Domestic Occurrences.

463 assisted by the architect, Mr. Garbett, of suance of their Statutes and Charter of Winchester, and by the builder, Mr. Incorporation, to elect a President, Coun. Evans, of London, who bore the level. cil, and Officers of the Society for the The Vice-Chancellor and Proctors, at year ensuing: whereupon George Earl of tended by the Esquire aud Yeomen Be Aberdeen ; the Right Hon. Sir J. Banks, dels, were present on the occasion. Hert bart. ; F. A. Barnard, esq. ; W. Bray, ford College having escheated to the esq. ; N. Carlisle, esq. ; T. Combe, esq.; Crowa, his present Majesty, when Re H. Ellis, esq. ; R. P. Knight, esq.; Hugh gent, was graciously pleased, in the name Leycester, esq. ; Sir Gore Ouseley, bart.; and on behalf of the late King, to direct and M. Raper, esq. 11 of the Council, a grant of the site, with all the property were re-chosen of the New Council ; and attached to it, iocluding an excellent li. T. Amyot, esq.; Rev. E. Balme ; John brary of books, to be made to the Chan. Jeffreys Marquis of Camden; John Cooke," cellor, Masters, and Scholars of the Uni M. D.; F. Freeling, esq. ; H. Gurney, versity, in trust for the Principal and esq. ; W. Hamilton, esy. ; the Bishop of other Members of Magdalen Hall for ever. London ; Sir G. Nayler, knt. ; and W.

A Brass Plate was placed in the centre Wilkins, esq. ten of the other Members of the Foundation Stone, on which was en of the Society, were chosen of the New graved the following inscription :

Council, and they were severally declared In Honorem Dei

to be the Council for the year ensuing ; Bonarum Que Literarum Profectum and, on a Report made of the Officers of Imun Huns Lapidem

the Society, it appeared that George Earl Aula Magdalenensis

of Aberdeen, K. T. was elected President ; Regis Georgii Quarti Auspiciis W. Bray, esq. Treasurer; T. Combe, In Alia Sede Renovatæ

esq. M. A. Director; N. Carlisle, esq. Collegium Magdalenense

Secretary; and H. Ellis, esq. B. C. L. Se. P. C.

cretary for the ensuing year. The SoMay 7. Amongst other benefits which ciety afterwards dined together at the promise to attend the contemplared im. Free Masons' Tavern, according to custom. provements on Darlmoor, is a recent dis. At the Mansion House, William Simp. covery, that its peat may be converted son, formerly a broker, or a jobber, was into gas, which produces a light not to brought before the Lord Mayor, by Mar. be excelled in brilliancy; it is perfectly tin, the officer, who had apprehended him free from disagreeable smells, and appa. under a warrant granted in 1817. The rently not at all dangerous in its use. prisoner had been abroad since that pe

riod, and had returned about a fortnight, OCCURRENCES IN LONDON

when he was taken into custody. There AND ITS VICINITY.

were persons in attendance to prefer se

veral charges of embezzlement and felony Sunday, April 23.

against him; one to the amount of near This morning, about five o'clock, a fire

10001.; another to the amount of 8106.; broke out on the premises belonging to a third, 500l. ; a fourth, nearly 4001. ; Mr. Halliwell, oil and colourman, White and a number of others. The prisoner chapel-road, which is supposed to have was remanded. communicated with some gunpowder, and

Wednesday, April 26. caused an immediate explosion : the house The Royal Humane Society, (which has, was completely destroyed, and the ad

since its establishment in 1774, restored joining one materially injured.

4589 useful members to society, in the Monday, April 21.

Metropolis and its neighbourhood,) held The King's birth-day was observed, by its anniversary at the City of Londou la. special command, in the Metropolis, with vern; where more than 250 persons of every demonstration of loyalty. In town, respectability sat down to an excellent the morning was ushered in by the ring. dinner. The Chair was ably filled by ing of bells: the various steeples in the John Blackburn, esq. (the Duke of NorMetropolis displayed their fags, and a thumberland, President of the Society. new and beautiful Royal standard was being unavoidably absent on account of hoisted at the Tower. In the Park and the dangerous illness of his Mother.) Mr. at the Tower, at one o'clock, the cannon B. was supported by Sir W. Cunninghamfired as usual. The mail coaches made Fairlie, M. P. Mr. Alderman Atkins, &c. the customary procession from Milbank &c. After dinner the chairman proposed - the guards and coachmen with their the bealth of the King, op his having new cloathing, &c. In the evening the named himself the Patron of the Insti. public places of amusement, and the tution, and introduced some appropriate Royal tradesmen illuminated their houses. remarks on the objects of the Society.

