open air.”


mention reports of tumults that have : On the 16th inst. in the discussion of takes place in various parts of France. the Budget, in the Chamber of Deputies, The Gazette de France says, that a very the sum of 22,600,000 fr. was granted for extraordinary appeal has been made to the established Clergy of the Church of the French Tribunals, by a man named Rome ; and that of 600,000 fr. for the J. Castel, who was a merchant in HamProtestant Clergy, with the addition of burgh, while it was in the hands of the 60,000fr. for the repair of Protestant French. This man says, that he was emChurches. “ The Protestant religion,” ployed by the General commanding there said the Minister of the Interior, " is to get English Bank-notes to the value of organised in fifty departments of France; 50001. discounted, which turned out to be it is celebrated in 200 churches or places forged ; and he was consequently obliged of worship, the greater part of which are to fly from Hamburgh.

He now says in want of repair. There are many

that Savary (Duke of Rovigo) and Des. places where, for want of churches, the nouettes (head of Buonaparte's Police) service of religion is celebrated in the were the fabricators of these notes ; that

they employed persons to spread them in Some disturbances have occurred at England, one of wbom was seized by the Brest, of a character similar to those which London Police, and hanged. agitated the capital; but at Brest, as at

SPAIN. Paris, the active zeal and energy of the Don Raphael Riego has published a. troops quickly dispersed the rioters, and letter, in which he states, that when the restored tranquillity. The towns of Caen King appointed him to the rank of Major and Rennes were also disturbed for some General, he declined the preferment in short time with the cries of Vive l'Empe. the following manner: - “I resolved to TOUT! Abas Louis! Some persons have relieve your Majesty, and other nations, been arrested.

from the chains which ignorance and egoOn the 18th Louis XVIII. was waited tism have forged; the result having been upon by a deputation from the Munici. what I aimed at the establishment of pality of Paris, with an Address expres

civil liberty

my ambition is satiated. sive of their loyalty and attachment, The rank of Lieutenant. Colonel suffices which concluded with these words : me, and that which your Majesty would “Sire, clemency is in your heart, pru. confer might create jealousy. My King dence in your counsels ; but it is by jus is happymy country is free; be this tice and firmness that States are maio. my sole reward.”. His Majesty would not tained.”—To this his Majesty made the accept the refusals and Riego slates, that following reply: “ I am sensibly af he repeatedly urged it to the Minister of fected with the sentiments which you have the War Department, from whom he reexpressed to me in the name of my good ceived the following dispatch, dated Ma. City of Paris, on an occasion at once so drid, the 12th instant : "I have laid afflicting and auspicious. Agitators, un before the King the fourth refusal that worthy of being Frenchmen, have dared, your very laudable moderation (which is in order to excite commotions, to abuse so well allied to your merit) has induced the name of that Charter which is dearer you to make; and his Majesty orders me to me than to them. Disasters have re. to inform you, that the country requiring sulted from their conduct which I deeply your services in the post of Major-Genedeplore ; but these efforts have only had ral of the national armies, to which his the effect of displaying the good discipline Royal goodness has raised you, he dues of ray troops and the attachment of my not think proper to accept your refusal of subjects; and especially of that populous it; which I communicate io you by his suburb in which I so often witness such Majesty's command, for your information warm demonstrations of love to the laws, and satisfaction.'' “ This being the case,” and, I may venture to say, to my person. concludes Riego, “ that my conduct may Assure the inhabitants of the capital of not be mistaken for pride, or some ill-dismy regard towards them; and of my posed person represent it to his Majesty constant care to maintain that tranquillity, as obstinate disobedience, I bave resolved now so happily re-established, and which to accept the rank with which his Majesty I bope will not in future be disturbed.” honours me, and in which I sball be

The Courier Français states, that the equally the defender of the nation and of theatre of Nantz has been closed by au. the King.” thority; and several provincial journals It is stated in the Madrid papers of the

inst. says,

Abstract of Foreignt Occurrences.

