev. Flavius V. Norcross, of Union.

Feb. 21. Mr. B. R. CATLIN, to the Gospel Min

istry, as Chaplain in the Army, in Meriden,
N. H. Sermon by Rev. J. H. Edwards,
West Lebanon. Ordaining Prayer by Rev.
Amos Blanchard, Meriden.
27. Mr. HARDY MOBLEY, as a Mission-
ary to Georgia, in Brooklyn, N. Y. Sermon

by Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, of Brooklyn. Mar. 1. Rev. STEPHEN R. DENNEN, over the

High St. Ch., Providence, R.I. Sermon by
Rev. Edward N. Kirk, D. D., of Boston.
Installing Prayer by Prof. J. Lewis Diman,
of Providence.
1. Mr. MARK WILLIAMS, to the Gospel
Ministry in Indianapolis, Ind. Sermon by
Rev. Henry M. Storrs, D. D., of Cincinnati,
Ohio. Ordaiping Prayer by Rev. Horace
Bushnell, of Hartford, Ct.
2. Mr. EDWARD A. RAND, over the
Amesbury and Salisbury Mills Village Ch.
Sermon by Rev. Albert H. Currier, of Ash.
land. Ordaining Prayer by Rev. George M.
Adams, of Portsmouth.
9. Mr. GEO. F. MERRIAM, over the Ch.
in Mason Village, N. H. Sermon by Rev.
Geo. E. Fisher, of Ashburnham, Ms. Or.
daining Prayer by Rev. Daniel Goodwin, of
Mason Center.

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Dec. 28. Mr.J. F. DUDLEY, to the Gospel Min.

istry in Minneapolis, Minn. Serinon by
Rev. Charles C. Salter, of Minneapolis.
Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Charles Sec-
combe, of St. Anthony.
28. Rev. JOHN M. WILLIAMS, over the
Ch. in Fairtield, lowa. Sermon by Rev.
Edward Beecher, D.D., of Galesburg, N.
29. Rev. MARTIN S. HOWARD, over the
Ch. in Groveland, Ms. Sermon by Rev. E.
P. Marvin, of Medford. Installing Prayer
by Rev. D. Foster, of West Newbury.
30. Rev. JOHN Q. BITTINGER, over the
1st Ch. in St. Albau's, Vt. Sermon by Rev.
Daniel J. Noyes, D. D., of Dartmouth Col.

lege. Jan. 5, 1865.

Rev. EPHRAIN N. HIDDEN, over the Ch. in Somersworth, N. H. Ser. mon by Rev. James T. McCollom, of Bradford, Jls. Installing Prayer by Rev. Eph. raim W. Alleu, South Berwick, Me. 11. Rev. WILLIAM GILL, over the Ch. in River Falls, Wis. Sermon by Rev. George Spaulding, of Hammond. Installing Prayer by Rev. Richard Hall, of St. Paul. 11. Mr. FRANK WOODBURY, to the Gospel Ministry at Olivet, Mich. Sermon by Rev. Dr. Hogarth, of Detroit. 11. Rev. JOSEPH W. HEALY, over the Hanover St. Ch. in Milwaukie, Wis. Ser. mon by Rev. Franklin W. Fiske, of Chi. cago, Ill. Installing Prayer by Rev. William D. Love, of Milwaukie. 11. Mr. EDWIN SMITH, over the Chestnut St. Ch. in Lynn, Ms. Sermon by Rev. Stephen Thurston, Searsport, Me. Ordain. ing Prayer by Rev. John Pike, Rowley. 14. Mr. J. A. JONES, over the Ch. in Foreston, Iowa. Sermon by Rev. Ephraim Adams, of Decorah. Ordaiving Prayer by Rev. John W. Windsor, New Oregon. 16. Mr. AUGUSTUS ALVORD, as Chaplain in the Army, at Berlin, Ct. Sermon by Rev. George A.Öviatt, of Somers. Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Lavius Hyde, of Vernon. 16. Mr. V. J. HARTSHORN, over the Bethel Ch. in Portland. Sermon by Rev. George L. Walker, of Portland. Ordaining Prayer by Rev. John H. Mordough, of Portland. 25. Mr. BISHOP FALKNER, to the Gos. pel Ministry at Brooklyn, N. Y. Sermon and Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Henry W, Beecher, of Brooklyn. 26. Rev, CHARLES A, HARVEY, over the Ch. in Sandwich, III. Sermon by Rev. Harvey D. Kitchel, D. D., of Chicago. In. stalling Prayer by Rev. Joseph E. Roy, of

