The foregoing Statistics are compiled mainly from the minutes of the several State, Territorial, or Provincial Associations, as published in 1864, corrected and completed by correspondence and comparisong. Differences between our “totals” and those of the State Minutes arise principally from the fact that the bodies printing them seldom agree with State boundaries; while, also, a careful reision often renders new additions necessary. While our Summary is not perfectly correct, it is believed that it does present a fair and reliable view of the strength of the denomination, its amount being below - not above — the actual truth. The names of some churches are omitted, which we feel perfectly confident still exist, but which the State Minutes dropped. Indeed we felt so confident that Henry Ward Beecher's Church is still alive that we rentured to re-insert it; but some others in Brooklyn we leave to next year's resurrection, as well as churches in other parts of New York, in Pennsylvania, and in Ohio.

It will be noticed that we have this year introduced a new column, viz.: Dates of Ordination of Ministers.

The following tables show the number of churches and ministers, with yearly changes in membership, etc., for the years specified. They are compiled with great care; the tables of each year having been subjected to a thorough revision, and having been compared with each other, so as to cover the same ground, and corrected on a uniform system of data. A portion of these figures were printed in the Quarierly, in 1861, but then embraced only the churches in the United States; while the present tables cover the whole of American Congregationalism, excepting some independent churches and some connected with Presbyterians on the “ plan of union." The Statistics generally belong to the summer of the year mentioned in the second column. While not, of course, perfectly accurate, the tables give a very respectable approximation to the truth.

It is to be noticed that "total" often includes more than the sum of particulars, because of imperfect reports of the latter,

[blocks in formation]

For the Year.



January, 1858 1857

6,913 6,592 13,50513,110 6,076 465 9,651

1859 1851
239,586 13,24 8,107 22,1753,338 6,992 512 10,842)

102.815 1860 1859 15,158 144,690 257,631 27.705 25,590 9,623 35,2133,589 8,205 717 12,59310,618 6,150 206,441 1861 1850 81,453 157.257 260,389 29,082 7,6167,668 15,234|3,644 7,097 715 11,456 3,061 4,841270,660 1862 1861 81,195 158,237 259,119 32,180) 5,5226,629 12,1513,708 6.290 551 10,539 2,151 4,544 246,547 1863 1862 81,852 163,215, 261,474 33,535 6,421 6,521 12,945,3,940 5,507 640 10.087 2,489 4,376 255,257 1864 1863 83,551 161,037 264,313 31,1787.999 6,187 14,37514,288 5,577 780 10,146) 3,362 4.406200,492

1965 1964 83,305 174,083 268,015 31,3981 9,328 6,897 16,22614,937 5,923 641 11.5011 4.052 4,4628286,798 These figures show a steady gain in the number and numerical strength of our churches. There is no reason whatever to doubt the reality of this increase, but every reason to believe in its substantial truth. If it has been followed by an equal advance in spiritual life, we have done well.

The number of ministers has also steadily increased. It is a little remarkable that the "total" is regularly a little behind that of the number of churches; and therefore our churches are inadequately supplied. A far greater want, however, is disclosed when we notice the great number of ministers not in pastoral work. of these, many are teachers, professors, or presidents of colleges or seminaries; a goodly number are in pastoral work abroad; others are editors, secretaries, or agents of religious societies ; – all of which are of indispensable service to the churches. Many more still are supplying different pulpits from Sabbath to Sabbath. But, after all these deductions, the number of ministers who are superannuated, or who have engaged in secular pursuits, makes a sad diminution from our "total.” Yet, after all, it is evident that the number of vacant churches is not so great but that they could be easily supplied by the ministers now on the list, if the churches chose to employ them.

The number of "absentees” remains about stationary. The evil apparent is not so great in reality; inasmuch as these "absentees” really balance each other. That is, a church generally has worshipping with it as many members of distant churches as it reckons absentees of its own. Under the Episcopal and Methodist system, they would be actual members at the place of worship.

The additions are quite uniform year by year, except in years following revivals, as in 1857-8. The deaths moderately and proportionally increase ; so regularly that it may be taken for granted, that, in every thousand members reporting, the deaths will be eighteen annually.

The gain in the column of “Sabbath Schools" is not so reliable as it should be, because the report for the first year mentioned must be, we are satisfied, entirely inadequate. But, commencing with the next year, - a more reliable point, - the increase is seen to be very marked. In the revival years it was very great; and a gain of a hundred and twenty thousand in five years is exceedingly gratifying.

When the compiler prepared the figures for January, 1861, he had in mind several projects of improvement, with promises of coöperation. But he went to the war, and staid three years, and wanted to stay longer, but could n't. The projected improvements he has had time to carry into effect this year but slightly. Procrastination in sending reports has interfered badly; errors in the minutes he could not get corrected; perplexing contradictions had to be left unsolved; and the haste requisite forbade the time necessary to send to his residence everything which ought to have passed under his eye. Still, the errors which are obvious at a glance he is confident are the worst. Another year it is hoped will witness a great improvement.