[xc. 13th of June, that about forty of the banks of the river, and one on the island of newly elected deputies assemble daily in Gombera ; one large floating battery ; and Madrid, and have come to the resolution ope ship-battery; strong piles were driven of proposing to the Cortes to proceed across the main stream : several immense by criminal process against the sixty rafts of timber on fire were also floated down pine Deputies who, in 1814, demanded of the smaller channel upon the shipping with the King that the Constitution should be great effect. Some disturbance having taken abolished; but that should these sixty place on the island of Banca, the Dutch nine Deputies be condemned to death, Resident who went out to quell them had they would then induce the Cortes to re been made prisoner by the insurgents, commend to the King to commute the who afterwards cut off his head, and sent punishment.

it in a basket as a present to the Sultan of GERMANY.

Palambang. Resistance had also been In the night of 21st March, a part of the made against the Dutch authority at Rhio ; mountain upon which the village of Strow and when the Dauntless left Malacca, it in Bohemia was built, detached itself from was supposed that they would be obliged the mass on twenty-three houses and two to quit Bintang altogether. churches ; sixteen were overthrown, and A remarkable proof of the extravagancy are in ruins. This accident appears to of fanaticism, and of the misery which it have been prepared by the wet seasons will induce human nature to endure, was which preceded the present, and to have given last summer (1819) by a Bania in been principally caused in the last instance Gujerat, of the Vohra Caste. At their by the heavy snow of the winter,

annual feast of Pujoosun, this man exRUSSIA

pressed his determination to abstain from An article, dated Hamburgh, the 13th food till he died. He had previously fasted

“ His Majesty the Einperor' of from the 26th of July to the 25th of Au. Russia has addressed a Declaration to all gust; from which date he took a small the European Courts, relative to the late quantity of food during four days, and political changes in Spain.”

then commenced his total abstinence. la Accounts from St. Petersburg inform this resolution he persevered till the 3d of us, that on the 24th of May last a fire October, when he died; having thus fasted broke out in the Imperial Palace on Zan sixty-six days, deducting the four in Au. kajeselo (situate about 14 English miles gust. A small portion of hot water daily from the capital), which consumed a great was the only thing that passed his lips. part of that splendid edifice, together with At the end he was, as may be imagided, the academy founded by the present Em extremely emaciated; but his senses reperor. His Majesty was present during mained perfect to the last moment of his this painful scene, and animated the ex. existence. He consequently became a ertions of the engineers and military in Saint among the Japias. extinguishing the flames.


American papers have brought au acAdvices, dated the 18th of February, count of the termioation of the proceediogs have been received from Bombay. The in Congress, which adjourned on the 15th expedition to the Persian Gulf, under the ult. to the second Monday in November. command of Sir William Keir, had com. A bill imposing a duty of 18 dollars the pletely succeeded in its object, the sub ton, on all French vessels entering the jugation of the bordes of pirates on that ports of the United States, was hurried coast. After placing a garrison in Rassel through both Houses during the last two Khyma, and expelling them from all the days of the sitting of Congress. This act adjacent ports, the arnament

is to be in full operation on the 1st of next its return to Bombay.

month; and is explained to have been enMudras, Feb. 5. — The expedition acted in consequence of the refusal of the fitted out from Batavia on a grand scale French Government, after a long negociafor the reduction of Palambang, had ar tion, to enter into commercial arrangerived in the river, and made an attack on ments, on reciprocal terms, with the Gothe batteries and defences of the Sultan vernment of the United States. Provision on the 21st of October last ; but had is made for its immediate repeal as soon been beaten off with a loss of one thou. as France shall adopt different principles. sand Europeans. The following is a list Mr. Clay, the Speaker of the House of of the Dutch vessels employed on this Representatives, though his term of service occasion :-Wühelmina, Arinus Marinus, is not completed, has retired from public Ajax, Detsey, Prince Blucher, Waterbrak, life. Encrughot, correttes ; Irene, brig; Em. It appears from the American papers na, schooner; two gun-boats, five prows that ali foreigo vessels of war are probi. ani juoks with howitzers. The force bited from entering the ports of the United which the Malays had to oppose to the«c States, except Portland, Baston, New consisted of three strong balterics on the London, New York, Philadelphia, Norfolk,




PART 1.]
Abstract of Foreign Occurrences.

