have also supplied with lessons, schools infachools with great pleasure ; for though St. Alban's, Pittsford, and Pawlett, in the they believe that " union is strength,” and State of Vermont. This association further that more good is done by combined than state, that the system is extending to many by divided efforts, yet they rejoice in seeing of the towns and villages adjacent to Troy, the great work of educating the poor proand that there is little doubt of its soon per- ceeding in every society of Christians. If vading every part of that populous neigh- the object be but accomplished, they aro bourhood. The Trustees of Tarrytown not solicitous by whom it is done ; for they Sunday Schools, report their having admit- who are not against us, are on our side. ted 236 scholars, and give, at the same time, Though no other reports have reached the most pleasing accounts of the improve your Committee, yet they are well informed ment of their pupils, both in literary and that numerous schools, besides those menreligious knowledge. The school in Utica, tioned, have been established in various after having met with many discourage- parts of the country. In obscure and re. ments, has increased both in number and mote villages, personal observation has regularity. In Poughkeepsie, a Society made some of your Committee acquainted has been formed, but your Committee are at with several schools under the superintenpresent unable to report upon their progress. dence of pious individuals, who are silently The school which commenced at Rockaway. performing their duty in training up youth N. J. in June, 1816, still flourishes, and one for immortality. The fruits of these labours has recently been formed, under every will soon appear in the moral and intellechope of success, at Shrewsbury.

tual improvement of myriads, who will The “ Female Sunday School Union" of gratefully bless that benevolence which has the city of New York, still proceeds in its thus snatched them from vice and ignorance, laudable course. Your Committee have mark- and brought them into the paths of virtue ed its progress and its improvements, and and truth. rejoice in its success; and they call the at It would extend this Report too much, tention of the public to an object of no ordi- did your Committee notice, at length, the nary interest, when they present to them progress of Sunday School instruction in this Society, exhibiting numerous indivi- other countries. They will therefore but duals who are devoting the flower of their briefly state, that in Great Britain, whence youth to the instruction of the destitute of it originated, it still remains in full vigour, their own sex When it is considered that and has already obtained a footing in it is the FUTURE MOTHERS who are to form France : that its branches are extending to the habits of the successive generations; the remotest part of the earth. The Conwho are to be the corrupted or the purified tinent of Asia, the island of Ceylon, the infountains of moral life through an extensive terior of South Africa, and the coasts of the part of our community, your Committee West; in at least five towns adjacent to hail this Society as one of the principal Sydney, in New South Wales; and in the means by which vice is to be checked in its new settlements of Van Dieman's Land, are carliest stages, and virtue made to blossom schools established and Aourishing. How in its most lovely fruits.

cheering the idea, that wherever our lanIn the city of New-York, also, five schools guage is heard, it is the harbinger of truth; have been formed under the care of the and that wherever the feet of our common Episcopal Church, besides those which are ancestors, or of our countrymen tread, they attached to the “Union Society." These carry with them the means of enlightening schools contain about 800 scholars of both the ignorant, of raising the depressed, and

Your Committee mention these of civilizing the most barbarous.


Your Committee, in bringing their Report of their agent to the Carolinas and port for the last year to a close, cannot but Georgia, congratulate the friends of missions indulge in one or two remarks,

on the liberality which the people of the The Reports which have been received southern section of our country have evinced are uniform in their testimony as to the be on this occasion; and on the proof which nefits resulting from the plan which has this liberality gives of a growing interest been adopted of committing Scripture to in favour of the United Foreign Missionary memory. Indeed your Committee consi- Society-a Society organized under the pader it to be impossible, if this is persevered tronage of the general assembly of the in, but that incalculable good to the indivi- Presbyterian Church, and the Synods of the duals instructed, and to all who are con- Reformed Dutch and Associate Reformed nected with them, must be the consequence. Churches ; but open to, and we think deserv. God will own his word. Fixed in the me. ing of, the patronage of all who sympathize mory, it will find its way to the heart. The with their benighted and deluded fellow. fruit will appear in holy obedience to his men. They also hope that the friends of commands ; in reverence for his day; in Christianity in other parts of our country, abhorrence of evil, in whatever shape it bearing on their hearts the destitute condimay appear; and in that order of deport- tion of millions of their fellow-creatures in ment, and piety of feeling and of conduct, respect to gospel ordinances, will imitate which are the distinguishing characteristics the example set them by the people of the of unadulterated Christianity.

