Nov. 29. Rev. MARTIN P. KINNEY, over the

2d Ch. in Rockville, Ill. Sermon by Rev. Joseph Haven, D.D., of Chicago Seminary. Installing Prayer by Rev. Hope Brown, of

Dec. 1. Mr. SELAH MERRILL, to the Gospel

Ministry as Chaplain in the Army, in West-
field, Ms. Sermon by Rev. Archibald Gei.
hie, of East Grantville.
7. Rev. J. EAMES RANKIN, over the
Winthrop Ch. in Charlestown, Ms. Ser.
mon by Rev. Edward B. Webb, of Boston.
Installing Prayer by Rev. James B. Miles,
of 1st Ch.

Pastors Dismissed.

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Oct. 19. Rev. GEORGE W. BARROWS, over

the Ch. in Elizabethtown, N. Y. Sermon
by Rev. John Gardener Hale, of East Poult-
ney, Vt. Installing Prayer by Rev. John
Bradshaw, of Crown Point.

the Ch. in New Sharon, Me. Sermon by
Kev. Temple Cutler, of Skowhegan.
19. Mr. ISAAC P. SMITH, to the Gospel
Ministry in Brownfield, Mé. Sermon by
Rey. David R. Sewall, of Fryeburg.
19. Rev. WM. D. HERRICK, over the Ch.
in Gardner, Ms. Sermon by Rev. J. H.
Seelye, D.D., of Amherst College. Install-
ing Prayer by Rev. John F. Norton, of
20. Mr. FRANCIS H. BOYNTON, over
the Ch. in Rehoboth, Ms. Sermon by Rev.
George B: Wilcox, of New London, Ct.
Ordaining Prayer by Rev. James O. Barney,
of East Providence, R. I.
25. Mr. M. C. STEBBINS, over the Ch.
in Groton Junction, Ms. Sermon by Rev.
Ebenezer Cutler, of Worcester, Ms. Or-
daining Prayer by Rev. Henry B. Hooker,
D. D., of Boston.
25. Rev. EDWARD HAWES, over the
Central Ch. in Philadelphia, Pa. Sermon
by Rev. Edward N. Kirk, D. D., of Boston,
Ms. Installing Prayer by Rev. Milton
Badger, D. D., of N. Y. City.
26. Mr. A. W. WILD, over the Ch. in
Greensboro', Vt. Sermon by Rev. Daniel
Wild, of Brookfield.
26. Mr. GEORGE H. BEECHER, to the
Gospel Ministry in El Paso, Ill. Sermon by
Rev. Edward Beccher, D. D., Galesburg.
Ordaining Prayer by Rev. Flavel Bascom,
of Princeton,
28. Messrs. JOHN F. GRAF, and PETER
WEIDWAN, to the work of the Gospel
Ministry in Earlville, Iowa.
29. Mr. F. L. CARDOZA, over the Tem-
ple St. Ch. (col.,) in New Haven, Ct. Ser-
mon by Rev. J. Sella Martin, of New York

Nov, 2. Mr. HENRY DURHAM, to the work of

the Gospel Ministry in La Salle, Ill.
3. Mr. R. B. GUILD, to the work of the
Gospel Ministry in Galva, n.
10. Rev. ALPHEUS WINTER, over the
Ch, in South Coventry, Ct.
10. Rev. DAVID BREMNER, 3d Ch. in
Plymouth, Ms. Sermon by Rev. Jacob M.
Manning, of Boston. Installing Prayer by
Rev. Joseph Peckham, of Kingston.
16. Rev.SAMUEL E. HERRICK, over the
Broadway Ch. in Chelsea, Ms. Sermon by
Rev. Jacob M. Manning, of Boston. In-
stalling Prayer by Rev. Nehemiah Adarns,
D.D., of Boston.
16. Rev. AVERY S. WALKER, over the
1st Ch. in Dover, N, H. Sermon by Rev.
Asa D. Smith, D.D., of Dartmouth College.
Installing Prayer by Rev. Edward Robie, of
16. Mr. LYMAN S. ROWLAND, over the
1st Ch. in Bangor, Me. Sermon by Rev.
Samuel Harris, D. D., of Bangor Seminary.
the 2d Ch. in Waterbury, Ct. Sermon by
Rev. Geo. Bushnell of the 1st Ch. Installing
Prayer by Rev. Frank A. Spencer, of Terry.

