The Pleasures and Treasures of Britain: A Discerning Traveller's Companion

Dundurn, 12 jan. 1992 - 434 pagina's

Is a famous queen of Britain really bured beneath platform 10 at King's Cross station in London?

What is the telephone number of the National Theatre?

what is the best place to eat in Worcester?

Where is the National Bagpipe Museum? (Hint: not in Scotland)

Was Pointius Pilate born in Pitlochry?

The answers to these questions and literally thousands more are to be found in David Kemp's fascinating guidebook, The Pleasures and Treasures of Britain. Nowhere else will the discerning traveller find so much diverse and essential information about British culture gathered together in one volume. With the author as your witty and knowledgeable guide, take a tour through nearly fifty cities, from Penzance to Perth, from London to Cardiff and Belfast.

Each city section begins with a concise, readable history and a guided walk around the town, planned to take in as many of the significant local sights as can comfortably be included. Next are exhaustive listings, including telephone numbers and addresses, of everything a culturally curious visitor might want to seek out: theatre, art galleries, museums, antique markets, antiquarian and other bookstores, restaurants, lcoal fairs and festivals and more. Finally, under the headings of Artistic Associations and Ephemera, each section concludes with an entertaining collection of local lore, gossip, legend and anecdote.

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Over de auteur (1992)

David Kemp was born in England. He has been a professional actor and is currently head of the drama department at Queen's University. His passions are music, theatre, travel by train, and cricket. He divides his time between Kingston, Ontario, and Frome in Somerset, England.

Jane Brooks, who produced the illustrations for this book as well as the cover art, is a Canadian artist born in Toronto. She received bachelor degrees in Fine Art and Education at Queen's University. She is currently working as a freelance artist.

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