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de-chambre bore him from the state Louis Pierre Lourel, who assassinated the couch into an adjoining apartment, where Duke de Berri, has been examined, and were assembled the Doctors Portal, Du. at once confessed the assassination, of puytren, and several others. From their which there was overwhelming evidence. observations, it appeared that the mur. It is said, that he does not evince the least derous weapon had penetrated six inches appearance of regret, and exhibits a tran. belween the 5th and 6th ribs, and had quillity, as inaccessible to all emotion as pierced the membraneous muscles of the to remorse.

heart. The Physicians drew up and signWhen he was told that his name would ed a very detailed attestation. be for ever execrated, he answered, “You

When the late Duke de Berri was near cannot be sure of that; wait till fifty years expiring, he mentioned to his wife that he are passed Brutus's name is not exe had two children boro in England and one crated.'

in France, whom he wished her to take FROM THE JOURNAL des DEBATS. care of. The moment she was removed The assassin's name is Pierre Joseph from the body, she desired to see the Louvel. He has been examined before children ; and on their being brought to the Ministers; when his replies were as her, she cut off some of her hair, and follow:

giving a lock to each of them, and also Q. What induced you to commit this one to her own little daughter, she said crime?

- A. My opinions a my senti they were sisters and brothers, and that ments.

she would be their mother. The Princess Q. What are they? - A. I think the then went to St. Cloud, and took the Bourbons are tyrants, and the most cruel children with her. enemies of France.

The Moniteur of the 21st ult. contains Q. lo that supposition why did you at a Royal ordinance, declaring the King's tack the Duke de Berri in preference to acceptance of Count De Cazes's resigthe rest? - A. Because he is the younge nation, which had been tendered by him est Prince of the Royal Family, and seem. on the ground of ill health ; another ordi. ed to be destined to perpetuate that race nance, of the same date, creates bim a hostile to France.

Duke of France, and a third announces Q. Do you repent your act ? — A. No. the appointment of the Duke of RicheQ. Had you any instigator

lieu as President of the Council of Micomplice? - A. None.

nisters. The official journal also contains Q. If the justice of man cannot induce. a notification of the appointment of the. you to tell the truth, reflect on the justice Duke de Cazes as Ambassador to the of God. - A. God is merely a word; he · Court of London. never came upon the earth.

The Duke de Cazes's place of Minis. Q. What could induce you to commit ter of the Interior is filled up by Count an action so guilty ? - A. I wished to Simeon ; and Baron Mounier succeeds hare refrained from it, but it was beyond him in the Police. my power to do so.

The most recent French papers bring Q. What was your motive ? - A. It the particulars of several interesting dis. will serve as a lesson to the great men of cusssions in the Chamber of Deputies, on my country.

the important law introduced by De Cazes Q. Do you persist in saying that no for authorizing the arrest of suspected perperson inspired you with the idea of this sons (similar to our Habeas Corpus Sus. crime ? — A. Yes! Moreover, it is in the pension Act.) The debates have been exhands of Justice ; let her, therefore, do ceedingly warm ; the Liberals opposing her duty, and let her discover those whom the projet most strenuously; while the it is presumed are my accomplices. Ministerialists and Ultras vigorously de

These are the only answers that could fend it, as necessary to preserve the be obtained from this wretch; he signed Throne of the Bourbons, and prevent the them, and was escorted back to the Con country again relapsing into anarchy and ciergerie. It is impossible to convey an revolution. A specimen of the violence idea of his matchless sang froid, neither of party was presented in the sitting of the aspect of the unfortunate victim, nor the 13th inst. General Foy, while disthe presence of the Magistrates, caused cussing the provisions of the law alluded in him the least emotion, even for an in to, louched, in a desultory manner, upon stant. As soon as the ioterrogation was the Royalist persecutions of 1815; and concluded, they proceeded to open the said, that the nation tolerated ibe facbody; four of the late Prince's valets. tion of that day, merely because it was Gent. Mag. March, 1890.