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Pastors Dismissed.
Dec. 7, 1864. Rev. EDWARD P. SMITH, from

the Ch. in Pepperell, M8.
12. Rev. JOHN C. WEBSTER, from the
Ch. in Hopkinton, Ms.
14. Rev. JOTHAM B. SEWALL, from
the Central Ch., Lynn, Ms.
20. Rev. JOHN Q. BITTINGER, from the
Central Ch., Yarmouth, Me.
21. Rev. PHILIP TITCOMB, from the
So. Cong. Ch., Kennebunkport, Me.

from the Ch. in Hebron, Ct. Jan. 2, 1865. Rev. LUCIEN H. ADAMS, from

the Ch. in Petersham, Ms.
2. Rev. ADDISON BALLARD, from the
Ch, in Williamstown, Ms.
from the Ch. in Somersworth, N. H.
11. Rev. OTIS HOLMES, from the Ch. in
Elliot, Me,
16. Rev. GEORGE W. SARGENT, from
the Ch, in Raymond, N. H.
31. Rev. ELIJAH C. BALDWIN, from

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Feb. 8. Rev. HENRY B. WOODWORTH, over

the Ch. in Ellington, Ct.
15. Mr. ALDEN LADD, over the Ch. in
Roxbury, Vt. Sermon by Rev. E. Irvin
Carpenter, of Barre. Ordaining Prayer by
Rev. Wm. H. Lord, of Montpelier.
16. Rev. CHARLES W. CAMP, over the
Ch. in Fon du Lac, Wis. Sermon and
Installing Prayer by Prof. Samuel C. Bart-
lett, of Chicago.
19. Mr. JAMES H. MUSE, over the Mt.
Zion Cong. Ch. (colored) in Cleveland, O.
Sermon by Rev. Samuel Wolcott, D. D., of
Cleveland. Ordaining Prayer by Rev. An.
drew Sharpe, of Collamer.

the Ch. in Bethel, Ct.
Feb. 7. Rev. ALVAH SPAULDING, from the

Ch. in Cornish, N. H.
9. Rev. ALEXANDER H. CLAPP, from
the Beneficent Ch. in Providence, R. I.


Ministers Married.
Oct. 19, 1864. In Jefferson, Ohio, Rev. A. D.

OLDS, Chaplain in the Army, to Miss H.

ADELIZA, daughter of Dr. A. Hawley.
Dec. 1. In South Amherst, Ms., Rev. L. T.

SPAULDING, of West Stafford, Ct., to

Dec. 13. In Plympton, Rev. HENRY A. GOOD.

HUE, of West Barnstable, to Miss M. ISA.

In Andover, Rev. 8. FRANKLIN
FRENCH, of Hamilton, to Miss MATTIE
J. UPTOŃ, of A.
29. In Livingston, Me., Rev. EDWIN
SMITH, of Lynn, Ms., to Miss AMANDA
L. MANSON, of L.
29. In La Porte, Ohio, Rev. E.R. STILES,
of Brighton, Ohio, to Miss ANGIE A

BRUCE, of La Porte.
Jan. 2, 1865. In Lewiston, Me., Rev. AUGUS.