south, and casting their contributions into The system which your Society is now this Missionary Treasury, be instrumental called to commemorate and applaud, ap- in bastening the time when “the kingdoms proves and exults in one principle-the of this world shall become the kingdoms of principle of the Bible—that “God has our Lord and of his Christ." made of one blood all the nations of the By order, earth, and that he is no respecter of per

ROBT. B. E. M.LEOD, Sec. sons." Hence your Society, in the distribution of its benevolent intentions, knows no "To the Committee of Missions of the 'distinction of colour, no invidious separa- United Foreign Missionary Society, the untion. It looks only to the individual, as a dersigned reports :moral and an accountable being, and in That in fulfilling your commission, I first offering its humble endeavours to shed the visited the city of Charleston, in South-Ca. rays of light on the regions of moral dark- rolina, where, on application to individuals, ness, it recognizes the doctrine of the Apos- and taking up collections in two of the tle Paul, “ That there is neither Jew nor churches, I obtained subscriptions and donaGreek, Scythian nor Barbarian, bond nor tions to the amount of $1083 35. This free ; but that Christ is all, and in all."

sum, considering the repeated applications JAMES EASTBURN,

which had been made to the friends of ChrisChairman of the Standing Committee. tjanity in Charleston during the last winter,

was more than I expected, and is an addi. New-York, 12th May, 1818.

tional evidence of their liberality. Besides the countenance which I received from dis

tinguished individuals, I owe it to the officers UNITED FOREIGN MISSIONARY of the First Presbyterian Church, and to the SOCIETY.

First Independent Church, under the pasThe Committee of Missions of the United toral charge of the Rev. Dr. Palmer, to Foreign Missionary Society, in giving pub- state, that on my application they promptly licity to the following abstract from the re- and cheerfully gave me the use of their re

spective places of Worship, for the purpose In Columbia, S. C. the place I next viof preaching and taking up collections in sited, I obtained $303. Of this sum, $100 aid of the funds of our Society: and if those was given by the Session of the Presbytecollections should appear small, it must be rian Church, out of moneys which, previous recollected, that during the preceding week to my arrival, they had collected for misliberal donations and subscriptions had been sionary purposes. The remaining $203 received by me from individuals belonging were the contributions of individuals. to both those congregations.

At Fayetteville, in North Carolina, I obOn Edisto Island, in the vicinity of tained by a collection in the Presbyterian Charleston, I received donations to the Church, under the pastoral charge of the amount of $422. It gives me pleasure to Rev. Jesse H. Turner, $78 90; and from state, that the Rev. Dr. M.Leod, pastor of 17 ladies of his congregation a contribution the Presbyterian Church on that island, of $40, for the purpose of constituting their treated me with the greatest politeness, and pastor a member of our Society for life. furnished me with every facility for the At Raleigh, in North Carolina, I obtained prosecution of my object.

by a collection in the Presbyterian Church, In Savannah, State of Georgia, I obtained, under the pastoral charge of the Rev. Wilprincipally from the people belonging to the liam M.Pheeters, and by subscription $68. Independent Presbyterian Church under the After I left Raleigh, I received no further pastoral charge of the Rev. Dr. Kollock, contributions to our funds, except an annual $432.

subscription of $5 at the city of Washington. While at Savannah, I addressed a letter From the above statement you will perto John Whitehead, Esq. of Waynesbo-ceive, that the subscriptions and donations I rough, Geo. enclosing a copy of our consti- received at different places are as follow :-tution and address, and respectfully request Charleston, S. C.

$1083 35 ing him, if he had any thing to bestow to


422 wards the important object of our institution, Savannah, Geo.

432 that he would forward it to the Rev. Mr. Augusta

343 37 Joyce, for me, at Augusta, or to some one Columbia, S.C.

303 of our board at New York. It affords me Fayetteville, N. C.

118 90 pleasure to be able to inform the Commit Raleigh that Mr. Whitehead has forwarded to Washington, D.C.