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Abstract of Foreign Occurrences. [March, overawed by foreign bayonets. This pro on the same day; and on the next the duced a violent outcry among the Ultras : Arragonese addressed a Proclamation to but the orator was roused to stronger lau the people of Spaio generally, explanaguage “ Yes," said he, • If foreign tory of their conduct iu adopting the Conbayonets were away, ten thousand insur. stitution. Letters from Bayonne mention, rections would have burst forth in France, that Oviedo, the capital of the Asturias, Could we, Frenchmen, have been such as well as St. Andero, had followed the cowards as to bear the insults and out. example of Galicia. On the same authorages of a handful of miserable creatures, rity the kingdom of Murcia is said to have whom we have seen despised and in the adopted the Constitution. dust for the last thirty years ?” During Other accounts inform us, that on the this sentence the agitation was dreadful. 7th inst. the Grand Inquisitor received

from his Majesty a notice, that the InquiSPAIN.

sition had ceased to exist. French papers to the 17th inst. have brought the important intelligence from

ITALY. Spain, that Ferdinand, yielding to the Malla, Feb. 3. -" This whole place, terrors of present danger, on the 7th of during the last week, has been in a state March issued a decree convoking the of agitation in consequence of the trial of Cortes ; but this not tranquillizing or the pirates (eight in number, including satisfying the people, on the next day Captain Delanoe). The whole were found another decree was issued, in which he guilty, and are to be banged on-board the declared that he had resolved to accept, William, the vessel they were on-board by oath, the Constitution promulgated by of when the piracy was committed. Four tbe General and Extraordinary Cortes in of thein are to be hanged in chains; viz. 1812.

the Captain, the Mate, and two of the The Moniteur states, that upwards of

It appeared in evidence, that forty thousand men, soldiers and others, the William is a British vessel, and was went to the Castle of Aranjuez, after the bound for Smyrna. lo the Mediterranean declaration of Ferdinand to swear fidelity she fell in with another British vessel, to the Constitution ; that the King apo"

which the sailors boarded ; and having peared to them publicly, and declared he driven the crew below, they plundered, accepted the Constitution, on which the and then scuttled the vessel, and left her people shouted, “ Long live the King ! to sink, expecting thereby to conceal the long live the Constitution."

whole transaction. The William then proi In another Paper it is mentioned that ceeded to Malta, there sold the plundered the determination of the King was hast property, and afterwards pursued her voyened by the defection of the Count d'Abis. age to Smyrna. Providentially, the men bal (O'Donnel), who left Madrid on the who had been left in the plundered vessel 4th, at the head of the Imperial Regiment found means to get upon deck, and es. of Alexander, and proclaimed the Consti- caped in the boat to the coast of Spain ; tution at Ocana, ten leagues from the ca. and soon after Captain Delanoe had sailed pital. A regiment of cavalry is also said to from Malla, they reached tbat island, and have deserted to the Insurgents. It is fur gave information of the circumstances. ther stated, that Gen. Ballasteros was on the A swift-sailing vessel was immediately dis8th appointed Commandant of Madrid by patched in pursuit of the William, and the King; and that all who had been im- brought her back, with her crew, to Malta, prisoned for political causes were libe where the pirates have, no doubt, suffered rated, as also those who had been con for their crimes." fined in the dungeons of the Inquisition.

GERMANY. The city was illuminated in the evening,

Private letters from Vienna state, that and likewise the Royal Palace. A Stone

there has been in the vicinity of that city Pillar, on which the Constitution is engraved, and which was overturned in 1814,

an alarming overflow of the Danube ; the has been replaced in its former position.

adjacent country was laid under water,

and several bridges were carried away by Saragossa declared itself o. the 5th ; and

the violence of the inundation. the Jouryal of that city published on the 6th, contained the form of oath to the

SWEDEN. Constitution which had been taken by

The herring-fishery has been unusually the Authorities, at the head of whom

successful on the coast of Norway. On were the Marquis of Laxan, Captain the 9th ult. between 50,000 and 60,000 General of the Kingdom of Arragon; and tons, and of the best quality, had been Martin de Garay, Councillor of State, caught and pickled. and ancient Minister of Finance ; besides many Generals and Persons holding pub

AFRICA. lic situations of distinction. A Procla Accounts from Alexandria state, that mation was addressed to the Arragonese the great canal of Romanich, the most co


1820.) Foreign and Domestic Occurrences.

267 tossal work of the age, is finished; the Cyane proceeds on a cruize on the Weswater of the Nile was let into it on the last tern coast of Africa against the Slave day of December. The whole population Traders. of Alexandria went to be spectators of this An official report has been made by the interesting event.

