Page XX. The danger of prosperity

58 XXI. The happiness of solitude. The hermit's history 60 XXII. The happiness of a life led according to nature 63 XXIII. The Prince and his Sister divide between them the work of observation

66 XXIV. The Prince examines the happiness of high stations

67 XXV. The Princess persues her enquiry with more diligence than suceefs

68 XXVI. The Princess continues her remarks on private life

71 XXVII. Disquisition upon greatness

74 XXVIII. Rafelas and Nekayah continue their conversation 77 *XXVIII. The debate of marriage continued

80 XXIX. Imlac enters, and changes the conversation 84 XXX. They visit the pyramids

87 XXXI. They enter the pyramid

90 XXXII. The princess meets with an unexpected misfortune

91 XXXIII. They return to Cairo, without Pekuah XXXIV: The Princess languishes for want of Pekuah XXXV. Pekuah is still remembered. The progress of

forrow XXXVI. The Prince's hears news of Pekuah XXXVII. The adventures of the lady Pekuah

103 XXXVIII. The adventures of Pekuah continued

108 XXXIX. The history of a man of learning

114 XL. The astronomer discovers the cause of his uneasincis

116 XLI. The opinion of the astronomer is explained

and justified
XLII. The astronomer leaves Imiae his directions
XLIII. The dangerous prevalence of imagination
XLIV. They discourse with an old man

XLV. The Princess and Pekuah visit the astronomer 128
XLVI. The Prince enters and brings a now topick 134
XLVII. Imlce discourfes on the nature of the foul

138 XLVIII. The conclusion, in which nothing is concluded 143 The VISION of THEODORE, the Hermit of Teneriffe, found in his cell

145 The APOTHEOSIS of MILTON, a vifion


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To Lyce, an elderly lady

364 On the death of Mr. Robert Levet, a practiser in phyfick 365 Epitaph on Claude Philips, an itinerant musician

• 367 Epitaphium in Thomam Hanmer, Baronettum

367 Paraphrase of the above epitaph

• 369 To Miss Hickman, playing on the spinnet

371 Paraphrase of Proverbs, chap. vi. verses 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

372 Horace, lib. iv, ode vii. translated

372 On seeing a bust of Mrs. Montague

373 Anacreon. Ode ix.

374 Lines written in ridicule of certain poems, publifhed in 1777 375 Parody of a translation from the Medea of Euripides 376 Burlesque of the modern versifications of ancient Legendary Tales. An Impromptu

377 Translation of the two first stanzas of the song " Rio verde,

Rio verde," printed in Bishop Percy's Reliques of
Ancient Poetry. An Impronptu

377 Imitation of the style of ****

377 Burlesque of the following lines of Lopez de Vega. An

Translation of some lines at the end of Baretti's Easy

Phraseology. An Impromptu
Improviso. Translation of a Diftich on the Duke of Mo-

dena's running away from the Comet in 1742 or 1743 379 Improviso. Translation of some lines of Mons. Benserade à fon lit

379 Epitaph for Mr. Hogarth Translation of some lines written under a print representing

persons skaiting
Impromptu. Translation of the same
To Mrs. Thrale, on her completing her thirty-fifth year.

An Impromptu
Impromptu. On hearing Miss Thrale consulting with a

friend about a gown and hat she was inclined to

wear Impromptu. Translation of an air 'in the Clemezza de

Tito of Metastasio, beginning “ Deh se piacerni vuoi" Translation of a speech in Aquileio, in the Adriano of

Metastasio, beginning " Tu che in corte invechiaftiPOEMATA




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