Sept. 20, 1864. Rev. SIMEON L. HUGHSON,

from the Ch. in Rushville, N. Y.
21. Rev. EDWARD S. ATWOOD, from
the Ch. in Grantville, Ms.
29. Rev. FRANK C. JOHNSON, from the

Ch. in Hamilton, Ms.
Oct. 3. Rev. HENRY L. COBB, from the Ch.

in No. Andover, Ms. 44. Rev. CHARLES REDFIELD, from the

First Ch. in Schenectady, N. Y.
4. Rev. EDWARD HAWES, from the Ch.
in Waterville, Me.
5. Rev. BENJAMIN W. POND, from the
Ch. in Barton, Vt.
18. Rev. M. A. GATES, from the Ch. in
Tinmouth, Vt.
19. Rev. JONA. E. ADAMS, from the Ch.
in New Sharon, Me.
20. Rev. DAVID BREMNER, from the
2d Ch. in Rockport, Ms.
20. Rev. WM. F. ARMS, from the Ch. in

Newtown, Ct.
Nov. 2. Rev. JASON K. MASON, from the Ch.

in Hampden, Me.
10. Rev. HENRY POWERS, from the Ch.
in Mittineague, Ms.
the Ch. in Hyannis, Ms.
11. Rev. CHARLES E. ROBINSON, from
the Ch. in Woodbury, Ct.

Gh. in Plymouth, Ill.
15. Rev. HENRY C. FAY, from the Ch.
in Northwood, N. H.
15. Rev. JOHN R. MILLER, from the Ch.
in Suffield, Ct.
16. Rev. J. EAMES RANKIN, from the
Appleton St. Ch. in Lowell, Ms.
16. Rev. EPHRAIM N. HIDDEN, from
the Ch, in Candia, N. H.
16. Rev. JOSEPH A. COPP, D.D., from
the Broadway Ch., Chelsea, Ms.
29. Rev. SEAGROVE W. MAGILL, from
the 2d Ch. in Waterbury, Ct.

Rev. MARTIN O. HOWARD, from the Ch, in So. Dartmouth, Ms. Dec. 6. Rev. CHAS. WALKER, D.D., from

the Ch. in Pittsford, Vt.

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Dec. 9. In Marblehead, Ms., Rev. FRANCIS

HOMES, of Lynn, to Miss SARAH HOOPER, daughter of Glover Broughton, Esq., of M.

Ministers Married.
Sept. 27. In So. Bridgeton, Me., Rev. ALBION

H. JOHNSON, of Lemington, to Miss MI.
RANDA F. POTTER, adopted daughter of
Col. J. P. Perley.

In Newburyport, Ms., Rev. MAR-
SHALL B. ANGIER, of Sturbridge, to
Miss EMMA S., eldest daughter of Wm. H.

Brewster, Esq., of N.
Oct. 12. In Haverhill, Ms., Rev. THEO. T.

MUNGER, of Dorchester, to Miss ELIZA-
BETH, daughter of Hon. James H. Duncan.
21. In Wells River, Vt., Rev. WM. W.
ADAMS, of Fall River, Ms., to Miss M.

AUGUSTA COOPER, of Beloit, Wis.
Nov. 2. In South Danvers, Ms., Rev. LYMAN

8. ROWLAND, of Bangor, Me., to Miss
19. In La Salle, Ill., Rev. HENRY DUR-
HAM, to Miss MOLLIE BROWN, both
of L.

Ministers Deceased.
Oct. 12. In Austin, Minn., Rev. STEPHEN

COOK, aged 68 years.
14. In Waterbury, Vt., Rev. ANDREW
ROYCE, aged 59 years.
20. In Greenfield, Ms., Rev. AMARIAH
CHANDLER, D. D., aged 82 years.
29. In Moorhead City, N. C., Rev. WM.
C. WHITCOMB, aged 44 years.
31. In Hadley, Ms., Rev. DANIEL HUN.

