Wiles, simple, 286.

Will, complies against his, 165.
Will, current of a woman's, 226.
Will, if she will, 226.
Will, puzzles the, 108.
Will, there's a way, 273.
Will unconquerable, 140.
Willing to wound, 202.
Willingly let it die, 372.
Willows, our harps on the, 7.
Win, they laugh that, 121.
Wind, and his nobility, 61.
Wind, as large a charter as the, 50.
Wind, blow, and crack your
cheeks, 82.

Wind, blow, come wrack, 98.
Wind, blow, thou winter, 51.
Wind bloweth as it listeth, 19.
Wind, fly on the wings of the, 5.
Wind, God tempers the, 380.
Wind, hope constancy in, 334.
Wind, idle as the, 80.
Wind, ill, turns none to good, 408.
Wind, let her down the, 119.
Wind, sits the, in that corner,
Wind, sorrow's keenest, 289.
Wind, they have sown the, 14.
Winding bout, 158.


Windows richly dight, 157.
Windows that exclude the light,

Winds of heaven, 100.
Winds viewless, 35.

Wine. a good, familiar creature,

Wine, for the stomach's sake, 24.
Wine, good, needs no bush, 53.
Wine, look not upon the, 8.
Wine, O thou invisible spirit of,

Wine of life, 93.

Wing, from an angel's, 290.
Wings, arise with healing in his,

Wings, flies with swallow's, 73.
Wings, like a dove, 6.
Wings of the wind, 5.

Wings, riches make themselves, 8.
Winter comes to rule the year,

Winter, lingering, chills the lap
of May, 246.

Winter, my age is as a lusty, 49.
Winter of our discontent, 71.
Winter, ruler of the inverted year,

Wipe away all records, 104.
Wisdom and false philosophy, 146.

Wisdom and wit, 215.
Wisdom finds a way, 273.
Wisdom is humble, 262.

Wisdom married to immortal
verse, 294.

Wisdom mounts her zenith 268.
Wisdom priced above rubies 5.
Wisdom with mirth, 250.

Wise above that which is written,

Wise as serpents, 16.
Wise, be not worldly, 131.
Wise, folly to be, 239.
Wise in your own conceits, 21.
Wise, never live long, 72.
Wise saws and modern instances,

Wisely, loved not, 122.
Wiser and better grow, 176.
Wisest, brightest, meanest of
mankind, 191.

Wisest man who is not wise, 283.
Wisest, virtuousest, discreetest,

Wish, father to the thought, 68.
Wish, not what we, 273.

Wishes lengthen as our sun de-
clines, 220.

Wishes, like shadows 220.
Wishing, worst of employments,

Wit, a miracle instead of, 223.
Wit among lords, 263.
Wit, a man in, 209.

Wit, brevity is the soul of, 105.
Wit, eloquence, and poetry, 137.
Wit, gentle as bright, 321.
Wit, his whole, in a jest, 129.
Wit in other men, 66.
Wit in the very first line, 251.
Wit invites you, 263.
Wit, is nature to advantage
dressed, 197.

Wit, no room for, 374.
Wit, plentiful lack of, 105.
Wit, shy in using it, 161.
Wit, skirmish of, 36.
Wit, that can creep, 202.
Wit, too proud for a, 250.
Wit with dunces, 205.
Wit's a feather, 191.
Witch hath power to charm, 99.
Witch the world, 64.
With too much quickness, 194.
With too much thinking, 194.
Withering on the virgin thorn, 39
Withers are unwrung, 110.
Witnesses, a cloud of, 24.

Wits' end, at their, 6.

Wits, keen encounter of our, 72,
Wits, to madness near allied, 167.
Witty, only in myself, 66.
Woe, a man of, 308.

Woe a tear can claim, 330.
Woe doth tread upon another's
heel, 219.

Woe, gave signs of. 151.
Woe, heritage of, 335.
Woe is life protracted, 231.
Woe luxury of. 321.
Woe, mockery of, 209.
Woe, some degree of, 235.
Woe succeeds a woe, 219.

Woe, teach me to feel another's,

[blocks in formation]

Woe, turns at the touch of, 267.
Woes, rare are solitary, 219.
Woes, Galileo with his, 327.
Wolf dwell with the lamb, 12.
Woman, a contentious, 9.
Woman a contradiction, 194.
Woman, an excellent thing in, 83.
Woman, and may be wooed, 84.
Woman, dark eye in, 326.

Woman, frailty, thy name is, 100.
Woman, how divine a thing, 288.
Woman, in her first passion, 338.
Woman, in our hours of ease,

Woman, in this humor wooed, 72.
Woman is at heart a rake, 194.
Woman, lovely, 174.

Woman loves her lover, 338.
Woman moved, 53.

Woman, nature made thee to
temper man, 174.

Woman, nobly planned, 286.
Woman, O, I could play the, 96.
Woman, or an epitaph, 335.
Woman perfected, 363.

Woman scorned, no fury like a,

Woman, she is a, 70.
Woman stoops to folly, 251.
Woman, take an elder, 56.

Woman that deliberates is lost,


Woman, to be won, 70.
Woman will or won't, 226.

Woman 's at best a contradiction


Woman's reason, none but a, 30
Woman's will, stem the torrent
of a, 226.

Woman's will, to turn the cur-
rent of a, 226.

Womanhood and childhood fleet,

Womankind, faith in, 353.
Womb of morning dew, 27.
Womb of pia mater, 42.
Womb of uncreated night, 145.
Women pardoned all except her
face, 340.

Women, passing the love of, 3.
Women, these telltale, 72.
Women's weapons, 81.

Women wish to be who love their
lords, 245.

Won, how fields were, 248.
Wonder grew, that one small
head, 249.

