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2 The weary bird hath left the air,

And sunk into his sheltered nest; The wandering beast has sought his lair, And laid him down to welcome rest. 3 Still, near the lake, with weary tread, Lingers a form of human kind;

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2 To him shall every knee be bowed;
His claims shall angels own;
Around the rising victor crowd,
And hail him to his throne.

3 Let saints on earth their tribute bring,
And echo back the sound;
For he who saves them is the King
By hosts angelic crowned.


7s M.

MRS. HEMANS. "That men pray every where." 1 CHILD, amidst the flowers at play, While the red light fades away; Mother, with thine earnest eye, Ever following silently; Father, by the breeze of eve Called thy harvest work to leave,Pray; ere yet the dark hours be, Lift the heart, and bend the knee. 2 Traveller, in the stranger's land, Far from thine own household band; Mourner, haunted by the tone Of a voice from this world gone ; Captive, in whose narrow cell Sunshine hath not leave to dwell; Sailor on the darkening sea;— Lift the heart and bend the knee.

18. 7s M. 61. MONTGOMERY. A Sinner imploring Mercy. Ps. 69. 1 GOD, be merciful to me,

For my spirit trusts in thee,
And to thee, her refuge springs;
Be the shadow of thy wings
Round the trembling sinner cast,
Till the storm is overpast.
2 Poor and sorrowful am I;

Set me, O my God, on high;
Wonders thou for me hast wrought;
Nigh to death my soul is brought;
Save me, Lord, in mercy save,
Lest I sink below the grave.



L. M.

Confession and Prayer. - Ps. 51.
1 HAVE mercy on me, O my God,
In loving kindness hear my prayer;
Withdraw the terror of thy rod;
Lord, in thy tender mercy spare.
2 Offences rise where'er I look:

But I confess their guilt to thee;
Blot my transgressions thy book,
Cleanse me from mine iniquity.

A perfect heart in me create, Renew my soul in innocence; Cast not the suppliant from thy gate, Nor take thine holy Spirit hence. 4 Thy consolations, as of old,

Now to my troubled mind restore; By thy free Spirit's might uphold And guide my steps, to fall no more.

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21. 7s M. 61. J. NEWTON.
The Child of God.

1 QUIET, Lord, my froward heart,
Make me teachable and mild;
Upright, simple, free from art,
Make me as a weaned child:
From distrust and envy free,
Pleased with all that pleases thee.
2 What thou shalt today provide,
Let me as a child receive;
What tomorrow may betide,
Calmly to thy wisdom leave:
"T is enough that thou wilt care;
Why should I the burden bear?
3 As a little child relies

On a care beyond his own;
Knows he's neither strong nor wise;
Fears to stir a step alone;
Let me thus with thee abide,
As my Father, Guard, and Guide.

22. L. M. WATTS. Health, Sickness, and Recovery. — Ps. 30. 1 FIRM was my health, my day was bright, And I presumed 't would ne'er be night; Fondly I said within my heart, 'Pleasure and peace shall ne'er depart.' 2 But I forgot thine arm was strong, Which made my mountain stand so long; Soon as thy face began to hide, My health was gone. my comforts died. 3 Hear me, O God of grace,' I said,

And bring me from among the dead;' Thy word rebuked the pains I felt, Thy pardoning love removed my guilt.

4 My groans, and tears, and forms of wo,
Are turned to joy and praises now;
I throw my sackcloth on the ground,
And ease and gladness gird me round.
5 My tongue, the glory of my frame,

Shall ne'er be silent of thy name;
Thy praise shall sound through earth
and heaven,

For sickness healed and sins forgiven.

23. L. M. 61. BP. HEBER.

Unspeakable Glories of Heaven.

AI PRAISED the earth, in beauty seen
With garlands gay of various green;
I praised the sea, whose ample field
Shone glorious as a silver shield;
And earth and ocean seemed to say
Our beauties are but for a day!"
2 I praised the sun, whose chariot rolled
On wheels of amber and of gold;
I praised the moon, whose softer eye
Gleamed sweetly through the summer

And moon and sun in answer said,
Our days of light are numbered!'
O God! O Good beyond compare!
If thus thy meaner works are fair!
If thus thy bounties gild the span
Of ruined earth and sinful man,
How glorious must the mansion be
Where thy redeemed shall dwell with




C. M.

For increase of Faith.

1 LORD I believe; thy power I own,
Thy word I would obey;
I wander comfortless and lone,
When from thy truth I stray.

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