Secretary of the Treasury on the subject AMERICA.

of prohibiting the importation of cotton, The Senate has determined, by a vote woollen, and iron manufactures; and he of pearly two to one, that the Congress is not favourable to such a prohibition. does not possess the right to impose opon He estimates that the revenue would lose the people of Missouri the proposed re by it six millions of dollars annually: striction as to the right of domestic sla. A dreadful storm occurred on the 17th very, as a condition of their admission of January, at New.York, productive of into the Union. The question is suiil un very extensive damage to the shipping in der discussion in the House of Represen the harbour, and to the buildings in the satives,

city. The storm was attended with heavy "The African expedition, consisting of rain, and an unusual high tide, which the United States ship Cyane, and the had caused much damage by joundation ship Elizabeth, has sailed from New York. on the banks of the Hudson river, as well The Elizabeth, chartered by tbe Govern as to bridges and mill-dams in different ment, proceeds to the Western coast of parts of iis course. Africa. She carries out agen's and arti Subscriptions hare been liberally entersans, mechanics, and labourers, for the ed into, at New York and other places, purpose of vegotiating with the local au for the relief of the sufferers by a dreadthorities of the country for permission to ful fire at Savannah. From an estimate land and provide for recap ured or libe- presented of the injury sustained by the rated Africans; and to build houses and conflagration, it appears that 463 build. cultivate land for their use.

ings bave been levelled with the ground, dition, it is said, has no direct or neres. and property destroyed to the amount of sary connexion with colonization. The 4,000,000 of dollars.

This expe


apparent inadequacy of the means to The intelligence from Ireland is, we re check its progress, that an express was gret to say, of the most painful descrip: sent off to London to obtain engines, and tion. Sume of the wretched men who have experienced tiremen to work them. Both been concerned in the atrocious excesses these were dispatched ; but before they committed by the Pibbonmen, and whose could arrive the chief necessity for their triais took place at the Roscommon As assistance ceased to 'exist; as by 11 sizes, have been executed. Others are 10 o'clock the flames were almost sub. be transported.

dued, by taking down several houses on The whole of the Eastern wall and win. each side of the devouring element. Nodow of the chancel of Old Buckenham thing was visible of the coufagration but Church, in Norfolk, fell with a tremen a heap of smoking ruins. The whole numdous crash, during the latestorm of wind ber of houses destroved amounted to and snow.

Thirty-six; a'unong which were the Sun At the York Assizes, William Booth, Tavern, with the dwelling-house and part and two of bis companions, were found of the brew-house belonging to Mr. Best. guilty of shooting a gamekeeper of Mr. The violence of the wind was such, that S. Wortlty's, while out poaching.-Booth large fakes of burning matter were con(alone) was executed.

veyed to some hundred yards distance. March 3. This morning, at two o'clock, One of those flakes fell upon a large stack a tire broke out at Mr. Hill's; a baker's, of hay, about 150 yards from High-street, in the main street, Chathan; and the which consumed that, and two others wind being extremely high, it spread with which were close by. - An unfortunate great rapidity, crossing the street, which soldier, it is said, was killed by the front is very narrow, and overwhelming the wall of one of the houses. The fire is suphouses on each side in one common de posed to have originated from the carestruction. To add to the consusion and Jessness of one of the bakers near, who distress of the moment, a heavy sleet be carried out some hot ashes which he empgap to fall; which, aided by ihe violence tied near a rick of faggots, and which was of the wind and extreme cold, almost pa fanned into a blaze by the excessive high ralysed the exertions made to put a stop

wind. It is something very remarkable, to the flames. At five o'clock, such was

that a fire broke out in the very same spot

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268 Intelligence from various Parts of the Country. (March, jo June 1800 (see ourvol. LXX. p. 782), March 15. About two o'clock, as Mrs. and did nearly equal mischief.-Several Elizabeth Wilson, of Great Billing, near horses, thirteen hogs, cats, dogs, birds, Northampton, was sitting in front of the &c. fell a prey to the devouring element. Northampton coach, with a child in her The eutire amount of property destroyed lap, and a piece on each side of her, she is estimated at 100,0001. of which about was cautioned by the coachman to stoop 70,0001. are insured in the Hope, the while passiog the gateway, at the While Kent, the Norwich Union, the Phoenix, Hart, St. Alban's. Mrs. Wilson instantly the Eagle, the Sun, and the West of Eng repeated the admonition to her nieces; land; among which the largest loss will but, unhappily, forgetting herself to fol.

low the advice, sive received a blow on her fall upon the Hope, and the least upon the West of England.

head, by which the spine of her neck was March 5. A tremendous fire broke out

broken, and she died instantly without bethis night, at Luton Lees Farm, near

ing heard to utter a sigh or a groan.