TUS F. BEARD, of Bath, to Miss ANNIE
D. BARKER, of Calais.
10. In Pittsburg, Pa., Rev. JAMES H.
LYON, to Miss ANNIE H. SMITH, both
of P.
15. In Coventry, N. Y., Rev. A. S. YALE,
of Bainbridge, to Miss JULIA F. LYON,
of Elmira.
25. In Fitchburg, Ms., Rev. ALEXAN.
DER MCKENZIE, of Augusta, Me., to

Feb. 16. In New York City, Rev. EDWARD


Dec. 8. In Canandaigua, N. Y., Rev. FRED'K

W. GRAVES, aged 57 years.
9. In China, N. Y., Rey. JOHN DODD,
aged 55 years.
17. In Hartford, Ct., Rev. HORACE
HOOKER, aged 71 years.
21. In Bridgewater, Ms., Rev. STETSON

RAYMOND, aged 77 years.
Jan. 11, 1865. In Amherst, V. H., Rev.SENECA

WHITE, aged 70 years.
30. In Otisfield, Me., Rev. WM. DAVEN.

PORT, aged ol years.
Feb. 19. In South Freeport, Me., Rev. CYRIL

PEARL, aged 60 years.

Ministers' Wibes Deceased. Dec. 18, 1864. In Johnstown, Wis., MARY A.,

wife of Rev. J. K. Warner, and daughter of

the late Rev. E. Platt, of Brooklyn, N. Y. Jan. 18, 1865. In New York, MARTHA A., wife

of' Rev. Henry B. Elliott, formerly of Springfield, Ms., and daughter of Rev.

Thos. H. Skinner, of N. Y., aged 12 years. Feb. 6. In Leavenworth, Kansas, FLORELLA

B., wife of Rev. S. L. Adair, aged 48 years,

8 months, and 18 days. Mar. 13. In Marblehead, Ms., SARAH H. B., wife of Rev. Francis Homes,

of Lynn, aged

Ministers Deceased.

Nov. 26, 1864. In Base Hospital, Bermuda Hun.

dred, Rev. THOMAS KIDDER, aged 63 years.

23 years.

Imerican Congregational Union.



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Maine - Rev. H. S. Loring, Monson,

$1 00 New Hampshire - Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Plymouth,

$16 00 Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Milford,

9 50 Wolt boro',

6 00 Rey. Alvan Tobey, Durham,

2 00

$33 50 Vermont - Col. No. Cong. Ch. and Soc., St. Johnsbury,

$88 50 Col. So. Cong. Ch. and Soc., St. Johnsbury, 34 00

Ascutneyville, 1 50 Charles Bowen, Esq., Montpelier,

5 50 "A few friends," Glovers,

5 00

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Rev. Isaac P. Langworthy, Chelsea, $200 00 Mrs. Lydia B. Edwards, Andover,

1 00 H. W. French, Boston,

125 00

$2,493 24 Connecticut - Col. 1st Cong. Ch. and Soc., New Haven,

$170 00 Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Windsor Locks, 51 95

No. Stonington, 30 00 So. Cong. Ch. and Soc., New Britain, 55 (10 No.

New Haven, 149 00 College st., Cong. Ch. and Soc., New Haven, March and Dec., 1861,

117 65 Col. Center Ch. and Soc., New Britain,

21 00 Cong.

Deep River, 7 10 " Chapel st. Ch. and Soc., New Haven, 400 00

E. Windsor,

14 SO Griswold, 26 00 Stratford,

25 00 Hartford,

2:29 06 Cong.

Suffield (in part),

12 00 Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Lebanon,

50 00 1st Bridgeport,

72 88 A thank-offering,” Meriden,

5 00 Rev. George Harrison, Milton,

3 00 “ B. P.s.," Hartford,

10 00

$1,449 44 New York – Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Bar.

ryville, Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Howells,

4 50 Baiting Hollow,

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$134 50 Massachusetts — Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Leominster,

$42 50 Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Marlboro' (additional),