St. George's Day falling on Sunday, The Secretary, Mr. Jonathan Barber, the Society of Antiquaries met at their in making the Annual Report of the Comapartments in Somerset place, in pur- mittee, stated with considerable energy the


464 Occurrences in London and its Vicinity. (May, general utility of the Institution. He said has been made for the domestics and alits objects were two-fold the first, relat tendants of the Royal Household. ing to persons who were rescued from The Chancellor of the Exchequer stated, drowning; and the secoud, to individuals, a few nights ago, in the House of Comin a state of suspended animation, froin inons, that his late Majesty had left a whatever cause. Within forty years, more Will. It is said, that his late Majesty, than twenty thousand claimants of the but a few days before his mournful cala. first class had received the rewards due mity, as if conscious of its approach, or. to their meritorious exertions in having dered a master-key to be made, with saved so many of their fellow-beings from which he locked up a drawer containing a premature death, and there were in: all his other keys. This master-key he stances upon record of the most heroic delivered to General Taylor, with an inbravery on the part of many of the per junction to preserve it in his custody, and sons to whom the Society had presented deliver it to no one but himself; or, in The tribute of its approbation. He ad. case of his decease, to deliver it only to duced several instances of resuscitation his successor. This key General Taylor from a

state of Suspended Animation delivered to the King on the 22d ujt. ; through the means adopted by the So when, probably, the Will was found. ciety.

Wednesday, May 3. After an interesting procession of the His Majesty held a Court at bis Palace, Restored Persons (who paid their grate in Pall Mall, principally for the purpose ful acknowledgments to their Benefactors,) of receiving Addresses of Condolence, &c. had left the room, the Chairman, in se from the Lieutenancy of the city of Lonparate most elegant and feeling addresses, doo; the body of the Dissenting Minispresented honorary medallions to Mess. ters of the three denominations; and the Barrett, Gillham, Robarts, Arthy, and Society of friends, commonly called QuaRichard Thomas, jun. Medical Assistants, kers : and all of them, being their first for their successful exertions in the resto.

addresses since the King's accession, his ration of life.

Majesty received on the Throne. On the health of “ The Treasurers”

Thursday, May 4. being given, Benjamin Hawes, esq. rose The anniversary festival of “ The Liteto express his sincere thanks, and then rary Fund” was celebrated in Freemasons' read the report of the subscriptions, Hall; when the Earl of Blessington look which amounted to a very considerable the Chair, supported on his right by the sum. He expressed his firmest hopes Earl of Pomfret, and on his left by Lord that all who wished well to this invaluable Bolton. There were between two and Institution would contribute to render it three hundred gentlemen in the Hall, permanent, not only to the present gene

16-1'he health of his most Excellent Maration, but to those that were to follow jesty the King," was the first septiment in the succession of time.

giveo from the Chair. The health of the Stewards was after. W. T. Fitzgerald, Esq. was then called wards drauk. Several other toasts were on by the Noble Chairman to favour the proposed ; and the company continued to Society, for the 24th time, with some occaenjoy themselves until a late hour. sional lives, in the recitation of which he Friday, April 28.

was greatly applauded. (See p. 447.) A meeting of Noblemen and Gentlemen Mr. Braham, upon the juvitation of the took place at Freemasons' Hall; when it Noble Chairman, then sung four stanzas, was resolved to erect a S:atue of bis late which had been written for the occasion, Royal Highness i he Duke of Kent in some by Mr. Fitzgerald. part of the Metropolis.