Wonder how the devil they got
there, 201.

Wonder of an hour, 324.
Wonder of our stage, 128.
Wonder, without our special, 95.
Wonderful, most wonderful, 51.
Woodcocks, springes to catch, 102.
Wood, impulse from a vernal, 290.
Wood-notes, native, 158.
Wood-pigeons breed, 236.
Wood, the deep and gloomy, 287.
Woods and pastures new, 156.
Woods, in the pathless, 328.
Woods, senators of mighty, 343.
Woods, stoic of the, 307.
Wooed, that would be, 151.
Wool, all cry and no, 162.
Word at random, 314.
Word fitly spoken, 9.

Word, for teaching me that, 46.
Word, no man relies on, 174.
Word of Cæsar against the world,

Word of promise, 98.

Word, suit the action to the, 109.
Word to throw at a dog, 48.
Words are like leaves, 197.
Words are men's daughters, 233.
Words are wise men's counters,


[blocks in formation]

Words of learned length, 249.
Words that Bacon spoke, 204.
Words that burn, 239.
Words that weep, 239
Words, words, words, 105.
Work, who first invented, 297,
Works, these are thy glorious, 149.
World, a fleeting show, 321.
World, a good deed in a naughty,

World and its dread laugh, 228.
World as a stage, 43.

World, brought death into, 140.
World calls idle, 259.

World, children of this, 19.
World, exhausted, 232.
World falls, when Rome falls, 328.
World, fever of the, 287.
World, foremost man of the, 79.
World forgetting, by the world
forgot, 207.

World, full of briars, 48.

World was all before them, 152.
World was not worthy of, 24.
World was sad, 304.
World, witch the, 64.
World with its motley rout, 266.
World without a sun, 304.
Worlds, allured to brighter, 249.
World 's mine oyster, 32.
World 's wide enough for thee
and me, 379.

Worlds, should conquer, 136.
Worlds, wreck of matter and the
crush of, 180.

Worm dieth not. 18.
Worm in the bud, 56.
Worm, smallest, 71.
Worm, who needlessly sets foot
upon a, 262.

Worse appear the better reason,

Worse for wear, 264.

Worse, greater feeling to the, 60.

World, gave his honors to the, Worship God, he says, 278.


World, how wags the, 49.

World, I have not loved the, 326.
World, I hold the world but as,

World in love with night, 87.
World is given to lying, 65.
World its veterans rewards, 194.
World knows nothing of its great-
est men, 354.
World, lash the rascal
through the, 121.

World, light of the, 15.
World must be peopled, 37.
World of happy days, 72.
World of sighs, 116.


World of vile, ill-favored faults,

World, peace to be found in the,

World, pendent, 35.

World, respect upon the, 43.
World, round the habitable, 171,
World runs away, 110.
World, so stands the statue that
enchants the, 228.
World, start of the majestic, 76.
World, stood against the, 79.
World, this bleak, 318.

World too much with us, 289.
World, unintelligible, 287.
World, uses of this, 100.
World wags, 49.

World wanted many an idle song,

Worst, the, speak something good,


Worth by poverty depressed, 232.
Worth, conscience of her, 151.
Worth makes the man, 191.
Worth of anything, 163.
Worth, sad relic of departed, 325.
Would I were dead now, 348.
Would not live alway, 4.
Would'st not play false, 90.
Wound, he jests at scars that
never felt a, 85.

Wounded spirit, 8..

Wrack, blow wind, come, 98.
Wrath, nursing her, to keep it
warm, 274.

Wrath, soft answer turneth away,

Wrath, sun go down upon, 23.
Wreathed smiles, 157.
Wreck of matter, 180.
Wretch, hollow-eyed, 31.
Wretches hang that jurymen may
dine, 200.
Wretches, poor naked, 82.
Wrinkled care derides, 157.
Writ, and what is, is writ, 329.
Writ, stolen from holy, 72.
Write about it, goddess, 205.
Write and read comes by nature,


Write well hereafter, 372.
Write with a goose pen, 57.
Write with ease, 273.
Writer, pen of a ready, 6.

Writing, true ease in, 197.
Wrong, always in the, 168.
Wrong, condemn the, 406.
Wrong on the throne, 363.
Wrong sow by the ear, 410.
Wrong, they ne'er pardon who
have done the, 170.
Wrong, treasures up a, 333.
Wrongs unredressed, 293.
Wroth with one we love, 299.

Ye mariners of England, 306.
Ye who listen with credulity, 232.
Year, saddest day of the, 356.
Year, starry girdle of the, 305.
Years, dim with the mist of, 324.
Years following years, 204.
Years, live in deeds, not, 354.
Years, love of life increased with,

Years steal fire, 325.
Years, we spend our, 6.
Yellow to the jaundiced eye, 198.
Yesterdays, cheerful, 294.
Yesterdays have lighted fools, 98.
Yoke, part of Flanders hath re-
ceived our, 138.
Yorick alas poor, 114.

York, this sun of, 71.
You beat your pate, 209.
Young, and now am old, 5.
Young men's vision, 168.
Young, when my bosom was,
Yours, if her merit lessened, 235.
Youth on the prow, 240.
Youth, friends in, 299.


Youth, gives to her mind what he
steals from her, 235.

Youth, homekeeping, 30.
Youth, liquid dew of, 101.
Youth of frolics, 194.

Youth of labor, with an age of
ease, 248.

Youth of note, 81.

Youth of the realm, 71.
Youth, remember thy Creator,

Youth, riband in the cap of, 118.
Youth that fired the Ephesian
dome, 182.

Youth, the spirit of, 81.
Youth to fame unknown, 242.

Zeal of God, 21.
Zealots, graceless, 190.
Zigzag manuscript, 258.



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