But he wishes to say that not the least love for figures leads to the work of this compilation. It would be mere drudgery were it not for the fact that it brings into one view the churches of our order; exhibits its strong and its weak places; shows faithfulness and unfaithfulness; points out duty, and warns against neglect. When the proposed Council meets next June, it will take cognizance of the strength, the duty, and the privileges of the nearly three thousand churches, and nearly three hundred thousand members, which constitute its constituency, to whom God is opening a field of usefulness unprecedented.

We have received, just too late for insertion in the tables, the report from CALIFORNIA. We insert it here for historical value; the very slight change it would have caused in the SUMMARIES must be omitted, except

we have made it in the number of churches and ministers in the columns just given above. A. H. Q.



Place and Name.











10. 17 27 12 1 13:01 1 5 9:30 Downieville, 1856 Wm. C. Pond, p.

1855 22 15 37 12 3 1 4 0 1 1 1 21 85 El Dorado, 1861 Wm. A. Tenney, s.s. 1863 81 9 17 4 5 1 6 0 4

3 0 55 Eureka, 1861 Wm. L. Jones, s.s.

3 7 101 2 Folsom, 1859 John E. Benton, 8.S.

(1859 10 12 22 2 1 0 1 0 0 0! 0 21 120 Grass Valley, 1853 W. F. Snow, 8.8.

1864 18 29 47 91 5 8 8 15 6j1 21 102 Lockford, 1862 Vacant.

7 7 14 1 Mokelumne Hill, 1854 W. C. Mosher, 8.8.

1861 5 10 15 0 2 21 0 0 OR 0 360 Nevada, 1851 H. Cummings, 8.s.

1861! 29 34 63 5 2 71 ol 3 3 2 101 90 Oakland, 1860 George Mooar, P.

1860 85 70 105 10 9 17 26 2 3 531 81 225 Oroville, 1856 J. M. Woodman, 8.8.

1861 3 6 9 1 0 0 이이 2 010 0 Petaluma, 1854 T. E. Taylor, 8.8.

14 14 28 7 Redwood City, 1863 G. W. Finney, 8.8.

1864 9 10 19 61 8 0 3) 0 1 1 0 2

98 Sacramento, 1849 I. E. Dwinell, D.D., p.

(1863) 24 53 77 7 6 13 0 0 0 0 2 10 850 San Francisco, 1st ch. 1849 Vacant.

177 226 403 35 12 11 23 3 15 2204 221 850 * 20 ch. 1862 J. A. Benton, p.

1863) 30 48 78 51 3 12 15 2 4 61 0 6 327 * 3d ch. 1863 E. G. Beckwith, p.

1863] 20 23 43 4 5 9 14 0 0 0 0 28 325 San Mateo, 1864 J. H. Warren, 8.8.

7 11

11 11 0 0 0 0 이에 Santa Cruz, 1857 Walter Frear, 8.8. 1864 11 16 27 21 0 1 1 0 1 0 ] 0

1 180 Somersville, 1863 J.J. Powell, 8.8. 1864 5 6 11 0 11 11 0 0

0 70 Woodbridge, 1862 Vacant.

6 7 13 Totals,

(450 628 1076 100|70|88|1588401 2 50 91 28 3297
OTHER MINISTERS: Rev. J. Rowell, Seamen's Chaplain; Revs. M. Kellogg and H. Durant, Professors in
College of California; Rev. S. V. Blakeslee, Editor Pacific; Rev. Tyler Thatcher, Rev. J. P.' Chamberlain,
Rev. W. C. Bartlett, Rev. J. 8. Zelie, and Rev. E. S. Lacy, absent from the State; Revs. J. A. Johnson and
M. J. Savage, recently arrived.
SUMMARY. - CHURCHES: 5 with pastors; 12 with stated supplies; 4 vacant. Total, 21.

MINISTERS: 5 pastors; 12 stated supplies; 13 others. Total, 30.
CHURCH MEMBERS, etc., as above.
MONEYS CONTRIBUTED: $27,488.93 (14 churches) for current expenses; $38,662.14 (9 churches) for church

building: $7,134.16 (12 churches) for charities.
VALUE OF Churcu PROPERTY: $139,300 encumbered by debts amounting to $15,730.



CONCERNING the following list, several things are to be noted:

1. The names of ministers found in the minutes of the several General Associations and Conferences are its basis; to which we have added only thore others which come from reliable sources.

2. Licentiates are not ministers. Don't look for their names.

3. This list will often disagree with the foregoing tables, because we have corrected up to the latest moment.

4. This list is occasionally inaccurate. Where the same man is reported as living in three States at once, it requires more discernment than we possess to settle the difficulty. Nor do we know any thing except what comes by mail.

5. In searching for a name of various spellings, look at each form. All contracted names, like “Mc," are arranged according to the contracted spelling.

6. In deciding between Presbyterian and Congregational character, a member of any ministerial or church body retains his denominational character, although acting as stated supply of a church of the other denomination; but a pastor is necessarily of the same denomination as his church. That is, we have tried to follow this rule, though we are very sure we have not always succeeded. A man can go from one denomination to the other; but no man can be a member of two denominations at once.

7. Send us notice of all mistakes.

8. We have erased from last year's. list 157, and have inserted 251 namer. We ought to have had a hundred more. If your name is omitted, send us word, accompanied by a dollar and a half for the Quarterly for 1805!