An able, clear, succinct, and most enThe King has honoured the Lord Mayor couraging Report of the funds of the Inof Dublin by an invitation to dinner. It stitution was now made by the Rev. Dr. is said, that his Majesty, while his Lord. R. Yales. His most gracious Majesty, ship was present, was condescending the Society's Patron, had recently made enough to compliment him, and the coun his 29th half-yearly payment, making try from which he came, by drinking 30001. in the whole. Prosperity to Old Ireland,” in a bum. After an eloquenț oration on the me. per of whiskey punch.

rits of the Marquis of Hastings, Earl The two Universities of Oxford and Spencer, the Earl of Chichester, and the Cambridge presented their Addresses to remainder of the Vice-Presidents, the the King on his Throne-the former on Chairman gave their united healıbs, aud the 26th ult, the latter on the 28th-the C. Monroe, Esq. V. P. returned thanks.. two Chancellors, the Duke of Gloucester The Noble Chairman presented to the and Lord Grenville, headed the respec conpany an Icelandic Trauslatiou of tire processions, which were exceedingly Milion in MS. as presented to the Society numerous.

by the Author, in acknowledgment of their new and very superb Slate livery benefaction to him.


Mr. Fitz

+820.) Domestic Occurrences. - Theatrical Register. 465

Mr. Fitzgerald here stated, that the sonment in Abingdon Gaol ; at the erTranslation was considered to be excele piration of that time to enter into sureties lent by those acquainted with it; and that, for his good behaviour, himself in 1,0001. if acquired by Earl Spencer, or placed in and two other persons in 5001. each. Mr. the Library of the British Museum, it Harrison to be imprisoned for a term of would be deemed an invaluable acquisi- eighteen mooths (to be computed from the tion. With regret we add, that the expiration of his present imprisonment) learned and most indefatigable Trans in the castle of Chester ; and, at the ex. lator is since dead.]

piration of his imprisoament, to enter into Wednesday, May 10.

securities for his good behaviour during This being the day appointed for his five years, himself in 2001. and two other Majesty to hold his first levee since persoos iu 1001. each. his accession to the Throne, it was the

Thursday, May 25. most numerously attended of any that The Report of the last year's proceed. ever was recollected; all ranks being de- ings of the Society for promoting the Ensirous to have the honour of being pre largement and Building of Churches and sent at the first levee of his Majesty king Chapels, after noticing the exertions and George IV. to express their attachment progress of the Society, states, that 211 to his person and goverumeut; and upon applications had been received ; 120 were this occasion all present had the honour under consideration; not within consideto kiss the King's hand. Although the ration 10; and that 111 grants had been levee was not announced to begin till two made for eulargiog, building, repairing, o'clock, the company began to arrive soon and giving free seats. The grants amountafter twelve ; and by two about 500 had ed to 29,3171. and increased accommodabeen set down. The company continued lion had been given for 36,557 persons, to arrive till near four, when it was as. of which there were 26,386 free sittings. certained that there were near 1800; being about 300 more than were present

THEATRICAL REGISTER. at the first levee after his present Majesty

New Pieces. became Regent.

DRURY LANE THEATRE. lu the Court of King's Bench, Robert May 3. The Lady and the Devil, a Wedderburne, a man appareutly of cor

Musical Draina. The incidents of this siderable talent, was sentenced to two piece are various, yet intelligible; the years' imprisonment in Dorchester Gaol, situations ludicrous; the plot calculated for ultering blasphemy at a chapel to keep the mind in an agreeable state of in Berwick-street, wherein he was a li- suspeose; and the dialogue possesses & ceosed preacher. On the same day, eight remarkable degree of smartness and vi. venders of pamphlets, who had been con vacity.--Il was very succesful. We have victed of selling seditious publications, heard no intimation respecting the author. were sentenced to short periods of imprisonment; the lougest not exceeding iwo

Covent GARDEN THEATRR, mouths.

May 3. Montoni; or, The Phantom, a Monday, May 15.