1 00 Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., East Ware,

71 25 “ Mt. Vernon Ch, and Soc., Boston, 532 00 Monument

South Deerfield,

11 00 Monument Ch. and Soc., Lincolŋ, 15 86 Winnisimmet Ch. and Soc.,

Chelsea, Rufus S. Frost, Esq., Chelsea, 200 00 Col. No. Cong. Ch.and Soc., Newburyport, 90 12

Bellville Cong. Ch. and Soc., Newburyport,

67 27 Col. No. Cong. Ch. and Soc., New Bedford, 127 56

Stockbridge, 25 00 " Edwards Cong. Ch. and Soc., North. ampton,

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$907 35 | 317 35

$2 15

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Pulaski, Oswego

16 50

34 33 David Whitcomb, Esq., Worcester, 400 00 " Anonymous,"

432 00


$27 15

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Pennsylvania —“S. B.," Philadelphia,

$50 00 Ohio - Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Olive Green,

$6 00 Maryland –J. M. Grant, Baltimore,

50 Indiana - Julia S. Smith, Elkhart,

$3 00 Illinois - Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Ottowa, $15 55 Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Albion,

7 10 " Plymouth Ch. and Soc., Chicago, 150 00


7 50 Napierville, 3 00 Lawn Ridge,

18 25 1st Cong. "


30 00 Lincoln, 10 75 Chandlerville, 7 00

Chesterfield, 7 50 Rev. R. S. Kellogg, Wayne,

1 00 Year Books,

3 50 $261 15

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The receipts, as above, for the three winter months last past, are very encouraging. Another thousand would have carried them up to the figure that the “Union" ought to receive every three months, in order to do efficiently and economically the work it has undertaken. Two thousand a month, sure, would enable the Trustees to assure dependent churches, waiting to build, that help would be afforded. Now many a little Church struggles on in its feebleness, hesitating to begin lest help should fail just when help is indispensable to success.

Whatever reasons may have availed in the past for deferring annual collections in aid of this Church-building work, it is believed that now its claims will be heeded. A Congregational minister now preaching to the only Congregational Church in one of the late slave States, in a letter to the subscriber, says, “ You are doing a great and good work for the West in building sanctuaries. You must be ready to come this way also, not only with hundreds, but with thousands; and dot the whole line of the Mississippi from Memphis to New Orleans.” God is surely opening a wide door into a region where churches that carry with them the school, home, and the academy, where churches that breathe the spirit of Christian and civil liberty, have hitherto been unknown. For such churches there is already a call, and it is fast becoming louder and louder. Shall it not be heard ?

During the period above indicated, the Treasurer of the "Union" has paid last bills on the following churches, viz. :- At Atkinson, Ill., $450.00; Arena, Wis., $500.00; Hannibal, Mo., - the joint gift of Rufus S. Frost, Esq., and Rev. Isaac P. Langworthy, of Chelsea, Ms., - $100.00; Dunleith, Ill., $100.00; Redwood City, Cal., $500.00; Sandwich, Ill., $100.00; St. John's, Mich., $500.00; Union, Ill., $400.00;=$3,550.00. Let generous gifts come, and many a destitute and so far desolate place will be made glad, and the wilderness will bud and blossom as the rose! Direct to N. A. CALKINS, Esq., Treasurer, 146 Grand Street, N. Y.; or if more convenient, to


Imerican Congregational Association.

Our readers have already been informed that measures have been and are being taken to secure a permanent working basis for this organization. Two public meetings have been held, and the subject has been thoroughly discussed; and the unanimous feeling was expressed, by formal vote, that at least one hundred thousand dollars should be immediately raised, for the purpose of procuring a suitable building for our library, and for its needed enlargement; for portraits, engravings, and other mementoes of the fathers of New England; for a Congregational "home,” centre, resting-place, social “ministerial exchange."

A subscription has been started under favorable auspices, but not yet so filled up as to assure us of speedy success. A few more large pledges are now very much needed to secure the first twenty-five thousand dollars. If ten persons can be found who will give twenty-five hundred dollars each, the remaining seventy-five thousand will come. The effort will be a success, and this great want will be met. He who will be one of the first ten, or point us to such an one, will be a benefactor to be remembered and blessed.


