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haviour at all times, and the pro-she had gone to bed ; and when
gress which she made in her stu- asked the cause, replied, “it was
dies, endeared her to her teach- because she was so wicked a
ers, and gave to her parents a child.” It was not, however, until
pleasing prospect of her future her last sickness that she was
character and conduct. Though, made thoroughly sensible of the
like all children, fond of play, yet importance of salvation, and, seek-
she never sacrificed any opportu- ing, found it through the blood of
nity of improving her mind. The Christ.
Shorter Catechism, the Psalms On the Lord's day morning,
and Hymns of Dobell, and others, Dec. 6, 1918, about 8 o'clock,
with her Bible, were her favour- she was suddenly seized with
ite books, to which she paid most numbness and spasm in her right
of her attention. At the early side. Leaning her head on her
age of four years she was able to mother's lap, instead of complain-
read the Bible, and commenceding, or crying, she said, “mother,
committing to memory portions will somebody pray for me that
of it, as also of the Catechism, God would forgive my sins : I
and the collections of Psalms and want you to pray now.” Before
Hymns which were put in her prayer could be offered she fell
hands. It was evident that her into violent convulsions. When
study of these books was volun- she recovered her senses, being
tary-a matter of choice, not of asked if she remembered her re-
constraint. Before her death quest, she answered, “ Yes : but
she could repeat accurately all nobody prayed for me.” Shall
the answers in the Catechism, father pray


you now? with nearly all the proofs quoted " Yes, that my sins may be forin support of them, as also a num- given me.” ber of chapters, both in the Old During the two following days and New Testaments, together her spasms returned at intervals. with many psalms and hymns. Whenever she felt their apNay, more, she had gone through, proach, she would most earnestly in the course of her daily read- request prayer, and always that ing, Scott's Family Bible, with her sins might be forgiven, never the Notes, nearly to the 70th once mentioning her bodily indispsalm. The knowledge which position. On Tuesday her moshe thus acquired she cheerfully ther repeated to her our Lord's communicated to the servants in words". Suffer little children to her father's family, taking upon come unto me, and forbid them herself the task of teaching them not, for of such is the kingdom the Catechism. In this work of heaven.” She looked up, and she engaged of her own accord, exclaimed, “ Lord Jesus, receive thus spending her leisure time in my spirit : mother,” she added, doing good to others, rather than “ do not grieve for me : the Lord in play. Her parents did not has done it ; he has laid me on a perceive in her any special seri- bed of sickness, and he will raise ousness or concern for her soul. me up again.” She frequently, In her sixth year she was indeed during these days, inquired whefrequently found weeping after ther her pastor would not visit

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her, expressing her desire that he the Lord, and whether I die may would pray for her.

I die unto the Lord: whether I On Wednesday morning, her live, therefore, or die, may I be brother-in-law observing her the Lord's.” After a short pause, much afflicted, inquired after the she broke forth in the exhortacause of her distress. “Oh, 1 tion of the prophet to those who am such a sinner," was the re- were around her—" Seek ye the ply. In the course of this morn- Lord while he may be found; ing her pastor visited her, and call ye upon him while he is conversed with her as much as near.”—“ Do you think that you her weakness would permit. His shall go to heaven?” “ Yes, if remarks were adapted to her Jesus gives me a new heart." years and situation. She was re- After this she seemed engaged in minded of the willingness of God prayer for some time, and then to save the young as well as the repeated those well-known lines : aged, and of the compassionate Jesus can make a dying bed attention of Christ to little children. As her physician had di- Feel soft as downy pillows are, rected her to be kept quiet, the While on his breast I lean my head, interview was short. Being asked And breathe my life out sweetly there. by him, What do you wish me to After a pause she exclaimed, pray for ? she answered prompt- “ Lord, take me to thyself, that ly, “ that my sins may be for- where thou art, there I may be given." In the evening of this also"day, with much anxiety, she asked of her brother-in-law, “ Do you

“ Jesus, lover of my sonl, think that God will pardon my

“Let me to thy bosom fly." sins ?” She was directed by him, " Jesus supports me whilst he afin reply, to the blood of Christ, Alicts me : Jesus is my portion and which cleanseth from all sin. my all.” Sometime after, she reAfterward she said, “I want to peated Christ's words: “Suffer litgo : I love to be where Jesus is.” tle children to come unto me, and In the night she exclaimed, " Je- forbid them not, for of such is the sus has washed me in the blood kingdom of heaven;" adding, “I of the Lamb.”