5 Mr. Joyce, and through him to the Rev. Which, with the

100 Dr. Milledoler, our corresponding secre received by Dr. Milledoler tary, $100.

from Mr. Whitehead, make $2875 62 At Augusta, on applications to individuals, As the whole gum received under my and by a collection in the Presbyterian agency. Church, the use of which was cheerfully The following is a list of the persons from granted by the Session, I obtained $343 37. whom the above amount was obtained :Part of the sum collected in the church was obtained in a manner peculiarly gratifying

Charleston, South Carolina. to my own feelings, and highly honourable


Dol. and praise worthy on the part of the donors. Nathi Russell Mr Crocker

Thos. Jones

Collected in the CirHearing on Saturday of my arrival at Au

A Tunno

cular Church gusta, and of the object of my visit, the pu

Robt. R. Gibbes

Rev. Dr Palmer pils in one of the schools raised among them

Margaret Betbuoe 38 selves a contribution of $10, which was giv- Wm Payne

Rev. en by them after serinon the next day in Geo Macauley

Palmer, and on church.

David Lamb

his behall,






10 From a friend of the






10 Carlos Tracy

Mr Ely

J Guiry

Mr. Stypmitts
$20 Collected in the

Augusta, Georgia.
P. Duncan
50 Jet Pres. Church,


Dol. Rev. J. Bucban 20

$61 35 J. M'Kinne 30

Mr. Phinizs

10 Job Ashe 20 Rev. Andw Flinn 100 Thomas M.Dowall 10 W. Sims

5 M, King 10 Thomas Nassio 30R, Tbom

10 A Bigelow, Jun. 5 Wm. Young 5 Wm. Smith

5 B. Sims

5 Rev. John Reed 5 Wm Smith 30 Geo G. Faries 5 N. L. Sturges

5 Mrs. Natbl. Russell 25 Hugh Patterson

10 Jno Campbell

6 Cash Robert Ludlow 20 Elias Horry 30 John Cumming

20 Welcome Allen Wm. Cruikshanks 12 Alex Christie

20 Thos. Cumming
20 Cash

5 David Haig 10 Caroline Ball 30 Wm. C. Ware & Co. 10 Jno. Fox

10 Mary C. Gregorie 30 Mrs Thayer 5 Mary Montgomery 5 Mr. Malone

R. Ketchum 10

SA. Condy

S Edisto-Island, South Carolina.

Mrs. Reid

10 Jas. Frazer

10 Oliver Danforth Rev. D. M.Leod 30

Augustus Moere
Henry Bailey 10

5 Wm 1. Nobby 5 Henry Calder 50 Josopb B. Seabrook 5

Mr Webster

2 James Rowan
Joseph I Murray 20 Mrs. I Seabroek
James I. Murray 30

Collected in the
1. Dickson
10 Anderson Watkins 5

5 Presbyterian Wm. Seabrook

William M.Lea 30 Gabriel Seabrook 5

Church Wa Edings

Mr. Cuppingham

$103 37 20 Isaac Aula

5 Wm E. Wood 10 Jobn C. Mikell

Columbia, South Carolina. Laomi Baker 5 Wm. Hanaban 5


Dol. Normand M.Leod 20 Mr. Jepkins


Rev. Dr B. R. Joseph Whaley 10 Wm. C Miggett 5

Montgomery 30 David Thompson Christopher Jen Edward Whaley 30 Dr E D. Smith

30 Mary Ann Hooker 5 kins

30 Ephrm. Baynard 20 Zeb. Rudulph 30 John Bryce Benj. Bailey 10 James Clark

20 Thos. Taylor, Sen. 30 James Douglass Ephraim Mikell 30

Session of the Pres Samuel Green

byterian Church 100
Savannah, Georgia.

