Studies in Philology, Volume 17

University of North Carolina Press, 1920

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Pagina 289 - What hard mishap hath doomed this gentle swain? And questioned every gust of rugged wings That blows from off each beaked promontory : They knew not of his story, And sage Hippotades their answer brings, That not a blast was from his dungeon strayed : The air was calm, and on the level brine Sleek Panope with all her sisters played.
Pagina 339 - ... last gasp ; the clouds yield no rain ; the earth be defeated of heavenly influence ; the fruits of the earth pine away as children at the withered breasts of their mother, no longer able to yield them relief; what would become of man himself, whom these things now do all serve ? See we not plainly that obedience of creatures unto the law of nature is the stay of the whole world...
Pagina 149 - And should I at your harmless innocence Melt, as I do, yet public reason just, Honour and empire with revenge enlarged, By conquering this new world, compels me now To do, what else, though damn'd, I should abhor So spake the fiend, and with necessity, The tyrant's plea, excused his devilish deeds.
Pagina 456 - In balefull night, where all things are forgot ; All be he subject to mortalitie, Yet is eterne in mutabilitie, And by succession made perpetuall, Transformed oft, and chaunged diverslie : For him the Father of all formes they call ; Therefore needs mote he live, that living gives to all.
Pagina 357 - This great grandmother of all creatures bred, Great Nature, ever young yet full of eld, Still mooving, yet unmoved from her sted, Unseene of any, yet of all beheld...
Pagina 287 - O'er the smooth enamelled green, Where no print of step hath been, Follow me, as I sing And touch the warbled string: Under the shady roof Of branching elm star-proof Follow me. I will bring you where she sits, Clad in splendour as befits Her deity. Such a rural Queen All Arcadia hath not seen.
Pagina 136 - He pulleth downe, He setteth up on hy; He gives to this, from that He takes away : For all we have is His : what He list doe, He may.
Pagina 280 - ... one of the greatest, most noble, and most sublime poems which either this age or nation has produced.
Pagina 164 - The Son of God ; which bears no single sense. The Son of God I also am, or was ; And if I was, I am ; relation stands ; All men are Sons of God...
Pagina 269 - Daughters; but by devout prayer to that Eternal Spirit who can enrich with all utterance and knowledge, and sends out his Seraphim with the hallowed fire of his altar to touch and purify the lips of whom he pleases...

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