TINGTON, aged 90 years.
Nov. 24. In Nevinsville, Iowa, Rev. INCREASE

S. DAVIS, aged 70 years.

Jmerican Congregational Union.



RECEIPTS FOR SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, and NOVEMBER, 1864. Maine - Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Oak Hill, $4 00 Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Canan


$59 43

84 43 New Hampshire - Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Lancaster,

30 00

Col. Plymouth Ch. and Soc., Brooklyn, 66 42 Rev. Abiel Manning, East Concord,

1 00
" South

255 00 Int. on Funds in Treasury,

333 00 $31 00

Rev. H. H. McFarland, Flushing, L. I., 1 00 Vermont -Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., St. Albans, $7 00

$1,519 50 Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Coventry, $7 16

10 00 Pennsylvania-Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Rev. Pliny H, White,

2 81)
(Welsh), Pittsburg,

810 08 $17 00

Illinois — Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Sew.

ard, Massachusetts — Col. 1st Cong. Ch. and Soc.,

$10 00

5 00 North Brookfield,

Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Wauregan, $45 00


8 95 Col. Union Ch, and Soc., North Brookfield, 10 25


3 55 Cong. Housatonic, 7 45


27 00 Walpole,

14 47 Warren,

17 60 " North “

$54 50 Springtield, 270 25 Eliot Newton,

176 15

Indiana - Col. Cong. Ch, and Soc., Terre

6 25

$28 00 Shrewsbury, 23 00 Michigan - Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Sau" Appleton St., Ch. and Soc., Lowell, 10 86


$5 50 1st

So. Hadley, 36 31 1st


17 01

Iowa — Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Eddyville, $16 00
Marlboro', 11 00
Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Elk River,

7 00 1st

149 30

$23 00 Hon. Samuel Williston, East Hampton, 500 00 Minnesota-Col. Cong. Ch, and Soc., WiRev. H. B. Hooker, D. D., Boston,

15 00

$21 50 Mrs. Daniel Satford,

50 00 S. N. Stockwell, Esq., East Boston,

Kansas - Col. Cong. Ch. and Soc., Topeka, $23 00 50 00 Zcandale (from sale of house),

58 25 Dea. C. A. Jessup, Westtield, 10 00

$81 25 $1,420 20 New York-Col. Cong. Ch. nd Soc., Al

Total for three months,

$3,215 53 bany,

$90 00

N. A, CALKINS, Treasurer, Col. Broadway Tabernacle, N. Y. City, 689 65

49 Bible House, N. Y. City.


“ Cong.

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While the collections have been, during the three months above reported, quite in advance of the three previous months, they are below the corresponding three months of last year; and greatly below our wants, if we respond to the pressing calls now made upon our treasury. The necessity of building in these times of fearful high prices, or expiring as churches, is a sad alternative for these little Christian communities. And yet this is just the necessity that confronts scores upon scores of these struggling little bands, united in covenant and in earnest to secure suitable places in which to worship God. With help they live; without

help they die; and in their burial is often sepulchred the last ray of hope that a Church shall live and bless the community — well, for a generation, it may be. A little timely aid will give life, vigor, and permanency to the Church; and not only is a center of Christian and civil liberty thus created, but new rills of Christian munificence are opened. Every Church thus put into a position of permanency and progress becomes a giving Church. Every benevolent society becomes its beneficiary. It is interesting to see, that, of the thirtytwo churches contributing as above, seven have been aided in building their houses of worship from this treasury. The few churches and the few good men who have each given an amount sufficient to establish one of these little churches, have the satisfaction of knowing that their gifts are fruitful of good in not only one, but in every direction.

During these three months we have paid last bills on churches as follows: viz., Verona, Mich., $300.00; New Rutland, Ill., $400.00; Wauseon, Ohio, $300.00; Huntley, Ill., $450.00; Osage, Iowa, $350.00; Fairfax, Iowa, $125.00; total, $1,925.00.

We are now pledged to twenty-three churches in process of erection, the money for which is in our hands, and drawing interest, as seen above. But for the scores that are waiting, and longing for aid, we must hold back until the giving shall give us the means of aiding them. We earnestly ask a New Year's gift for Christ's little ones from all who love Him, and who, for His sake, love them.