want to go to Jesus that I may On Thursday morning she ad pray to him ; Jesus is my all; dressed her brother-in-law in i put all my dependence on Jethese words : “ Brother, God has To her sisters, who were heard my prayer and pardoned in the room, and supposed her my sins." "Being asked, Had you asleep, she unexpectedly addressrather die or live ? she answered, ed herself—" Oh, sisters, put “ I would rather die.” Why ? your trust in Jesus : care not for said her brother-in-law ;-My the world, nor the things of the dear, speak just as you feel. “ If world : they are all vain toys; I live” said she, “I shall always don't put it off to a sick bed, as I be a sinner;"_but added, quoting have done : it will then be a hard the words of the apostle as ex

In the evening, being pressive of her own feelings asked if she felt able to attend

Whether "I live may I live unto whilst prayer was offered up, she

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said “Yes." . What shall we pray dying bed,? &c. Jesus take me for ?' ** That God would for- to thyself.' She was soon after give my sins; and if it be his holy seized with a violent spasm, so will to restore me to health, that that she appeared to be dying, I

may live in his fear all the days and the family were called toof my life ; if it be his will to gether to take their leave of her. take me hence, that he would When a little recovered, she said, take me to himself.” After pray- "I see Jesus holding a crown ; er she said, “Don't weep for me : he has washed me in his blood.” it is God's will; all is peace. To the question of her brother-When I depart from hence 1 in-law, How are you? She anhope soon to be with God; I swered, “ Happy! Jesus is my care not for the world; I want all.” Her brothers and sisters to kiss you all; Jesus, take me she exhorted, saying, “ Trust in to thine arms; I commend you the Lord Jesus : make him your all to God; he is a kind and faith- all; do not put it off to a deathful friend. I hope I shall soon be bed. I hope I shall meet all my in a better world." To ber mo- friends at the right hand of God. ther she said "I commend you Oh, it would grieve me very to the Lord; he will take care much, at the last day, to hear the of you. I want to say more, but Lord say to any of my friends, I cannot. Jesus, wash me in the Depart. Lord Jesus, take me to blood of the Lamb." In the night, thyself.” The above exhortabeing asked if she had ever tion to her brothers and sisters thought of these things before, she sent as a dying message from she replied “No: Oh that I had her to all her friends. To the inthought of these things whilst in quiry, Why do you wish the Lord health, and not put it off to a death Jesus to take you to himself? bed. I would warn every body she replied, “Because, if I were not to do as I have done ; it will to go to hell what should I do? then be a hard case." On being I would be miserable for ever:”_ reminded of the blessedness of immediately adding, “Seek ye being brought, though late, to the Lord while he may be found ; know the things that belonged to call upon him whilst he is near ; her peace, she answered, Oh, let the wicked forsake his way, yes. I have had kind parents to and the unrighteous man his icach me ; if I had not, I might thoughts, and let him return unto now be in hell. Some poor child- Lord, and he will have mercy on ren never have seen a Bible.” him, and to our God, for he will After a little while she again re- abundantly pardon. She depeated Christ's words “Suffer clared that Christ appeared lovelittle children," &c. together ly to her at this time. Having with “Remember now thy Cre- kissed her father, and mother, ator, in the days of thy youth, and sisters, she said to a little before the evil days draw nigh, servant girl in the family, and the years in the which thou good child ; love Jesus.” To sbalt say, I have no pleasure in another, “ Be prepared love them" "If I live I hope I shall Jesus, and pray to him.” serve bim. “Jesus can make a On Friday morning, to the

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question of her mother, “how do Among other questions he asked you feel now? she answered, her, “would you wish your pre"perfectly happy. I would not sent condition to be changed ?" part with Jesus for all the riches“ Not unless it be the Lord's of this world. Oh that you might will.” “What, would you not raall be like Mary in the Scriptures, ther be delivered from your who chose that good part which present sickness and the remeshall never be taken away." To dies you are compelled to use for her brother-in-law, who asked your relief?” Not unless it be her what was her request in the the Lord's will. “ Have you prayer he was about offering up, then no choice of your own she said, “If I die that Christ" No.” “ Is God's will your will ?” would take me to himself; but if “ Yes.” “Would you rather live I live that I may live unto the than die ?” “I would rather die." Lord: and if I die that I may die "

Why ?"