Abhe, Frederick R., Abington, Ms. | Allen, Sam'l H., Windsor Locks, Ct. Austin, Franklin D., South RoyAbbott, Amos, Rahûri, INDIA. Allen, William, Dracut, Ms.

alston, Ms. Abbott, C. F., Bristol, N. H. Allen, William, Northampton, Ms. Austin, Lewis A., Orwell, Vt. Abbott, Ed. F., So. Merrimack, N.H. Allen, w. w., Council Bluffs, lo. Austin, Samuel J., Oxford, M8. Abbott, Jacob J., Whitinsville, Ms. Allert, F., Davenport, Io.

Avery, Eugene fI., Roscoe, III. Abbott, Joseph, Beverly, Ms. Allis, 0. D., Randolph, Vt.

Avery, Frederick D., Columbia, Ct. Abbott John S.C., New Haven, Ct. Allworth, Wm. H., Markham, C.W. Avery, Henry, Plymouth, Wis. Abbott, Lyman, Terre Haute, Ind. Alvord, Frederick, Monson, Ms. Avery, Jared R., Groton, Ct., Abernethy, Henry C., Oneida, III. Alvord, John W., New York. Avery, John, Lebanon, Ct. Adair, S. L., Leavenworth, Kan. Alvord, N., Belmont, Kan.

Avery, John T., Cleveland, O. Adams, Aaron C., Auburn, Me. Ambrose, Thomas L., PERSIA. Avery, William P., Chapin, Io. Adams, Calvin C., Deane Corners, Ill. Ames, Marcus, Lancaster, Ms. Ayer, Chas. L., Mansfield Center, Ct. Adams, Daniel E., Wilton, V. H. Ameden, Benjamin M., Crete, Ill. Ayer, Franklin D., Milford, N. H. Adams, Darwin, Paper Mill Village, Amsden, S. H., Wilmot, N.H. Ayer, Joseph, East Lyme, Ct. XH.

Anderson, James, Manchester, Vt. Ayre, Frederick II., Long Ridge, Ct. Adams, Eph., Decorah, Io.

Anderson, Joseph, Detroit, Mich. Ayres, Rowland, Hadley, Ms. Adams, Ezra, Gilsum, N. H. Anderson, Joseph, Norwalk, Ct. Babcock, Daniel II., Berkley, Ms. Adams, George E., Brunswick, Me. Anderson, Rufus, Boston, Ms. Bacheler Francis E.M., Lebanon.Ct. Adarns, Geo. M., Portsmouth, N. H. Andrews, David, Winona, Min. Bacheller, Gilman, Machias Pt., Me. Adams, Harvey, Farmington, Io. Andrews, Dean, Marshall, nl. Backus, Joseph W., Lowell, Ms. Adams, Jona. E., Searsport, Me. Andrew, I, W., Marietta, 0. Bacon, George B., Orange, N. J. Adaus, John, Hillsboro Cent., N.H. Andrews, Samuel J., Hartford, Ct. Bacon, James M., Essex, Ms. Adarns, John C., Falmouth, Me. Andrus, A. C., Geneva, Kan. Bacon, Leonard, New Haven, Ct. Adams, John R., Gorham, Me. Andrus, Elizur, Niles, Mich. Bacon, Leonard W., Stamford, Ct. Adams, Levi P., Fitch Bay, C.E. Angier, Luther H., Sandwich, Ms. Bacon, William N., Shoreham, Vt. Adams, Lucien H., Petersham, Ms. Angier, Marshall B., Sturbridge, Ms. Bacon, William T., Woodbury, Ct. Adarns, Nehemiah, Boston, Ms. Anthony, Geo. N., Marlboro', Ms. Badger, Milton, New York. Adams, Thomas, Pittstown, Me. Apthorp, Rufus, St. Johns, Mich. Bailey, Charles E., Benzonia, Mich. Adams, W. A., Charles City, Io. Apthorp, Wm. P., Polk City, lo. Bailey, Nathaniel P., Painesville, 0. Adamson, Wm. S., Wolcotville, Ct. Armour, John, Kelvin, C.W. Bailey, J. G., Hyde Park, Vt. Aiken, Charles A., Hanover, N. II. Armes, Josiah L., Canterbury, N.II. Baird, John G., Centerbrook, Ct. Aiken, James, Hanover, Ms. Arms, Hiram P., Norwich Town, Ct. Baird, Robert G., Armada, Mich. Aiken, Silas, Rutland, Vt.

Arms, Selah R., Westminster E., Vt. Baker, A. A., Cornwall, Vt. Aiken, Wm. P., Newington, Ct. Arins, Wm. F., Newtown, Ct. Baker, Abijah R., So. Boston, Ms. Albro, John A., Cambridge, Ms. Armsby, Lauren, Chapl. 8th Me. Baker, Ephraim H., Marseilles, 0. Alden, Ebenezer, Jr., Varshfield, Ms. Armstrong, Frederick A., Dallas Baker, Edward P., E. Machias, Me. Alden, E Judson, Sycamore, Ill.

City, II.