March 17. Mr. William Radcliffe, Rouge Nettlebed, which destroyed the house, a

Croix Pursuivant of Arms, was tried at barn, and four ricks, in less than two

the York Assizes, upon an indictment hours, together with three valuable horses. The farm was occupied by Mr. Tidmarsh, charging him with having, in the year

1801, forged, in the Parish Register of whose son and three other youths set fire

Ravensfield, in that county, an entry, purto the thatch of a wheat-rick close to the house, in catching sparrows with a clap- porting to be the marriage of Edward net, by which a candle is held up for the Radclyffe and Rosamunde Swyfte, 24th

of February, 1640; and with having set birds to fly into the net. A strong Nor

forth such false entry in a pedigree pretberly wind drove the flames directly upon

seuted by him to the Heralds' College, the house, which was in one blaze before

whereby he had pretended to shew bis any water could be got, as it was built

owo descent from the ancient family of chiefly of wood. The premises were lightly

Radclyffe, formerly Earls of Derweutinsured. A boy was severely burnt in es

water, with a view to impose upon the caping from the attic, and his life is de

College, as well as upon the Governors spaired of.

of Greenwich Hospital, in whom the forMarch 6. The Theatre at Ereler was

feited estates of that noble family were destroyed by fire this night, with the

vested. The Register was produced, and scenery and wardrobe, on which a con

it appeared that the Rev. Thomas Rad. siderable sum of money had recently been ford, the Curate of the parish at the time expended. The fire is supposed to have

of the interpolation, and since deceased, been caused by the wadding of some mus had, in February 1802, attested the entry kets discharged in the melo-drama of The

to be a forgery. The persons who had Falls of the Clyde, which was the after-piece bad the custody of the register proved on that night.

the time and place of the forgery ; and March 10. Two horses, the property of Norroy King of Arms and Register of the Mr. William Cook and Mr. Hircock, of Heralds' College, and York, Richmond, Whaplode, Lincoloshire, having rubbed

Somerset, and Windsor Heralds, and Port. open a door of a barn belonging to the

cullis Pursuivant, were examined, and latter person, ate so immoderately

of some

proved the band-writing to be that of the wheat which lay on the Aoor, that both

defendant, and the circumstances attenddied soon after.

ing the discovery. Mr. Locker, Secretary March; 13. A most alarming and de. to Greenwich Hospital, produced two structive fire broke out in the village of Memorials addressed by the defendant, Coveney, Bucks, at midnight, on the farm in 1810 and 1816, to the Governors, for of Mr. Shorter ; wbich was occasioned by a beneficial lease of a considerable estate, the negligence of a boy, ia setting fire to anciently belonging to the noble family some straw in the stable, on the return in question. -- There were also produced home of his master. In less than ten mi.

from Christ's Hospital a Memorial and nutes the stable was consumed, and seven

Pedigree, presented by the defendant in pigs were burat in a stye at the back. The 1809, whereby he had succeeded in obflames communicated to two barns, which taining admission for bis younger brother were also consumed in a very short time.

upou the foundation of that charity, as A strong wind communicated the fame to being of kin to the founder, King Edward the timber roof of the dwelling-bouse, and VI. ; aod in which pedigree the said mar. at this time the fire was seen miles off.

riage, so forged, was asserted, and the A whole range of houses, seven in num descent of the defendant drawn from it. ber, were burnt, but inost of the furniture Mr. Scarlett opened the case in a lumiwas saved. A man of the name of Bartho.

nous speech, in which he pointed out the lomew was dangerously hurt by some tim. enormity of the offence, and a variety of ber falling upon him.

other fabrications in defendant's pedigree,

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1820..] Occurrences in London and its Vietntty.