Dramatic Piece, in three acts. Wild, In the Court of King's Bench, judgment ghostly, and romantic. The subject is was pronounced upou Mr. Henry Hunt, fratricide. This play is, we understand, and the other Defendauts convicted at the production of Mr. Shiel, the author the late Assizes at York, as stated in of some of our lale successful tragedies, page 360 of our last Number.

and was written while Miss ()'Neil was on The sentence of the Court was, that Mr. the stage, and with a view to her performHunt should be imprisoned in lichester ance in it. Her abdication has, we have gaol for the term of twu years and six been told, led to the abridging of the months. At the expiration of that tiose piece; and we kuow not how much the to find sureties for his good behaviour a lithor may have suffered in the operaduring a further term of five years, bim lion. But the truth is, that, notwith. self iu 1,0001. and two other persons in standing the great exertions of Mr. Mac5001. each. Juboston, Healy, and Bam. ready in the principal part, the story ford, to be imprisoned in Lincoln goal for is too horrible to be endured. Its first the period of one year, and, at the ex night was its last. piration of that time, each lo enier into May 1'i. Virginius ; or, The Liberation sureties for his good behaviour during five of Rome, a Tragedy. The story of this years, himself in 2001. and two other pers' play must be familiar to our readers. sons io 1001. each.

It is the celebrated tale of a daughter's The Judgment of the Court was also being sacrificed by the hand of her fapronounced upon Sir Charles Wolseley ther, to preveni her pollution by a tyand Mr. Harrison. Sir Charles Wolseley rannical Decenivir, Appius Claudius. The was sentenced to eighteen months impris acting in this piece is very good. GGNT. MAG. May, 1820.


( 466 ) PROMOTIONS AND PREFERMENTS. GAZETTE PROMOTIONS, &c. appointed one of the Gentlemen in Ordi: April 45. Don Juan Gonzales de Ri. nary of his Majesty's Most Hon. Privy vas, to be Copsul at Gibraltar for his Ca. Council; Admiral Sir W. Domett and Tholic Majesty ; Mr. C. F. Iomer, Consul Vice-Admiral Sir T. Foley have been creat Liverpool for the Swiss Coufederation; ated Knights Grand Crosses of the Order and Mr. J. Wall, Consulat Drogheda for of the Bath; and the bonour of Knight. bis Danish Majesty.

hood has been conferred on F. S. Darwio, April 29. The 15th (or King's) Hussars M.D. Senior Bailiff of the City of Lichpermitted to bear on its standards and field. appointments, in addition to any other 841h Foot Major-general Sir G. T. badges or devices, the words “ Egmont Walker, from the Rifle Brigade, to be op. Zee,” in commemoration of the dis Colonel. tinguished services of the Regiment at Rifle Brigade – Major-general Sir E. that place, on the ed of October, 1799. Barnes, to be Colonel Commandant of a

May 6. Artillery-Brevet Colonel Har. Ba talion. ris to be Colonel; and Lieut..col. Wil. liamson, from half-pay, to be Lieut-col.

Civil PROMOTIONS May 9. This Gazette contains a pro Robert Woodhouse, esq. M.A. F.R.S. clamation by his Majesty, dated the 6ih Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, instant, anncuncing his intention of cele. Cambridge, to be Lucasian Professor of brating the solemnity of his Coronation, Mathematics, o. late Dr. Milner. on the 1st day of August next; and fur. Rev. John Jones, M.A. of Jesus Col. ther notifying, that he has appointed a lege, and archdeacon of Merioneth, in Commission, under the Great Seal, to the Diocese of Bangor, to be Canon Bampmeet at the Painted Chamber in the Pa. ton's Lecturer for the next year. lace at Westmioster, on the 18th instant; and from time to time to adjourn, as to ECCLESIASTICAL PREPERMENTS. them shall seem meet, for the purpose of 4 Rev. Frederick Charles Spencer, M.A. hearing and determining such claims as Wheatfield R. Oxon. may be exhibited by any of his loving Rev. Thomas Pearce, to the perpetual subjects, in regard of sundry manors, cure of 'Tywardreath, Cornwall. lands, and other hereditaments, for which Rev. F. Wm. Bayley, (of St. John's V. they are to perform divers services at the Margate,) to be Chaplain of the House time of the Coronation.