ISAAC P. LANGWORTHY. Chelsea, Mass., December 16th, 1864.

Imerican Congregational Association. When the proposition was made, in the late “ Preliminary Meeting” in New York, to hold the “NATIONAL COUNCIL OF THE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCHES” in Boston, it was deeply interesting to notice the effect on the more than fifty representative Congregationalists present. The suggestion was not made by any one from Boston or from Massachusetts. But, on the mere naming of the place, there was a simultaneous and unanimous feeling of congruity and fitness in the work proposed and in the place in which to do it. Brethren of the West said, we prefer Boston, because it is our Congregational "home.” “ We shall come," said a venerable father in the ministry; "my children need not wait to be invited to come home to Thanksgiving."

If Boston is the “home” of Congregationalism, so far as it can have a home, how impor. tant that there be in Boston a fitting place into which the membership of our churches could be invited ; where they could feel at home; and where they could find, safely garnered and accessible, whatever can be secured that shall state and illustrate our polity, doctrines, and history!

A good beginning has been made. Our forty-five hundred bound volumes, and forty thousand unbound pamphlets, are a treasure too valuable to be hazarded in a building not fire-proof. Our interest in the building now occupied, above the mortgages, onght to give us at least ten thousand dollars. But this very small sum is no living, much less working basis. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS is a great sum indeed; but so is the object to be realized. And now, especially, are Congregationalists called upon to meet the demands of the hour by showing that they value the polity and principles of the fathers of New England enough to erect a fitting monument to their memory. A few thousands, then a few hundreds, and then a few scores, tens, fives, and ones, from a few thousands of those who are so much in debt to the founders of our churches, would give us all we need. And this is the propitious time to move.

The Directors hope to have a competent Agent in a few days, canvassing Boston and vicinity; and in the meantime, let all, who would see this now great and pressing object accomplished, send in their gifts, greater or less, as God shall prompt them.

Rev. T. Atkinson, of Nahant, has given five dollars to the general fund ; and the little Congregational Church at Elk River, Iowa, has contributed three dollars in aid of the library. Over one hundred and sixty bound volumes have been received from various friends, all of which are valuable, some of especial value.

We still want nearly all the serials, minutes, reports, etc., etc., asked for in the October No. 1864. I beg our friends, who have pamphlets or books not useful to themselves, to send them here, with no fear that they will not be useful. Every one is so much capital. But very few find their way to the grinders through this channel.

I wish to put in an ESPECIAL plea for New England histories. The “ Historical Collections," or " Colonial Records," as they may be called, of Maine, of New Hampshire, of Vermont, and of Connecticut, are very, VERY much wanted here. Will not some friend or friends in each of these States, see that our shelves are at once supplied with these essential volumes ? Our brethren from the West will want to find them here next June.

Histories of towns, cities, and churches, are of peculiar value. I do not want to fail of securing a copy of every one that is printed.

We put a high estimate upon ecclesiastical histories. I very much want to make this department the completest of any library in the land. Now, alas! it is grossly deficient.

I still very much want of the North American Nos. 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 13, 15, 20, 21, 22, 25, 121, 122, 136, 137.

Any numbers of the Eclectic, Princeton Review, New-Englander, Biblical Repository, Bibliotheca Sacra, Methodist Quarterly, American Journal of Science, or any other leading Quarterlies, are valuable to this library, either for its shelves or to exchange.

I exceedingly desire the Minutes of the General Association of New Hampshire for the year 1812, to complete our library set.

Of Election Sermons of Massachusetts, our shelves are wanting all previous to 1700, including that year; also 1701, '02, 03, '04, '05, 206, '07, '08, '09, '11, '12, '13, '14, 215, 216, '17, '18, '21, '22, '23, '24, '25, '26, '27, '31, '33, '37, '40, '43, '45, '51, '53, '58.

Of Sermons before the A. B. C. F. M., we have not those preached in the years 1815, '20, '21, '26, '28, '37, '39.

We have so many of the Massachusetts Register, that we desire to complete our set. We want all previous to 1799; also 1800, '01, 202, '03, '05, '06, '07, 208, 217, ’18, ’19, '20, '21, '24, *25, '26, '29.