629 Smithville in North Carolina, Charleston, Wales, they could not be received, the and Mobile, unless from stress of weather, managers fearing, in that case, to be overor when pursued by an enemy.

whelmed with claimants for instruction, By Quebec papers we learn, that a fire The annual assemblage of the native tribes broke out at Montreal, on the 4th of May, took place at Paramatta on the 28th of which destroyed the theatre and twenty December, but was less numerously attwo houses.

tended than usual, the extreme heat of the The New York theatre was burnt to the weather preventing them from proceeding ground on the 25th of May.

from the interior. About 250 persons of TORTOLA, May 8.--We have, since our both sexes were present, and were regaled late unfortunate gale, had a greai drought; by the Governor with provisions and liour crops are already spoiled for this and quor. The examination of the native the ensuing year. Last year this island children of the institution then took place, made from 2500 to 3000 hogsheads of su. and some very creditable specimens of gar; this year it will not make 250 hogs their progress in writing and drawing were heads. The earth is completely parched ; produced. The recognition of the chil. and nothing that is put in it survives. dren by their parents and friends was deNEW SOUTH WALES.

scribed as extremely affecting. The faci. A French vessel, called L’Uranie, Cap lities of internal communication had been tain Freycinet, on a voyage of discovery, increased, by putting the roads from Sydtouched at Sydney early in December, ney to Paramatta and Nassau, before im. and during its stay a mutual interchange passable in wet seasons, under complete of civilities took place between the officers repair. The inproved collivation of the and principal inhabitants. Some residents hemp in New Zealand has before been at Sydney having expressed their inten mentioved ; some trials were made in Ja. tion to quit the Colony in the Uranie, nuary, at Sydney, of its relative strength, Captain Freycinet declined taking them, when made into cordage, compared with without the sanction of the Governor. A that manufactured in England from the Russian frigate, also on a voyage of disco- produce of the Baltic, and determined very, arrived at Sydney soon after the materially in favour of the hemp of New Uranie. At one of the balls given by the Zealand, which possessed a degree of officers of the Uranie, some young female strength superior by one fourth.--Mr. G. Datives from Paramatta, educated at the Johnston, son of the Lieutenant-Governor schools established at Sydney, partook of of the Colony, died on the 19th of Febru. the habits of civilized life, and were ad ary, in consequence of a fall from his mired for the grace and ease of their move borse. The colony, in general, was in a ments, The reputation of these semiva. fourishing state ; European goods were in ries, and a desire which is gradually spread demand. The Admiral Cockburn, which ing among the rude people of the Southern brought these advices, brings home an enOcean to share the benefits of instruction, tire cargo of the produce of the Colony. had attracted to Sydney a party of young The Regalia, freighted in a similar man. persons from the Bay of Islands, among ner, was to sail in about a month. The wbom was the son of Sbungee, their pria Gazette of the 8th of January contains an cipal Chief, but the plan of the Schools li. advertisement from the noted Dr. O'Hal. miting them to the natires of New South loran, who has opened a school at Sydney.

DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. INTELLIGENCE FROM VARIOUS lately before the Mayor of that city, and

PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. fined for suffering a bale of goods to re. Sir W. J. Hope, one of the Lords main on the pavemeot to the obstructica of the Admiralty, . accompanied by Sir of ihe passengers; this he paid, and imJohn Gore, the Port Admiral of Sheere mediately after walked to the warehouse ness, is on a survey of the coasts of of the Mayor, where he saw some soap Kent and Sussex, in order to ascertain the boxes standing on the pavement, and laid expediency of continuing or relinquishing an information at the Council House ; and the establishment for the suppression of the consequence was, that ihe Mayor was smuggling, denominated the coast block. also fived by his bruther Magistrates. ade ; the expense being found greatly to Mr. Joseph Hughes, of Hodnet, near exceed the advantage derived from it, the seat of Lord Hill, at Hawk.tone, while the plan of preventive stations, be. Shropshire, has at this time an extraordisides being more efficacious in its object, nary cow, which is fed on grass only, that more than pays the whole cost of its esta. gives every day 94 quaris of milk, which blishment.

as regularly produces 21 lbs. of butter A iradesman of Bristol was summoned

every week!


Domestic Intelligence.

[xc. The fine pheasantry in the garden of T. OCCURRENCES IN LONDON Kingston, esq. at Carleton House, in So.