Baker, Z., Osawatomie, Kan. Alden, Edmund K., S. Boston, Ms. Armstrong, Robert S., Colton, N.Y. Baker, Joseph D., Cambridge, Ill. Alden, Lucius, Newcastle, N.H. Arnold, Joel R., Brown's Cor., Me. Baker, Silas, Standish, Me. Alden, Jer. K., River Point, R. I. Arnold, Seth S., Ascutneyville, Vt. Baker, Smith, Veazie, Me. Alexander, Walter S., Pomfret, Ct. Ashley, Samuel S., Northboro', Ms. Baker, Thomas, Newmarket, C. W. Allen, A.S., Dover, Wie.

Atkinson, Geo. 11., Oregon City, Or. Baldwin, Abraham(., Blackrock,Ct. Allen, Benj. R., Marblehead, Ms. Atkinson, Timothy, Nahant, Ms. Baldwin, Abram E., Ann Arbor, Allen, Cyrus W., East Jaffrey, N.II. Atkinson, William B., Monee, Ill. Mich. Allen, Ephraim W., So. Berwick, Me. Atwater, Edward E., New llaven, Ct. Baldwin, Abraham V., Summit, Io. Allen, E. W., North Pitcher, N. Y. Atwater, Horace C. Alexandria, O. Baldwin, C. C., Brownhelm, 0. Allen, George, Worcester, Ms. Atwater, William W., Prospect, Ct. Baldwin, D. J., Coolspring, Mich. Allen, George E., Chelsea, Ms. Atwood, Anson S., E. Hartford, Ct. Baldwin, Elijab C., Bethel, Ct. Allen, John A., Strykersville, N.Y. Atwood, Edward S. Salem, Ms. Baldwin, Joseph B., W. CummingAllen, John W., Tipton, Mich. Atwood, Lewis P., West Greece, N.Y. ton, Ms. Allen, Monroe, Wam psville, N.Y. Austin, David R., So. Norwalk, Ct. Baldwin, Theron, New York.

Baldwin, Thomas, Plymouth, Vt. Beardsley, Bronson B., Bridgeport, Bliss, Thomas E., Memphis, Tenn. Baldwin, William O., Johnsbury


Bliss, Zenas, Amherst, Ms.

[R. I. East, vt.

Beardsley, Nehemiah H., Somers, Ct Blodgett, Constantine, Pawtucket, Balkam, Uriah, Lewiston, Me. Beardsley, William, Wheaton, nl. Blodgett, Edwid P., Greenwich, Ms. Ball, I. N., Grand Rapids, Wis. Becker, George L., Powbattan, Kan. Blood, Charles E., Wataga, II. Ballard, Addison, Williamstown, Ms. Beebe, Hubbard, New Haven, Ct. Bloodgood, Abrabam L., New HartBallard, James, Grand Rapids, Mich. Beckwith, E. G., San Francisco, Cal. ford, N.Y. Ballard, Josiah, Carlisle, Ms. Вес with, Geo. C., Bos D, Ms. Blumer, Adam, Shakopee, Min. Bancroft, David, Prescott, Ms. Beck with, John H., Norfolk, N. Y. Boardman, H. E., Nottingham, Io. Barber, Alanson D., Williston, Vt. Beckwith, T. D., Pierpont, 0. Boardman, Joseph, Pownal, Me. Barber, Luther H., Scotland, Ct. Beecher, Charles, Georgetown, Ms. Boardman, M. B., Lynnfield, Ms. Barber, Wm. M., So. Danvers, Ms. Beecher, Edward, Galesburg, III. Bonney, John R., Batavia, Mich. Barbour, Henry, London, Eng. Beecher, Fred. W., Kankakee, Ill. Bodwell, Joseph C., Woburn, Ms. Barbour, Nelson, West Fairlee, Vt. Beecher, Geo. H., Newton, Io. Bodwell, Lewis, Wyandotte, Kan. Bard, Geo. I., Lower Waterford, Vt. Beecher, H. Ward, Brooklyn, N. Y. Bond, Alvan, Norwich, Ct. Bardwell, D. Magee, Waukesha, Wis. Beecher, Thomas K., Elmira, N. Y. Bonney N. G., Peru, Ms. Bardwell, Iloratio, Oxford, Ms. Beecher, Wm. H., N. Brookfield, Ms. Borden, Edwin, Saline, Mich. Bardwell, J. P., Oberlin, 0. Beechthold, A. H., Boston, Ms. Bordwell, D. N., Le Claire, Io. Barker, Enoch, New Market, C. W. Beekman, J. C., St. Charles, Min. Borland, T., Eau Claire, Wis Barker, D. R., Gray's Mills, Pa. Belden, llenry, Brooklyn, N. Y. Bosworth, Q. M., Ridgeville, 0. Barker, Nathaniel, Wakefield, N.II. Belden, Wm. W., E. Attleboro', Ms. Boughton, J. J. F., Ransom, Mich. Barnard, Charles M., Neponset, III. Bell, Hiram, West Chester, Ct. Bourne, James R., Scarboro', Me. Barnard, PlinyF., Williamstown, Vt. Bell, James M., Ashby, Mass. Bourne, Shearjashub, Harlem, N.Y. Barnard, Steph.A., Willsboro', N.Y. Beman, Amos G., New Haven, Ct. Boutelle, Asaph, Peacham, Vt. Barnes, Charles M., Neponset, Ill. Bement, William, Elmira, N.Y. Boutelle, Thomas, Fitchburg, Ms. Barnes, E. S., Munnstille, N.Y. Benedict, Lewis, Lawn Ridge, III. Bouton, Nath'l, Concord, N. H. Barnes, Jer. R., Marine, Min. Benedict, Thos. N., Cen. Lisle, N. Y. Boutwell, James, Sanbornton, N.H. Barnes, Jona. E., Darien Depot, Ct. Benedict, Wm. A., Plainfield, Ct. Boutwell, Wm. T., Stillwater, Min. Barnes, L. C., Mount Vernon, 0. Bennet, E. O., Crawfordsville, Io. Bowker, Samuel, Bluehill, Me. Barnes, N. H., Kiantone, N.Y. Bennett, H. S., Wakeman, 0. Bowker, Sam'l D., Newmarket,N.U. Barney, James O., Seekonk, Ms. Bennett, Joseph L., Lockport, N.Y. Bowler, Geo. W., Westfield, Ms. Barnum, George, Medina, Mich. Benson, Almon, Cent. Harbor, M.H. Bowler, Stephen L., Orono, Me. Baruum, Samuel W., Stamford, Ct. Benson, Henry, Jamestown, N. Y. Boyd, Chas. II., Mystic Bridge, Ct. Barrett, M., New Haven, Ct. Benson, Homer H., Beloit, Wis. Boynton, Chas., Watertown, Wis. Barris, Joseph S. North Evans, N.Y. Bent, George, Burr Oak, Io. Boynton, Chas. F., Fort Dodge, Io. Barrows, Elijah P., Andover, Ms. Bent, Joseph A., Hoyleton, Ill. Boynton, John, Winthrop, Me. Barrows, George W., Salisbury, Vt. Bentley, Charles, Willington, Ct. Brace, Jonathan, Milford, Ot. Barrows, Homer, Plaistow, N.H. Benton, John E., Folsom, Cal. Brace, Seth E., New Haven, Ct. Barrows, John M., Olivet, Mich. Benton, Jos. A., San Francisco, Cal. Bradford, Dana B., Gilmanton Iron Barrows, M., Elizabethport, N. Y. Benton, Samuel A., Anamosa, Io. Works, N.H. Barrows, S., Davenport, Io.