Has any one the 2d, 4th, 5th, 10th, Reports of the American Education Society, for us? They would be very useful.

We still lack the 1st, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 24th, 31st, Reports of the American Seamen's Friend Society.

Also, of the Report of the American Colonization Society, we want the 1st, 2d, 8th, 9th, 17th, 18th, 20th, 21st, 22d, 33d, 39th, 45th, 46th.


23 Chauncy St., Boston, Ms., Room No. 10.


IOTA, April 7, at McGregor.
MICHIGAX, May 17, at Battle Creek.
KANSAS, May 18, at Wyandotte.
INDIASA, May 18, at Kokomo,
ILLINOIS, May 24, at Peoria.
CANADA, June 8, at Toronto.
0110, June 9, at Mansfield.
RHODE ISLAND, June 13, at Providence.
OREGON, June 15, at Albany.
VERMONT, June 20, at Burlington.
CONNECTICUT, June 20, at Windsor Locks,

MAIXE, June 27, at Portland.
MASSACHUSETTS (Ass'n), June 27, at Medford.
NEW HAMPSHIRE, August 25, at Newport.
MASSACHUSETTS (Conf.), September 12, at Haverhill.
NEBRASKA, September 14, at Fremont.
New York, September –, at -
WISCONSIN, October 4, at Milwaukee.
MINNESOTA, October 4, at Minneapolis,
Calirornia, October 5, at San Francisco.
Nova Scotia and New BrunswICK, not reported.


MAINE, GENERAL CONFERENCE. Rev. ILLINOIS, GENERAL Association. - Rev. Samuel Harris, Bangor, Moderator; Rev. Javan K. Mason, William S. Scofield, Ottawa, Moderator; Rev. Samuel Hampden, Corresponding Secretary; Dea. E. F. Duren, Hopkins Emery, Quincy, Registrar, and Statistical SecreBangor, Recording Secretary; Dea. J. S. Wheelwright, tary: Rev. Martin K. Whittlesey, Ottawa, Corresponding Bangor, Treasurer.

Secretary, and Treasurer. Next meeting: 2d Congregational Church, Portland, Next meeting: Peoria, May 24, at 7 1-2 o'clock, P. M. Tuesday, June 27, at 9 o'clock, A. M.

Michigan, GENERAL Association.- Rev. NEW HAMPSHIRE, GENERAL Association.

James S. Hoyt, Port Huron, Moderator; Rev. Philo R. - Rev. Josiah G. Davis, Amherst, Secretary ; Rev. Wil- Hurd, Romeo, Secretary. liam R. Jewett, Fisherville, Statistical Secretary, and Treas- Nert meeting : Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., Thursday, urer.

May 17, at 7 1-2 o'clock, P. M. Nert meeting: Newport, Tuesday, August 25, at 10



Milwaukee, Moderator ; Rev. Charles W. Camp, Fond du OREGATIONAL MINISTERS AND CHURONES. - Rev. E. Lac, Stated Clerk ; Rev. William De L. Love, Milwaukee, Irvin Carpenter, Barre, Corresponding Secretary ; Rev. Treasurer; Rev. Enos J. Montague, Oconomowoc, PermaAldace Walker, Wallingford, Register.

nent and Statistical Clerk. Next meeting : Burlington, Tuesday, June 20, at 10 Next meeting : Spring Street Church, Milwaukee, Wedo'clock, A. M.

nesday evening, October 4. MASSACHUSETTS, GENERAL Association, MINNESOTA, GENERAL CONFERENCE.-Rev. Rev. Alonzo H. Quint, New Bedford, Secretary, Treasurer, Charles Seccombe, St. Anthony, Statistical Secretary ; and Statistical Secretary,

Rev. David Burt, Winona, Corresponding Secretary. Next meeting : 1st Church, Medford, Tuesday, June 2, Next meeting: Minneapolis, Thursday, October 4, at 7 at 4 o'clock, P. M.

o'clock, P. M. MASSACHUSETTS, GENERAL CONFERENCE Iowa, GENERAL ASSOCIATION. – Rev. 0. OF THE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCHES. - George F. W. Merrill, Adamosa, Register and Treasurer. Homer, Brookline, Moderator ; Rev. Joshua W. Wellman,

Next meeting: McGregor, Wednesday, April 7, at 7 1-2, Newton, Recording Secretary Rev. Alonzo H. Quint,

P. M. New Bedford, Statistical Secretary ; Rev. Raymond H. MISSOURI.-The churches are connected Seely, D. D., Haverhill, Chairman of Provisional Commit- with the General Association of Illinois. tee. Next meeting : North Church, Haverhill, Tuesday, Sept.