AND ITS VICINITY. merselshire, was last week maliciously set

Tuesday, May 30. on fire, and all the birds cruelly burnt to

A commencement was made of a new death.

building on part of the site of Blackwell The following may be interesting to our

Hall, near Guildhall, for the accommodaagricultural readers at this season; as the tion of the Commissioners of Bankrupts; expence of the practice must now be com

to remedy the inconvenience which bas hiparatively trifting, in consequence of the therto been so much felt in transacting the late Act which reduced the duty on rock

business at Guildhall. salt used for agricultural purposes :

"As the season for hay.making is drawing near,

Wednesday, June 1. we must beg leave to recommend the salia

The books were opened at the Bank of ing of ricks. I am persuaded few farmers England this morning to receive subscripare aware of the benefit arising from this

tions for the purpose of funding of Exchepractice, particularly in stacking in sultry

quer bills to the amount of seven millions. weather. The salt preserves the hay from

It was completed in a few minutes only

Before two o'clock in overbeating and becoming mildewed. Alt by ten houses. kinds of cattle, &c, prefer inferior hay thus

the morning there were crowds waiting out

side of the Bank. About six o'clock the managed to the best that can be placed before them that has not been salted. The

outer doors were opened, when the monied salt assimilates with the juices of the hay,

men were accommodated in a passage and thereby prevents too great a fermen: leading to the Secretary's office. "At ten tation, and by its soporific quality gives it

the doors were opened, and as they eaa superior favour. The proper way of

tered each received a ticket. The fortuusing it is, in building the stack, to sprinkle

nate holders of the first tickets were then the salt alternately between each layer of

called in, and when number nine had stated hay, in the proportion of one hundred.

the amount required, it was found that weight to seven or eight tons.”

only a hundred thousand remained. Num. James Moffat, aliasM:Coul, the notorious

ber teu was they called, and completed the associate of the late Hussey White, has been

subscription. The others then departed found guilig before the Court of Justiciary greatly disappointed. The pressure, in at Edinburgh, of being concerned in break, gaining admission, exceeded all descrip.

tion. ing into and robbing the Paisley Union

The crowd and consequent heat Bank, on the 14th of July, 1811, and sen.

was excessive. Only about 200 succeeded tenced to be executed at Edinburgh on the

in getting into the inner room, and tickets 26th of July.

to about that numbe? were issued, but at To ensure correct returns of averages,

least 180 were unable to make their way to the Board of Trade have directed country

the hall-door, where the tickets were issued. inspectors to post up in the market-places only ten, as above stated, obtained any

There were nearly 400 applicants, and a duplicate copy of every return transmittted by them to the receiver of corn re.

part of the funding. turns, in order to afford the means of de.

Friday, June 16. tecting any error on the spot.

The Spanish merchants resident in LonA large swarm of bees lately visited the

don waited on the Duke de Frias, the per Market-square at Shrewsbury, and many

Spanish Ambassador, to congratulate him of them settled on the head of one of the

on his arrival in this country: the Duke in dealers in vegetable. A serjeant of the

his reply assured them that King Ferdimilitia immediately procured a broom,

nand was as sincerely attached to the Con. which he hoisted on his halbert, whilst a

stitution as any man in the country ; and female sounded the usual music on such

that all Spain was rejoicing over the happioccasions ; apd in about half an hour the ness that awaited her. whole of the swarm were collected on the

Saturday, June 17. broom, to the great joy of the market peo, Prince Gustavus of Sweden and suite ple, and hived. dispute then arose be. were introduced to the King, at his Palaoe, tween the serjeant and the woman, repect... in Pall Mall, by his Excellency the Rusing, which had a right to the new colony, sian Ambassador. The Prince was most and the latter in a passion upset the whole, graciously received. in consequence of whicb many of the bees In consequence of the promotion of the were killed, but fortunately no person was Rev. Dr. Mant to the Bishoprick of Killa. stang. The serjeant again, with other as loe, he has received a present of a piece sistance, restored the bees to the hive; of plate, consisting of a very large circular after which it was taken to the Mayor, the salver, on feet, with a magnificent border Rev. H. Owen, by the contending parties; of chased flowers. The coscription is-"To when it was claimed by his Worship as the Reverend Ricbard Mant this plate is Lord of the Manor of the town, to the mu. presented as a token of respect for his cha: tual disappointment of the serjeant and racter as a Christian Rector, the beneficial his oppobeut.

influence of which the donors bad the hap

PART 1.) Occurrences in London and its Vicinity. 631 piness of experiencing during his ministry accompanied by Alderman Wood, young in the parish of St. Botolph, Bishopsgate.” Mr. Austia being on the coach-box. In Thursday, June 22.