Benton, William A., Mt. Lebanon, Bradford, B. F., Niagara City, N.Y. Barrows, William, Reading, Ms. SYRIA

Bradford, Moses B., McIndoe's Falls, Barstow, Charles, Pitcher, N.Y. Berney, Daniel, Farmers, Mich. Vt.

(N. H. Barstow, Zedekiah S., Keene, N. II. Berry, Augustus, Pelham, N. II. Bradford, Samuel C., Francertown, Bartlett, Alexander, Conneaut, 0. Bessom, W'm. H., Boston, Ms. Bradnack, B. R., Cambria, N.Y. Bartlett, Enoch N., Hamilton, ni. Bicknell, Simon S., Milton, Wis. Bradshaw, John, Crown Point, N.Y. Bartlett, Francis, Coolville, 0. Bigelow, Andrew, Medfield, Ms. Bragg, Jesse K., Sandwich, Ms. Bartlett, Joseph, Buxton, Me. Bigelow, Asahel, Hancock, N. II. Brainatd, David S., Lyme, Ct. Bartlett, Lyman, Morristown, Vt. Bigelow, Warren, Mazeppa, Min. Brainard, Timothy G., Halifax, Ms. Bartlett, Samuel C., Chicago, III. Billings, Rich'd S., Shelburne, Ms. Braman, Milton P., Auburndale, Ms. Bartlett, Wm. A., Brooklyn, N. Y. Bingham, Hiram, New Haven, Ct. Branch, Edwin T., Vernon, Mich. Bartlett, W. C., Santa Cruz, Cal. Bingham, Joul S., East Boston, Ms. Brastow, Leri 0., St. Johnsbury, Vt. Barton, A. S., Georgia, Vt.

Birchard, Wm. M., Collamer, Ct. Bray, John E., Brooklyn, N.Y. Barton, Chas. B., Woodburn, Ni. Bird, Isaac, Hartford, Ct.

Bray, William L., Aurora, II. Barton, Fred. A., Indian Orchard, Bird, William, Abeih, SYRIA. Breed, Charles C., New Rutland, Ill. Ms. Birge, E. G., Jericho, Vt.

Breed, David, Attleboro', Ms. Barton, Walter, Amherst, Ms. Bisbee, Johu H., Worthington, Ms. Breed, Samuel D., Ypsilanti, Mich. Bascom, E., Center, Wis.