of Commons. Gen. Sir H. T. Montresor has been in. Rev. Hugh Williams, M.A. (Scholar of vested with the Ensigns of a Knight Com Jesus Cullege, Oxford,) Rhosilly R. Glamander of the Most Hon. Military Order morgansbire. of the Bath ; and Lord Howard of Effing Rev. Francis Bickley Astley, M.A. hain with the Ensigns of a Knight Grand Bishopstrow R. Wilts. Cross of the same Order :-also, Major Rev. Head Pottinger, Compion V. gen. W. Hutchinson, late Lieut. Governor Berks. of Malta, has received the honour of Rev. E. Law, nephew to the Lord Bi. Knighthood.

shop of Chester, to be Chaplain to the Brevet Major Ross, of the Portuguese British Factory at St. Petersburg. service, to be a Lieut..col. in the Army ; Rev. C. J. Blomfield, St. Botolph R. and Capt. Alms, of the Artillery, to be a Bish.pegate, vice Di. Mant promoted to Major.

the Bish'pric of Killaloe. May 13. Mis Majesty conferred the Rev. Edward Northey, Great listey, in honour of Knighthood on W. D. Evans, Berk bire. esq. Recorder of Bombay; R. Baker, esq. Rev. Thomas Gardner, A. M. Willen Chief Magistrate at the Public Office, V. Berks. Bow street; J. Tobin, esq. Mayor of love Rev. Wm. Vereist, Grayingham V, in verpool ; T. Mantell, esq. Mayor of Do. Lincolnshire. ver; and G. S. Gibbes, of the Ciry of

DISPENSATION. Bath, M.D. F.R.S. Physician to her laie Rev. C. Chisholm, Rector of Eastwell, Majesty.

Kent, to hold the Vicarage of Preston May 16. Sir J. M. Stronge has been next Favershamn, with Eastwell.

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BIR TH S. April 28. In Pall-wall, Lady Fitzroy heir.--In Whitehall-yard, the Lady of Sir Somerset, of a son, still-boro. A few Robert Gifford, Attorney General, of a days since, at Sandhurst, Mrs. Balland, · daughter. - 15. The wife of J. E. Conant, of three children, who, with iheir mother, , esq. of Berners-street, of a son.–17. At his are in a fair way of doing well.

Lordship's house in Margaret-sireet, Ca- , May 5.

At. Airndilly, N. R. the Lady vendish-square, the Viscounters Duncanof the Hon. William Fraser, of a son and non, of a son.


[ 467 )

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MARRIAGES. 1819, Noo. 3. Al Bombay, James Nor. Rer. Henry Reade Quartley, of Wol. ton, esq. of the East lodia Naval service, verton, Bucks, Chaplain to his Graer the 10 the Hon, Eliza Bland Erskine, dau, of Duke of Grafton, to Louisa Catherine, sisthe late Lieut.-col, Smith, aud widow of ter of Sir John C. Monywood, bari. the Hon. Lieut. col. Erskine,

John Tylson Pares, esq. sun of John 29, At Calcutta, (apt. H. A. F. Her Pares, esy. of the Newarke, to Mary, vey, of the 7ih regiment of Bombay Na daughter of E. Andrew Burnaby, esq. of tive Lufantry, and Barrack master, N.D.G. Bagrave Hall, Leicestershire. to Harriet Anne, dall, of Wm. Barnfield, 26 At Gillingham, near Beccles, Tbor. esq. formerly of Pentonville.

Parker, esq. of Wood-street, Cheapside, to 1820 Feb. 3. Ai Rio de Janeiro, Charles Esther, daughter of Samuel Shaw, i89. Lukin,' esq. 1o Einma, daughter of Win. Rev. Allen Cooper, Chaplain to the Mar. Young, esq.

quis of Exeter, to Harriet Anne, daughter March 14. At the Palace Chapel, Malta, of the Rev. John Turner, Archdeacon of R. Bourchier, esq. 10 Miss Lauder.

Taunton, and Canon of Wells. April 6. Robert Pouget, e:q of the East 27. George Halsted, esq. to Josepha, India Conipany's Engineer Corps, Bombay daughter of the late J. Kickmán, esq. of Presidency, eldest sou of Jos. Pouget, esq. Westergare Cottage, Sussex. Jate of the Medical Establishment of the 29. James Pulinan, e-9. of Parliamento same Presidency, to Elizabeth Aune Pa. 'place, to Harriet Mary, daw, of the lare get, eldest daughter of Dr. Paget, of Ex Wm. Walker, esq. of East Hill, Wandsworth. mouth, Devonshire.