going through lbe Hall, her Majesty was The Westminster Quarter Sessions com

pleased to accept the supporting arms of menced before Sir R. Baker and a full

Mr. Ald. Wood and Mr. Pavell; she Bench. The Chairman, in addressing the passed to the Council Chamber, preceded Grand Jury, adverted to the outrages

by the City Marshals, where numbers of which took place in various streets on ihe

Ladies and several Members of the ComQueen's arrival, by breaking windows,

mon Council were in waiting to receive &c.; and recommended associations of

her. Every one greeted her entrance the respectable inhabitants of the different with cheers, at which demonstration of parishes, as the only effectual means of

attachmcat her Majesty was evidently suppressing such riots and tunults.

much moved. The statue of our late be. F. Const, esq. is appointed Chairman of loved and venerated King seemed most the Westminster Sessions, vice Sir R. Ba. to engage the contemplation of the Queens ker, resigned.

After this, her Majesty went into the Court Salurday, June 24.

of Aldermea's room, viewed the pictures, Aldermau Waitbman, and James Wil.

and then passed to the Chamberlain's

Office. When she returned to her carljams, esq. citizen and goldsmith, were elected Sheriffs of London and Middlesex,

riage, the horses were taken from it, and

her Majesty was drawn in procession Monday, June 26.

through Cheapside, St. Paul's ChurchFour men were digging for the scite of yard, down Fleet-street, along the Strand, the uew Church in the new churchyard, at

&c. &c. Chelsea, and found water about ien feet

Nearly all the Royal Letters of Sumafrom the ground, of which they drank.

mons to the Peers, to attend on the CoroThey were soon afterwards taken ill, and nation, have been issued a few still re. are since dead. One man

was seized

main unissued, in consequence of the with delirium, ran about the ground,

Peers' addresses not having been transthrowing the spades and other implements

mitted to Lord Henry Howard, at the at his fellow workmen, and soon after

Heralds'. College, agreeably to the no. dropped down dead. It is supposed the

tification in the Gazette. The Knights water was in a high state of putrefaction.

Grand Crosses and Commanders of the

Bath are to attend in the Procession. The Friday, June 27.

dresses assigned to them have for some This morning, the neighbourhood of time past been on view in the Hall of the White Lion-street, Seven-dials, was thrown Heralds' College. into the greatest alarm by the falling of There are now seven spots visible upon the backs of five houses in the above

the sun's disk, six between the sun's censtreet. The poor tenants happily es tre and its Eastern limb. One of them caped unhurt, and were employed the

of very superior magnitude, nearly in the whole of the day in removing their goods form of a square, surrounded with a beauoff the premises. The remainder of the

tiful and distinct umbra, subtending an houses are expected to fall every moment. angle of about half a minute, occupying The landlords have erected a wooden more than 915 millions of square miles. paling round the premises.

This spot will probably continue for seven Wednesday, June 28

or eight days. Another is a small one, The heat of the atmosphere, since the with a very faint umbra, situated very summer solstice, has been daily increas. near the Western edge of the sun. ing, and during the last three days, the EDUCATION.-A general account, showsun has been so powerful, that several ing the state of Educatiou in England: horses have dropped dead on the public Endowed Schools --New Schools, N:1,302, roads. The mean average of the ther children, 39,590; Ordinary School., No. mometer in the shade at two in the after- 3,865,children, 125,843; totals, No.4,167; noon of the above days, has been 85 de- children, 165,433; total revenue, 300,5251. grees with the wind to the Northward and Unendowed Day Schools-New Schools, Eastward. The heat of Tuesday was No. 820, children, 105,582 ; Dames' more intense than the preceding one, the School, No. 3,102, children, 53,624 ; Orthermometer in the shade being as high as dinary Schools, No. 10,360, children, 90.

319,643 ;. totals, No. 14,182, children, Friday, June 30.

478,849. Yesterday afternoon, the Queen re Sunday Schools-New Schools, No. 404,' paired to Guildhall, by Oxford-road, Hol- children, 50,979; Ordinary Schools, No. born, and Skinner-street, and arrived at 4,758, children, 401,838 ; totals, No.5,162, Guildhall a quarter before seven o'clock children, 452,817. in a private carriage, attended by Lady Total population in 1811, 9,543,610 ; Anne Hamilton and another Lady, and poor in 1815, 953,219.

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