Biscoe, G. S., Cottage Grove, Min. Breed, Wm. J , Brookline, Ms. Bascom, Flavel, Princeton, Ill. Biscoe, Thomas C., Grafton, Ms. Bremner, David, Plymouth, Ms. Bascom, John, Williamstown, Ms. Bishop, Nelson, Windsor, Vt. Brewer, James, Bristol, Ill. Bassett, Edw. B., Westmoreland, Bissell, Chas. H., Poquonnock, Ct. Brewer, Josiah, Gt. Barrington, Ms. NH.

Bissell, Edwin C.,Westhampton, Ms. Brewster, Cyrus, Readville, Ma. Bassett, J., Neenah, Wis.

Bissell, Oscar, Dublin, N. I. Brewster, Wm. H., Cleaveland, O. Bassett, William E., Warren, Ct. Bissell, Sanuel B. S., Norwalk, Ct. Brice, John G., Winchester, Ind. Bates, Alvan J., Lincoln, Me. Bittinger, John Q., Yarmouth, Me. Brickett, Harry, Hillsboro' Bridge, Bates, Henry, Grass Lake, Mich. Bixhy, Solo'n, Westmoreland, N. H. N. II. Bates, James, Granby, Ms.

Blagden, Geo. W., Boston, Ms. Bridgeman, Lewis, Middlefield, Ms. Bates, S. L., Uuderhill, Vt. Blaisdell, Joshun J., Beloit, Wis. Bridgman, Chester, Ludlow, Ms. Bates, Philander, North Truro, Ms. Blake, D. Hoyt, Princeton, III. Briggs, William N., Elyria, 0. Batt, William J., Bedford, Ms. Blake, Geo. II., Atkinson, Ill. Briggs, William T., Newbern, N.C. Bayliss, Samuel, Brooklyn, N.Y. Blake, Henry B., Belchertown, Ms. Brigham, Chas. A. G., Enfield, Ct. Bayne, Thomas, Irasburg, Vt. Blake, Jeremiah, Pittsfield, N. H. Brigham, David, Wauquoit, Ms. Baxter, Benjamin S., Bangor, Wis. Blake, Jos., Gilmanton, Cent., N. H. Brigham, Levi, Saugus, Ms. Beach, Aaron C., Millington, Ct. ke, Mortimer, Taunton, Ms. Brigham, Willard, Wendell, Ms. Beach, L. B., Andover, 0.

Blakely, Quincy, Campton, N. II. Brinkerhoff, W. H., Providence, 0. Beach, Nath'l, Little Compton, R.I. Blakeman, Phineas, Marseilles, Iul. Bridrmade, lloratio N., Veloit, Wis. Beals, David, Jr., Hartland, Ct. Blakeslee, S. V., San Francisco, Cal. Brintball, Loren W. Mallet Creek, Beaman, Charles C., Salem, Ms. Blanchard, Amos, Lowell, Ms. Bristol, Ira, Beaman, Warren H., North Hadley, Blanchard, Amos, Meriden, N. II. Bristol, Sherlock, Brandon, Wis. Ms.

Blanchard, Eximid II., Warwick, Ms. Bristol, Richard C.,Farmington, Ill. Bean, David M., South Malden, Ms. Blanchard, Jona., Wheaton, Ií. Bronson, A., Ticonderoga, N.Y. Bean, Ebenezer, Grey, Me.

Blanchard, Silas M., Wentworth, Bronson, George F., Kirtland, O. Beane, Phineas A., Hampden, 0. N. II.

Brooks, Chas., Newburyport, Ms. Beade, Samuel, Norton, Ms. Blanchard, Wm. S., Chicago, II. Brooks, Edw. F., Mansfield, Ct. Beard, Augustus F., Bath, Me. Bliss, Asher, Corydon, Pa.

Bross, H., Carandaigua, Mich. Beard, Edwin S., Warren, Me. Bliss, Charles R., So. Reading, Ms. Broughton, Nathaniel 11., East and Beard, Spencer F., Andover, Ms. Bliss Daniel, Beirût, SYRIA.

West Bridgewater, Ms.

Brown, A. H., Garrettsville, O. Campbell, John,West Arran, C. E. | Claggett, Wm., Westmoreland, N.H. Brown, Chas. M., 8. W. Harbor, Me. Campbell, Randolph, Newburyport, Clapp, Alex. H., Providence, R. I. Brown, Edward, Zumbrota, Mion. Ms.

Clapp, Chas. W., Grinnell, Io. Brown, George, Newark, N. J. Campbell, Wm. M., Keeler, Mich. Clapp, Erastus, Easthampton, Ms. Brown, Hope, Rockford, ill. Candee, George, St. Louis, Mo. Clapp, Luther, Wauwatosa, Wis. Brown, John, Speedside, C.W. Canfield, Philo, Faribault, Min. Clapp, Sumner G., Lyndon, Vt. Brown, J. W., Manchester, Vt. Canfield, T. H., Lucas Grove, lo. Clark, Apson, Hartford, Wis. Brown, Robert, Garafraxa, C.W. Capron, Wm. B., Madura, INDIA. Clark, Asa F., Weathersfield, Vt. Brown, Robert, Oswego, Ill. Carlton, Hiram, Fairmount, Ms. Clark, Benj. F., No. Chelmsford, Ms. Brown, Silas C., W. Bloomfield, N.Y. Carlton, Israel, Glastenbury, Ct. Clark, Charles W., Ilartland, Vt. Brown, Samuel G., Hanover, N. H. Carpenter, C. Č., Birmingham, Ct. Clark, Clinton, Ridgefield, Ct. Brown, Samuel W., Groton, Ct. Carpenter, Eber, Southbridge, Ms. Clark, Dorus, Waltham, Ms. Brown, Simeon, Lima, 0.

