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Pagina 388 - ... to the augmentation of their Stock, derived by a division of the Profits of the Concern, from time to...
Pagina 416 - Chriflian and Sur-Name of the Porter who is to deliver the fame, and the Carriage and Porterage marked thereon, forfeits 40s. or not lefs than $s.
Pagina 416 - A ticket to be sent with every parcel, with the charge for carriage and porterage marked on it, under a penalty of 40s., or not less than 5s. Parcels are to be delivered within six hours after arrival, under a penalty...
Pagina 136 - ... small load. One pipe, one butt, or two hogsheads of wine, one pipe or one puncheon of brandy, one puncheon of rum, one pipe, one small butt, or two hogsheads, or any quantity of oil, not exceeding 150 gallons, an half load.
Pagina 136 - Two pipes, two butts, or four hogsheads of wine, one piece and one puncheon, two puncheons or pipes of brandy, two puncheons of rum, two pipes, two...
Pagina 414 - ... History of the Ancient Noble Family of Marmyun ; their singular office of King's Champion, by the Tenure of the Baronial Manor of Scrivelsby, in the county of Lincoln : Also other dignitorial Tenures, and the Services of London, Oxford, &c. on the Coronation Day. The whole collected at a great expence from the Public Records; illustrated by a variety of notes and remarks, and embellished with several curious Engravings. By T.
Pagina 388 - Premium, and ad' missible to the здте amount of bonus, as would have been apportioned had the same life or lives been Insured at the time the deed was executed.
Pagina 23 - But letters, whether for town or country, may be put in at either of the two principal offices three quarters of an hour later for each dispatch. Letters put in on Saturday evenings are delivered in the country on Sunday morning. The dated stamp, or, if there are two, that having the...
Pagina 416 - ... the Porter not leaving the Ticket with the Parcel, or altering, or wilfully obliterating any thing written thereon, forfeits 40$. and if he demands more than written on such Ticket 20s.
Pagina 414 - The Detection of Infamy : earnestly recommended to the Justice and Deliberation of the Imperial Parliament of Great Britain. By an unfortunate Nobleman.

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