“ Because if I live I unto the Lord; so that whether shall always be a sinner.” During I live or die I may be the Lord's." this day, when she was thought At noon she had a faint turn. On to be dying, she said to her brorecovering she asked her brother-ther-in-law, “ Pray that Jesus in-law to pray with her, “ that would take me to himself.” Afterher sins might be forgiven, and wards, she bore her testimony to if consistent with God's holy the loveliness of Jesus, and dewill to restore her to health, she clared that she was perfectly hapmight spend the rest of her days py. Her sister repeated, at a in his fear: but above all, that time when she was considered God would enable her from the speechless, “Oh death where is heart to say, “thy will be done." thy sting ?” She immediately reOn parting with her cousins, sponded, “Oh grave where is during the course of this evening, thy victory?" and turning to her she said to one of them, “ do not father asked, “Father, cannot you put off thinking of death to a death give me up to Jesus ? he is my bed as I have done; it may then all." be a hard case."

To another, On the Lord's day morning, “ I am going to a better world; her request in the prayers of the we part here; I hope to meet Church was, " that God's will

might be done." In the course On Saturday morning, to her of the day it was observed to her, father's question, how do you you are very weak, but God feel? she answered, “perfectly can give you strength.” ” She happy." Why do you feel clasped her hands, raised her so? “Because I trust that I eyes to heaven, and said, “Lord, am going to Jesus. You are will. I believe, help mine unbelief.” ing to part with me; are you On Monday, being asked, " Is not?" "I am going to depart, and Jesus still precious to you?" to be with Christ.” Shortly after," Yes.” “ Do you think much of as if in an ecstacy she exclaimed, him ?"_“Oh, yes, he is my all.” “ See, see Jesus with a crown. On Tuesday she appeared so During the morning her pastor much better, that hopes were visited and conversed with her. cherished of her recovery. Un

you again.”

der the influence of these hopes, ver shed a tear, and her counteit was remarked to her, “ the nance expressed the most perLord seems to bless the means, fect calmness and composure. and we hope that you will be The above narrative naturally restored to us. Do you wish to suggests to every reader the follive? “ Yes, if it is the Lord's lowing practical truths. will ; but I desire have no will 1. God can and does out of the of my own." After this she had mouth of babes and sucklings, a relapse, and continued to grow perfect praise. Towhat cause but worse on Wednesday, Thursday, the power of his grace alone can and Friday.

we ascribe the views, feelings, and On Saturday morning, she conduct of this child ? After all roused, and was perfectly col- that can be said about the innolected, signifying that she knew cence of childhood, the word of the members of the family, and God assures us, " that foolishness took an affectionate farewell of is bound up in the heart of a them. Her brother-in-law asked child,” and daily experience inher, “ whether Jesus was still contestibly proves, that the great precious to her? Whether she majority of children are perverse felt that she was going to be with as well as thoughtless in their him ? whether she felt that far conduct. What anguish of spirit, better than to remain here?” do multitudes of them produce in To each of these questions she the bosoms of their parents by answered in the affirmative, by their indolence-their inordinate bowing her head and pressing the love of play-their reluctance to hand which she held. He then study—iheir fretfulness and sulsaid, “ you love us all very lenness—under affectionate remuch ?” she bowed her head. straint, and their actual disobediBut he added, you

love Jesus ence. How many of them are better ?” She bowed her head utterly regardless of God-deaf with a force which could only be to the voice of religious instrucunderstood by those who wit- tion-careless about the salvation nessed it.

of their souls, and averse to the In this sweet and happy frame ordinances of divine worship. of mind did this child continue, But unlike the majority of those answering in the most satisfactory of her own age, this child demanner the questions which were lighted in pleasing ber parents in put to her, even after she was all matters which they deemed unable to articulate, until the important, and, at last, to their night of December 19, 1818, unspeakable happiness, embraced at half past 11 o'clock, when the Lord Jesus as her Saviour. without a struggle or groan, she who made her to differ? None entered into the rest which re- but God, by his restraining grace maineth for the people of God. kept her from the common sios

During the whole course of of childhood. And none but He, her illness she never expressed a by his saving grace, enabled her wish to recover-nor the least to bear with entire submission fear of death. When she parted the sickness of the body, and to for ever with her friends she ne-depart in the hope and triumph

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