269 which, be stated, he was prepared to prove as a mark of his approbation of that galby several winesses then in Court.---The lant young officer's services in Cato-street, Learned Counsel further observed upon the importance of the case, not only as it

COMMITMENT OF THE CONSPIRATORS. affecied the character of tbe Members of March 3. The Conspirators who were the Heralds' College, but the general in arresied in Cato-street underwent a final terests of the Public ; that it bad uot been examination before the Privy Council; brought forward to answer any vindictive and at the close of the inquiry Thistlewood purpose, but to protect an honourable and seven of his wretched associates were Body from the stigma which might attach committed to the Tower. The following to it from the improper conduct of one are the particulars of what occurred at the of its Members, and to shew that the va examination :-Soon after eleven o'clock, luable records entrusted to iheir care would Lavender, Salmon, and other officers of not be veglected by those appointed to the Bow-street police, arrived in three preserve them.

coaches at Coldbath-fields Prison, with Mr. Serjeaut Hullock made an able orders from the Secretary of State for the speech for the defendant, but called no Home department to bring immediately evidence for the defence.

to Whitehall the Conspirators confined in Mr. Justice Park summed up in a com the House of Correction, for examination prebensive charge to the Jury, in which be before the Privy Council. Mr. Adkins, stated the law as applicable to the case, the Governor of the prison, immediately and said, if the forgery had been com delivered over the following prisoners into mitted in a parish register of a date sub the care of the officers, viz. Thistlewood, sequent to the Marriage Act in 1753, it Monument, Wilson, Davidson, Tidd, Gil. would have constituted a capital offence; christ, Ings, Bradburn, Shaw, Cooper, and but that, in the case before the Court, it Brunt. They were immediately conveyed was only a misdemeanour at common law. in the coaches provided for their recep

The Jury retired for about a quarter of tion to Whitehall. The prisoners were all an hour, and returned with a verdict of handcuffed to each other. About the time Guilty; whereupon Mr. Justice Park sen that this detachment reached Whitehall, tenced the prisoner to pay a fine of 501., Mr. Nodder, the keeper of Tothill-fields and to be imprisoned in York Castle for prison, arrived at the same place in a the term of three months.

coach, with Preston the cobler (who had March 23. This day the trial of Sir been apprehended in the course of the Francis Burdett was brought forward at week), Simmonds (the footman), Harrison Leicester, before Mr. Justice Best and a (late a Life Guardsman), Abel Hall, and Special Jury. The information set forth Firth, the keeper of the luft in Cato-street. that Sir F. Burdett had addressed a Let The Council having assembled, they ter to Lord Sidmouth, on the 28th of issued their orders that the prisoners, August, containing seditious and libellous should be brought before them separately. aspersions on the Government of the coun Thistlewood was first taken up-stairs to try, and tending (by scandalous animad-' the Council Chamber. Lavender, the offi. versions on the proceedings at Manches. cer, of Queen-square, went before him ; ter) to excite disaffection amongst his Ma. and Lavender, of Bow-street, and Bishop, jesty's subjects. Sir Fraocis pleaded his on each side. He walked in a hurried own cause with considerable eloquence, step, and appeared a little agitated. He and contended for the illegality of the was attended by the officers to the preproceedings. The learned Judge, in suin. sence of the Council, and was simply told ming up, pronounced the Letter written that he stood committed for high treason by Sir Francis, to be a şeditious libel. The and murder. He was then taken back to Jury immediately returned a verdict of the room below, aud Brunt was led up in Guilty.

a similar manner. The same course was His Majesty has been graciously pleas- observed with respect to all the other pri-. ed, by a Royal Grant to the Master, Fel soners, Preston excepted. Simmonds was lows, and Scholars, of St. John's College, twenty minutes before the Council, and Cambridge, to remove the restrictions in Monument about the same time. The their Statutes, which prevented the elec latter is a man of very diminutive stature, tion of more than two Fellous from the but is said to possess some intellect. On same county, into the Foundress's Fellow. the present occasion he seemed to be sufships. These Fellowships are now open to fering under the agonies of terror. After all candidates boro in any part of Eng. they had all undergone an examination, land and Wales.

they occasionally entered into conversa

lion. Thistlewood wore his hat, and lookOCCURRENCES IN LONDON ed as if he had made up his mind to meet AND ITS VICINITY.

his fate wich firmness. His Majesty, it is said, has presented The Council, after a deliberation of Captain Pitzclarence with a valuable sword, nearly two hours, announced through the

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