In the meantime lesser or larger gifts will be most gratefully received. Let ones, threes, fives, tens, twenties, hundreds, and thousands come. They must come, and in great numbers. All over our free States we must have friends who will want a brick, or a beam, or a book, in this tribute to the Pilgrims. A pastor reported to his Church the doings at one of the public meetings above alluded to, whereupon one of his Church arose and commended the object, and moved that that Church should raise one thousand dollars towards securing a CONGREGATIONAL EXCHANGE, and said he would give one hundred dollars of that sum; and the motion was unanimously adopted, and there is fair promise that the whole amount will be raised. There are hundreds of Congregational churches in New England, and many out of it, which are larger and better able to raise a thousand dollars each than this Church now doing it. Will not other pastors follow this example, and lay this subject before their churches, and obtain the needed thousand, or what they can ? This is the time to move, and this move will be final, it is believed ; final either in success or failure: and from the latter may the good Lord and his good people deliver us !

Before the meeting of the National Council, I wish very much to secure some very important Congregational books for the library. While any are useful, some are now very essential; some that discuss our principles, and some that illustrate their value by showing their practical workings. Such as Cotton's Power of the Keys; Hooker's Survey of the Sum of Church Discipline; Bartlett's Model of the Primitive Congregational Way; Trumbull's Civil and Ecclesiastical History of Connecticut; Hutchinson's Papers; Bogue's and Bennet's History of the Dissenters (the set, or only Vol. II.); Bacon's Manual; Goodwin's Church Government; Mitchell's Guide; Bradshaw's English Puritanism; Divine Institution of Congregational Churches, by Isaac Chauncy; White's Early History of New England; Young's Chronicles of the Plymouth Colony; Lobb's True Dissenters; Church Order by the Congregational Union of England and Wales; any or all of these, or any work of the Mathers, or Cotton, or Eliot, or Shepard, or Hooker, would be most gratefully received and


I am very anxious to complete full sets of the Minutes of all our State Associations and Conferences, if possible before the meeting of the “Council,” as they might be very useful. I still lack,

Maine, 1824, '25, '26, '27, '30, '31, '32, '34, '35, '43, '50.
New Hampshire, only 1812.
Vermont, 1811, '13, '14, '15, '16, '17, ’18, '43, '56.
Massachusetts, 1808, '10, '11, ’12, '17, '20.
Rhode Island, 1824, '25, '26, '27, '28, '29, '30, 31, '32, '35, '36, '39, '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, '46.
New York, 1838, '40, 242, '45, '46, '47, '49, '51, '54.
Michigan, 1844, '46, '47, '49.
Wisconsin, 1814, '46, '47, '48, '49, '50, '51, '52, '54, '55.
California, 1859, '60, '61.
Oregon, 1856, '59, '61, '62, '63.

Of some of our religious and secular serials I still lack certain numbers to complete sets for our shelves, but any numbers are helpful.

Of the North American Review I very much want Nos. 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 13, 15, 20, 21, 22, 121, 122, 137, 193, 197.

Indeed, there is no number of any leading periodical, religious or literary, that is not valuable here.

Of Massachusetts Election Sermons, our set still wants ALL previous to 1710; also 1711, 12, '13, '14, '15, ’16, ’17, '18, '21, '22, '25, '26, '27, '31, '33, '37, '53.

Of Artillery Election Sermons, any will be helpful.

Of Sermons before the A. B. C. F. M., our set still wants those preached in the years 1815, '20, '21, '26, '28, '37, '39.

Let reports be sent here which are not really wanted where they are. To this library they are so much capital, more or less. The same is true of all pamphlets.

Of " local histories," as of towns, cities, or parishes, we want all that ever were printed in the English language, but have only a very few. Let them come. They shall have a large welcome.


23 Chauncy St., Boston, Mass., Room No. 10.

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