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It seems proper that, in this Congre- upon a deceased minister. Many graphic, gational Quarterly, some record should beautiful, and touching things have also appear of the life and labors of a Con- been said in letters. All these I should gregational minister, for more than fifty be glad to incorporate bodily into this years so identified with the religious sketch. I must content myself, however, history of Maine, and well known in other with making copious extracts; taking it portions of the country. A son attempts for my own aim to go a little more parthe sketch, as being in possession of his ticularly into some parts of my father's father's papers, and as in some other history, and present somewhat fuller respects more favorably situated than statements in regard to the whole. any one else for the undertaking.

The late Benjamin Tappan, D.:D., of As to my father's character, I am saved Augusta, Maine, was born at West Newthe necessity, in large measure, of speak- bury, Mass., November 7, 1788. He was ing in my own name, as others have set a grandson of Benjamin Tappan, pastor it forth so admirably; more especially (1745 — 1790) of the · Congregational Dr. Adams, of Brunswick, in his address Church in Manchester, Mass. His father at Dr. Tappan's funeral, published in was David Tappan, pastor (1774–1792) the Christian Mirror, January 19, 1864; of the Church in West Newbury; afterRev. A. McKenzie, the present pastor of ward (1792–1803) Hollis Professor of the Church at Augusta, in the sermon Divinity in Harvard College. His mother preached the sabbath after Dr. Tappan's was Mary, daughter of Enoch Sawyer, death, and published by the people ; Esq., of Newburyport. He was the Rev. E. B. Webb, Dr. Tappan's immedi- youngest of three sons. ate successor and son-in-law, now of Bos- At the age of seven, he was sent to ton, in an extended notice in the Congre- reside under the roof of Dr. Joseph gationalist of January 15, 1864; and Prof. Dana, of Ipswich, and to attend school Shepard, of Bangor, in the Commemo- in that place; his father, then at Cainrative Discourse preached before the bridge, receiving a son of Dr. Dana to Maine Missionary Society, at their re- reside with him, and avail himself of the quest, January 22, 1864, and published by advantages of the college. His father, them. Seldom have more glowing and in committing him, under date of August appreciative eulogies been pronounced 13, 1795, to Dr. Dana's care, speaks of


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