The Christian Examiner, Volume 78

Crosby, Nichols, & Company, 1865

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Pagina 78 - Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other. Truth shall spring out of the earth ; and righteousness shall look down from heaven.
Pagina 156 - Correlation and Conservation of Forces: A Series of Expositions by Prof. Grove, Prof. Helmholtz, Dr. Mayer, Dr. Faraday, Prof. Liebig, and Dr. Carpenter.
Pagina 115 - ... Emancipation Proclamation, nor shall I return to slavery any person who is free by the terms of that proclamation, or by any of the acts of Congress." If the people should, by whatever mode or means, make it an executive duty to reenslave such persons, another, and not I, must be their instrument to perform it. In stating a single condition of peace, I mean simply to say, that the war will cease on the part of the government whenever it shall have ceased on the part of those who began it.
Pagina 93 - An entire class of susceptibilities, and a gift connected with them, — of no great richness or value, but the best I had, — was gone from me.
Pagina 157 - The men of Nineveh shall rise in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it : because they repented at the preaching of Jonas ; and behold, a greater than Jonas is here.
Pagina 409 - THE free fruition of such liberties, immunities, and privileges as humanity, civility, and Christianity call for as due to every man in his place and proportion...
Pagina 135 - ... passed suddenly from the forum to the street, and became the key-note of controversies far more exciting than are ever agitated in the courts or the schools. The person who launched it on its new career was that remarkable man who, without learning, with few virtues, and with no strength of character, has nevertheless stamped himself ineffaceably on history by the force of a vivid imagination, and by the help of a geniune and burning love for his fellowmen, for which much will always have to...
Pagina 304 - Annual for me, the grape, the rose renew The juice nectareous, and the balmy dew; For me, the mine a thousand treasures brings; For me, health gushes from a thousand springs; Seas roll to waft me, suns to light me rise; My foot-stool earth, my canopy the skies.
Pagina 282 - I want the elective franchise, for one, as a colored man, because ours is a peculiar government, based upon a peculiar idea, and that idea is universal suffrage. If I were in a monarchical government, or an autocratic or aristocratic government, where the few bore rule and the many were subject, there would be no special stigma resting upon me, because I did not exercise the elective franchise.
Pagina 53 - And He said unto them, Take nothing for your journey, neither staves, nor scrip, neither bread, nor money ; neither have two coats apiece.

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