Jonah Kilgore 5
Abrm. Nott


Spencer I. Man

10 Rev Wm. B. JohnBenj. Burroughs

5 Ainsley Hall 30 P. Stanton


David Ewart
Mr. Harroway
Wm M. Joyner


5 J. Rea

10 G. B. Cumming 10 Fayetteville, North-Carolina. Mr. Hoyt

5 Jobo M Nish 5 Collected in the constituting their Wm. Gaston 30 Robert Walls 5


Pastor, tbe Rev. Mr. Cleland 10 6. Goulon


$78 90 Jesse A TurN. M. Olmstead 5 Morris Ketchum 5

From Miss Burch ner, a member George Vates 5 C Cotton


and 16 other La for life Aodw. Low & Co. 30 B. Howard


dies of the Pres From do. as a doJas. Dickson &

Mr. Kimball

byterian Church, pation

10 Co. 20 Mr Herbert 10

Raleigh, North-Carolina. Jno. Hunter 10 J. George


Collected in the Rev Willlam
E Wallen
5 J. H. Maurell 5


$32 Jno. Bogue 5 J Penfield


Church $38 James Flemming,

N. Wallace

5 Milledgeville 5 Mr. Caruthers 5

Washington City. P. Deurl 5 J. White 5 E. B. Caldwell, an

Geo. sent on to Jno. Speakman 5 Mr Gillett

5 nual subscriber $5 the Rev Dr. Carnochan & Mit Mr. P Beers 5 From John White Milledoler, as a chel

10 Thomas Johnson 5 head, Esquire of donation $100 I. Battun 5 Mr. Murphy

Waynesborough, Mr. Dobson

5 Mrs Sarah Tellair 10 A. S. Semmes 12 M. M*Allister 10

Total, Joseph Cumming 5 Eleazer Early

5 All which is respectfully submitted, TU Welman 5 Thos. Youog



$2875 62

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SECOND REPORT OF THE AMERI-contained in the following report of a ComCAN BIBLE SOCIETY. mittee appointed to digest a plan for that

purpose, which they feel it to be their duty ENCOURAGED by the increasing testi- to give at full length for the satisfaction of monies of public favour to the AMERICAN the members of the Society. Buble Society, and especially by indica " The Committee appointed to report a tions of the Divine blessing upon its efforts, plan for the location and management of the the Managers entered with alacrity upon stereotype plates belonging to the Society, the labours of their second year, which respectfully report, That they have bethey have been enabled to complete with stowed upon the subject referred to them unimpaired harmony.

that deliberation to which its great imporIn the infancy of an institution so great in tance entitled it. In the opinion of the its object, so comprehensive in its plan, and Committee, the stereotype plates, if judiso varied in its relations, difficulties are to ciously located and placed under proper rebe encountered and experiments made, gulations, cannot fail of being powerful inwhich require much counsel, caution, and struments in spreading the knowledge of the zeal, while yet they occupy but a compara. Scriptures. But on the other hand, should tively small space in its visible operations local jealousies be excited by the distribu. Many of those which are most essential are tion of these plates, or should they, by an least observed, because they are only pre- inconsiderate location, interfere with the paratory, and therefore do not furnish, ex- issue of Bibles from the Depository at Newcept to the skilful examiner, a satisfactory York, they would counteract that great test of its real progress.

principle of unity of efforts on which the Such has been the experience of the Ma- American Bible Society is founded, and nagers hitherto. They have been employed from which its fairest hopes of success are in laying foundations on which a fabric, derived. Hence it becomes important to not unworthy, they trust, of its'noble inscrip- ascertain the general principle which ought tion, may rely for its future eminence and to influence the location of these plates ; and stability; and they have had no time to this principle the Committee think they find spare.

recognized and explained in the Address of One of the first measures which engaged the Convention to the people of the United their deliberations after the Anniversary States. On consulting this Address, we Meeting of the Society, was the proper dis- find that it was the intention of the Conven tribution of their stereotype plates. On tion that the Society should “furnish great this subject there existed an anxiety which districts of the American continent with welldemanded prompt attention, accompanied executed stereotype plates, for the cheap by circumstances involving questions of and extensive diffusion of the Scriptures some delicacy. The Managers were fully throughout regions which are now scantily convinced of the importance of affording supplied at a discouraging expense." Il, crery possible aid to the circulation of the then, the principles thus recognized by the Scriptures in distant parts of the country; Convention be adopted by the Board, we are of guarding against whatever might excite next to inquire how many sets of plates are local embarrassments; and of preserving to be disposed of. It is presumed that the unimpaired the unity of the National So- Board will choose to retain for the use of ciety and the freedom of its agency through their own Printing Establishment the plates all its ramifications.

presented by the New-York Societies, and They, therefore, adopted as the basis of at least one set of the octavo and duodecimo their proceedings with regard to the loca- plates executed for the Society. One duo. tion of their stereotype plates, the principles decimo set has already been promised to the

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