Handbook of Modern British Painting and Printmaking, 1900-1990

Alan Windsor
Ashgate, 1998 - 321 pagina's
The Handbook of Modern British Painting and Printmaking 1900-1990 has been designed for people who enjoy, study and buy British art. The only portable dictionary-style guide to the life and work of modern British painters and printmakers, the book provides information on some 2,000 artists, as well as entries on schools of art, on museums, galleries and collections, on societies and groups, and critics and patrons who have influenced the development of modern art in Britain. Artists are included if they (at one end of the timescale) had finished their training by 1900, and were truly beginning their professional career in the twentieth century, and (at the other end of the timescale) had established themselves professionally on the national scene by 1990. If the artist was foreign born, he or she is included if they resided in Britain, and exhibited or worked here long enough for their presence to be of significance for British art.

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Handbook of modern British painting, 1900-1980

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In dictionary style, this guide covers a significant amount of painting or colored graphic works. The dates indicated in the title may be misleading since they refer, not to birth dates or the ... Volledige review lezen

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