exalt the knowledge of notes and chords above the harmony of the sincere and humble mind: this would be to forget that as words are only the means of giving vent to the feelings of the soul, so tunes are no more than a help to the better expression of those feelings in holy song. By means of plain tunes those will be enabled to join in this delightful work, who are unacquainted with the science of music; and should a false note be occasionally made, it will be no discord to the ear of those who have their hearts attuned to the key of Christian charity.

The compiler of this collection is sensible of the great liberty he has taken in exercising his own discretion, respecting any thing which constitutes a part of the public worship of the Church; his apology for so doing is to be found in the decisions which have been lately made in the courts of law-that there is no authorised collection of Psalms and Hymns for the purpose of public worship; and in the pretty general acknowledgment of the unsuitableness of the Old and New Versions.

The right of selection has been determined to belong to the Minister of the Parish, with the approbation of the Diocesan.

Conscious that many defects will still be discovered which he had not the skill to remedy, the compiler humbly trusts that he has been enabled, in some measure, to accomplish his object; and it is his earnest prayer that, under the blessing of the Lord, his labours may prove beneficial.

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FIRST TIME. (Before Communion Service.)

One of the Psalms which has been read in the Service, taken in order. Omit those marked thus (*), and turn to the hymns for the Lord's day morning. See Hymn, No. 101.

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SECOND TIME.-(After Nicene Creed.)

The Hymn on the Collect; except on Sacrament Sundays, then sing the sacramental hymn for the month.

Christmas Day, Hymn 172 (Hymn on the Collect
Easter Day


the second time at Evening Prayer.



N. B. Every third Sunday in the month, one
of the Hymns Nos. 113-120.



(After Second Lesson.)

One of the Hymns for the season; or else one of the Psalms read in the service; if marked (*), take the


SECOND TIME.-(After Prayers.)

Book IV. Part 1, for first Sunday in the month, taken in order.

Part 2, for second Sunday, and so on except Christmas, Easter, and Sunday, as above.

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