NEBRASKA, CONGREGATIONAL Associa. 12, at four o'clock, P. M.

TION. - Rev. Reuben Gaylord, Omaha, Moderator ; Rev.

E. B. Hurlbut, Elkhorn City, Scribe. RHODE ISLAND, CONGREGATIONAL Con

Nest meeting : Fremont, Thursday, September 14, at 7 1-2 FERENCE. – Rev. James P. Root, Elmwood, Stated Scribe, o'clock, P. M. and Statistical Scribe.

KANSAS, GENERAL ASSOCIATION OF CON. Next meeting : Beneficent Church, Providence, Tuesday,

OREGATIONAL MINISTERS AND CHURCHES.- Rev. Rich'd June 13, at 10 o'clock, A. M.

Cordley, Lawrence, Stated Clerk. CONNECTICUT, GENERAL Association. - Next meeting: Wyandotte, Thursday, May 18, at 7 1-2 Rev. Myron N. Morris, West Hartford, Register ; Rev. o'clock, P. M. William H. Moore, Berlin, Statistical Secretary, and Treas- COLORADO TERRITORY. — The three urer.

churches are believed not to be associated as yet. Rev. Next meeting: Windsor Locks, Tuesday, June 20, at 11

William Crawford, Central City, will answer communicao'clock, A. M.

tions. New York, GENERAL Association.- Rev. OREGON, GENERAL ASSOCIATION. Rev. Homer N. Dunning, Gloversville, Treasurer ; Rev. L. Sidney H. Marsh, Forest Grove, Moderator ; Rev. D. B. Smith Hobart, Syracuse, Statistical and Publishing Secre- Gray, Albany, Secretary. tary ; Rev. William B. Brown, Newark, N. J., Correspond. Next meeting : Albany, Thursday, June 15, at 10 o'clock, ing Secretary

A. M. Nert meeting: Tuesday, September –, at 10 o'clock, CALIFORNIA, GENERAL ASSOCIATION. A. M.

Rev. Israel E. Dwinelle, D. D., Sacramento, Moderator ; NEW JERSEY. - The churches are connected Rev. J. H. Warren, San Francisco, Register ; Rev. William with the General Association of New York.

C. Pond, Downieville, Statistical Secretary.

Nert meeting : 2d Congregational Church, San Francisco, PENNSYLVANIA.— A local association meets

Wednesday morning, October 5. in the western part of the State. Other churches are con- Canada, CONGREGATIONAL UNION.- Rev. nected with the General Association of New York.

T. M. Reikie, Bowmanville, C. W., Chairnan | Rev. John Ohio, CONGREGATIONAL CONFERENCE. - Wood, Brantford, Secretary-Treasurer. Rev. Samuel Wolcott, D. D., Cleveland, Moderator : Rev.

Nert meeting : Toronto, c. w., Thursday, June 8, at a J. H. Newton, Cleveland, Register and Treasurer ; Jay

o'clock, P. M. Odell, Cleveland, Statistical Secretary.

Nova Scotia AND NEW BRUNSWICK, CON. Next meeting: Mansfield, Wednesday, June 9, at 7 o'clock, GREGATIONAL UNIOX. - Rev. Robert Wilson, Sheffield, P. M.

N, B., Secretary. INDIANA, GENERAL AssociATION of Con. Nert meeting : (?) GREGATIONAL CHURCHES AND MINISTERS. - Rev. Na

JAMAICA.— The churches are under the care tharriel A. Hyde, Indianapolis, Secretary.

of the AMERICAN MISSIONARY ASSOCIATION, - office at Next meeting : Kokomo, May 18, at 7 o'clock, P. M.

New York,

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