Carpenter, E. Irvin, Barre, Vt. Clark, Edson L., Dalton, Ms. Brown, Wm. B., Newark, N. J. Carpenter, Elbridge G., Houlton, Me. Clark, Edward, Huntington, Ms. Bruce, Edw'd J., Khokal, INDIA. Carpenter, U.W., Prairie du Chien, Clark, Edward L., North BridgeBryan, Geo. A., West IIaven, Ct.


water, Ms. Bryant, Sidney, Twinsburg, 0. Carr, William 0., Barnstead Parade, Clark, Edward W., Claremont,N.H. Bucher, G. B., Granby, C. E.

N. H.

Clark, Elias, Ottumwa, Io. Buck, Edward, Orland, Me. Carrier, Augustus H., Auburndale, Clark, Eli B., Chicopee, Ms. Buck, Edwin A., Slatersville, R. I.


Clerk, George. Oberlin, 0. Buck, S. J., Grinnell, Io.

Carruthers, John J., Portland, Me. Clark, G. H., St. Johnsbury, Vt. Buckham, James, Burlington, Vt. Carruthers, Wm.,No.Cambridge, Ms. Clark, Henry, Riverhead, N.Y. Buckingham, Sam. G., Springfield, Carter, Jas. E., So. Hampton, N.Y. Clark, H. S., Baraboo, Wis. Ms.

Carter, William, Pittsfield, Ill. Clark, Jacob 8., Morgan, Vt. Budington, Wm. I., Brooklyn, N. Y. Carver, Shubal, Deruyter, N.Y. Clark, James A., Cromwell, Ct. Bulfinch, John J., Newcastle, Me. Cary, M., Newton, Io.

Clark, John, Bridgewater, N. II. Bulkley, Edwin A., Brooklyn, N. Y. (ase, Rufus, Greenfield, N.H. Clark, Jonas B., Swampscott, Ms. Balkley, Chas. I. A.,Brooklyn,N.Y. Cass, John W., Como, Il. Clark, Joseph B., Yarmouth, Ms. Ballard, Ara, Boston, Ms.

Catlin, W. E., Dartford, Wis. Clark, Josiah B., Rupert, Vt. Bullard, Charles H., Hartford, Ct, Catlin, Wm., Camp Point, III. Clark, Lewis F., Whitinsville, Ms. Bullard, Eben W., Royalston, Ms. Caţto, W. T., New Haven, Ct. Clark, Nath'I G., Burlington, Vt. Bullard, Henry, Wayland, Ms. Caverno, Charles, Waukesha, Wis. Clark, N. Catlin, Ringwood, III. Bullen, Henry L., Durant, Io. Chadbourne, Paul A., Brunswick, Clark, Nelson, Tiverton, R. I. Burbank, Justin E., Preston, Minn. Me.

Clark, Philetus, Sharon, Vt. Burchill, Robert, Saugeen, C.W. Chamberlain, Chas., Eastford, Ct. Clark, Perkins K., So. Deerfield, Ms. Bargess, C., Ashville, N.Y.

Chamberlain, Ed. B., Essex, Vt. Clark, Sereno D., Sunderland, Ms. Burgess, Eben'r, Dedham, Ms. Chamberlain, J. Lawrence, Bruns- Clark, Solomon, Plainfield, Ms. Burgess, Ebenezer, Boston, Ms. wick, Me.,

Clark, Sumner, So. Franklin, Ms. Burgess, Oliver, Mt. Vernon, 0. Chamberlain, J.M., Des Moines, Io. Clark, Theodore J., Ashfield, Ais. Burgess, Wm., Edgeworth, C.W. Chamberlain, J. P., Copperopolis, Clark, William, Amherst, N. H. Burnap, R., Messina. N. Y.


(W.T. Clark, William, Dresden, O. W. Burnell, Thomas S., Madura, INDIA. Chamberlain, P. B., Walla Walla, Clark, William, Milan, ITALY. Burnham, Abraham, Haverbill, Ms. Chamberlain, U. T.,Centerville, Pa. Clark, Wm. B., New Haven, Ce. Burnham, Amos W., Rindge. N: H. Chamberlaio,Wm. A.,Plymouth, n. Clark, William F., Toronto, C. w. Burnham, Chas., Meredith, N. H. Champlin, Step. W., Poplar Grove, Clark, W. Simpson, Austin, Min. Burnham, Joseph, Farmington, Me. Ill.

Clarke, Benj. F., Winchendon, Ms. Burr, Enoch F., Hamburg, Ct. Chandler, Augustus,Lempster,N.H. Clarke, Terlius S., Cuyahoga Falls,0. Rurt, Willard, Strongsville, 0. Chandler, Azariah, Greenfield, Ms. Clary, Dexter, Beloit, Wis. Burr, Zalmon B., Westport, Ct. Chandler, Jos., West Brattleboro', Clary, Timothy F., Wareham. Ms. Burt, Daniel C., Berkley, Ms.


