The White Mask


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Pagina 72 - And just abandoning th' ungrateful stage: Unprofitably kept at heav'n's expense, I live a rent-charge on his providence. But you, whom every muse and grace adorn, Whom I foresee to better fortune born, Be kind to my remains; and oh, defend, Against your judgment, your departed friend! Let not th...
Pagina 51 - It seems the part of wisdom, and no sin Against the law of love, to measure lots With less distinguished than ourselves, that thus We may with patience bear our moderate ills, And sympathise with others suffering more.
Pagina 29 - She that would raise a noble love, must find Ways to beget a passion for her mind, She must be that, which she, to be would seem For all true love is grounded on esteem. Plainness and truth gain more a generous heart Than all the crooked subtleties of art.
Pagina 318 - Sir, in my heart there was a kind of fighting-, That would not let me sleep...
Pagina 102 - Where lives the man that has not tried, How mirth can into folly glide, And folly into sin !
Pagina 256 - Lets in new light through chinks that Time has made: Stronger by weakness, wiser men become As they draw near to their eternal home. Leaving the old, both worlds at once they view That stand upon the threshold of the new.
Pagina 317 - Wilks, was found among his papers : Dear Bob, I have not anything to leave thee to perpetuate my memory, but two helpless girls; look upon them sometimes, and think on him who was to the last moment of his life thine, G. Farquhar.
Pagina 236 - When, from amidst the throng, a Youth stood forth, Unknown his person, not unknown his worth ; His look bespoke applause ; alone he stood, Alone he stemm'd the mighty critic flood. He talk'd of ancients, as the man became...
Pagina 162 - When dreary Night, with Morpheus in her train, Led on by Silence to resume her reign, With darkness covering, as with a robe...
Pagina 117 - I ever expected; and wonder that a man can be found in England, who has bread, that will be concerned in public business. " Had I a son, I would sooner breed him a cobbler than a courtier, and a hangman than a statesman.

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