Wm. Emerson, esy. of Euston-square, 15. At Leghoro, Daniel Cave, esq. to Miss Russell, of of Clevehill House, Gloucestershire, to Capt. Wm. S. Macdonald, 10 Miss Sam. Frances, daughier of Henry Loćock, esq. burn, of Portman-place, Paddington. M. D. of Northampton.

Lately. Al Dublin, Henry Stisted, esq. At Paris, G. Rogers Barrets, esq. to Capl. in Ilie Ist regiment of Royal Dra. Anna Maria, widow of Major-gen. Sey. goons, to Elizabeth Clotilda, daughter of mour, late Guvernor of St. Lucja.

Bladen Swiuney, esq. of Kildare-street. 17. At Madeira, Rich. R. Sheffield, Al Edinbuigh, John Gibson Lockhart, esq. to Mary Anne, daughter of Wm. Grif. esq. Advocate, and of Baliol College, lo fiihs, esq. of Camberwell.

Sophia Charlotte, eldest daughter of Sir Win. Wilson, esq. of the Army Pay Walter Scott, of Abbotsford, bart. office, 10 Sarah, dau. of the lale Win. Sal May 1. Rev. J. Van Hemert, son of the keld, esq. of Fifehead Neville, Dorsetshire. lave F. Van Hemeri, esq. of London, to

At Edinburgh, John Scoit, esq. of Gala, Caroline, daughter of T. Richardson, ésq. to Madalane, daughter of the late Sir Ar of Norwood, Surrey. chibald Hope, bart. of Craig Hall.

F. B. Wright, esq. of Hinton Bleweil,
19. Rev. Wm. Fraser, Chaplain to the Somersetshire, to Sarah Emily, relict of
Hon. East India Company, lo Margaret, the Rev. Win. Bingham.
daughter of the Rev. Robl. Mackenzie, of Rev. J. Hill, Rector of Bonchurch and
Knockbain, Ross-shire, N. B.

Shanklin, to Jane Helena, daughter of the
22. George Ely, esq. of Rochester, to late Sam. Shute, esq. of Fern-bill, both in
Mary, daughter of the lale Mr. John the Isle of Wight.
Thompson, Master Joiner of his Majesty's 2. Sir W. Newry Clerke, bart. to Mary
Dock-yard, at Chatham.

Elizabeth, daughter of G. W. Kendrick,
Capt. Hulme, of the Royal Scots, to esq. of Mertyn, Flintshire.
Jane, daughter of the late John Wills, 4. Rev. Henry Austen, of Keynston,
esq. of Doctors' Commons.

Dorsetshire, to Elizabeth, widow of the
24. Rev. Richard Henry Chapman, to late Capt. Dickens, R. N.
Miss Emily Aone Allen.

9. George Vardy, esq. of Marlborough. At Edinburgh, John Scotland, jun, esq. .square, Chelsea, lo Miss Grojan, of Bromp. W.S. of Luscar, Fifeshire, to Mary, dau. con Grove. of the late Robt. Burn, esq. of Jessfield. 11. Mr. I. F. B. Mertens, of Demerara,

25. Thomas Hewitt, esy. of Guildford to Eugenia Margaretta, dau. of the latu street, to Maria, daughter of the late Ed. P. W. Marr, esq. of Lewisham, Kent. ward Penman, esq. of Great Russell-street. 15. At Epsom, the Rev. R. F. Snelson,

F. Newdigate, esq. to Lady Barbara Vicar of Reigate, to Eliza, daughter of
Legge, daughter of the Countess of Dart Solomon Davies, esq.
mouth, and sister to the present Earl. 16. Cuthbert Rippon, esq. of Stanhope

At Clonmel, Henry Skellern, esq. sur Castle, Durham, to Eleanor, third dau, of
geon, of Clara (King's County), to Susanna T. Moxon, esq. of Mincing-lane.
Maria, daughter of James Goldrisk, esq. 18. Mr. Josiah Slee, to Miss Harriet
Assistant Commissary General,

Taite, both of Bermondsey. .

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