Cleaveland, Elisha L., New Haven, Burt, David, Winona, Min. Chaney, Lucien W., Pulaski, N.Y. Ct.

[Ct. Burton, Horatio N., Newbury, Vt. Chapin, A. L., Beloit, Wis.

Cleaveland, Jas. B., New Hartford, Burton, Nathaniel J., Hartford, Ct Chapin, Franklin P., Camden. Me. Cleaveland, J. P., Matta poisett, Ms. Bushnell, George, Waterbury, Ct. Chapin, Nathan C., La Crosse, Wis. Clement, Jona., Woodstock, Vt. Bushnell, Horace, Hartford, Ct. Chapin, William.W., Ahmednuggur, Cleveland, Edw., Muscatine, lo. Bashnell, Horace, Cincinnati, o. INDIA.

(Hil. Ciift, William, New York. Bushpell, William, Boston, Ms. Chapman, Alexander W., Minooka, Climie, John, Belleville, C. W. Buss, Henry, Dement, ni.

Chapinan, Calvin, Standish, Me. Clinton, 0. P., Menasha, Wis. Butler, Daniel, Somerville, Ms. Chapman, Daniel, Bloomingdale, II. Clisbie, Edward P., Lenox, 0. Butler, Franklin, Windsor, Vt. Chapman, Elias S., Newmarket, N.H. Closson, J. T., Orford, NH. Butler, Jeremiah, Fairport, N Y. Chapman, Edward D., Sioclearville. Cloyes, Dana, South Reading, Ms. Buttertield, G., Langworthy, Io. N.Y.

(Ct. Coan, Leander S., Amherst, Me. Butterfield, Horatio Q., Great Falls, Chapman, Fred. W., East Hampton, Cobb, Asahel, New Bedford, Ms. X. H.

Chapman, Jacob, Ourga, III. Cobb, Henry W., Chicago, III. Buxton, Edward, Webster, N. H. Charpiot, Lewis E., Stratford, Ct. Cobb, Leander, Marion, Ms. Byington, Esra H., Windsor, Vt. Chase, Benjamin C., Dover, Me. Cobb, L. Heory, No. Andover, Ms. Byington, Swift, Stoneham, Ms. Chase, Edward, Portland, Me. Cobb, Nathaniel, Kingston, Ms. Byrd, Joba H., Leavenworth, Kan. Cheever, Geo. B., New York. Coburn, D. N., Monson, Ms. Byrne, James T., Whitby, C.W. Cheever, Henry T., Jewett City, Ct. Coburn, L. 8., Weston, Vt. Cudwell, C. C., Genoa, Wis. Cheleborough, Amos S., Glastenbu. Cochran, Robert, Austinburg, O. Cariy, Calvin B., Alburgh, Vt.

ry, Ct.

Coch ran, S. D., Grinnell, lo. Cady, Cornelius S., Maquoketa, to. Chickering, John W., Portland, Me. Cochran, Warren, Baraboo, Wis. Cady, Dan. R., West Cambridge, Ms. Chickering,John W.Jr., Montpelier, Coe, David B., New York. Caider, H. L., Washington, D.O. Vt.

Coe, Noah, New Haven, Ct. Caldwell, J. Mc., San Francisco, Cal. Chill, Willard, Worcester, Ms. Coe, Samuel D., Ridgefield, Ct. Caldwell, Wm. E., So. WellHeet, Ms. Childs, Alexander C., Chutham, Ms. Coffey, Geo. H., Saugerties, N. Y. Calhoun, Geo. A., North Coventry, Chipman, R. Manning, Hyde Park, Coggin, William S., Boxford, Ms. Ct.


Cogswell, Nath'l, Yarmouth, Ms. Calhoun, Simeon H , Abeih, SYRIA.! Christopher, Wm. B., Mendota, Ill. Coit, Joshua, Brookfield, Ms. Calkins, Wolcott, Philadelphia, Pa. Church, Bethuel C., Odell, m. Colburn, Moses M., So. Dedhain, Ms. Camp, Albert B., Bristol, Ct. Church, Lot, Marengo, Ni.

Colby, Joho, Southboro', Mass. Camp, Amzi, New York.

Churchill, Coas. H., Oberlin, 0. Cole, Albert, Cornish, Me. Camp, Chas. W., Fond du Lac, Wia. Churchill, John, Woodbury, Ct. Cole, Sam'l, West Gloucester, Ms. Cainpbeli, Alexander B., Mendon, 111. Chute, Ariel P., Sharon, Ms. Coleman, Geo. W., Acton, Ms. Campbell, D,A., Auroraville, Wis. Clatlin, George B., MENDI Mission. Coleman, Lyman, Middletown, Ct. Campbell, Donald B. Goodrich, Mich. Claggett, Erastus B., Lyndboro', Coleman, William L., Mitchell, Io. Campbell, G. W., Bradford, Ms. N. II.

Collie, Joseph, Delavan, Wis.

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