But nevermore did either pass the gate Save under pall with bearers. In one month, Thro' weary and yet ever wearier hours, The childless mother went to seek her child; And when he felt the silence of his house About him, and the change and not the change, And those fixt eyes of painted ancestors Staring for ever from their gilded walls On him their last descendant, his own head Began to droop, to fall; the man became Imbecile; his one word was desolate”; Dead for two years before his death was he; But when the second Christmas came, escaped His keepers, and the silence which he felt, To find a deeper in the narrow gloom By wife and child ; nor wanted at his end The dark retinue reverencing death At golden thresholds; nor from tender hearts, And those who sorrow'd o'er a vanish'd race, Pity, the violet on the tyrant's grave. Then the great Hall was wholly broken down, And the broad woodland parcell'd into farms; And where the two contrived their daughter's good, Lies the hawk's cast, the mole has made his run, The hedgehog underneath the plaintain bores, The rabbit fondles his own harmless face, The slow-worm creeps, and the thin weasel there Follows the mouse, and all is open





WHEER 'asta beän saw long and meä liggin' 'ere

aloän? Noorse ? thoort nowt o' a noorse: whoy, doctor's

abeän an'agoän : Says that I moänt 'a naw moor yaäle: but I beänt

a fool:

Git ma my yaäle, for I beänt a-gooin' to break my



Doctors, they knaws nowt, for a says what's naw

ways true:

a do.

Naw soort o' koind o' use to saäy the things that I've 'ed my point o' yaäle ivry noight sin' I beän

'ere, An' I've 'ed my quart ivry market-noight for foorty



Parson's a beän loikewoise, an' a sittin 'ere o' my

bed. • The amoighty's a taäkin o'you to 'issen, my friend,'

'a said,

An'a towd ma my sins, an's toithe were due, an' I

gied it in hond; I done my duty by un, as I 'a done by the




Larn'd a ma' beä. I reckons I ’annot sa mooch to

larn. But a cost oop, thot a did, 'boot Bessy Marris's

barn. Thof a knaws I hallus voäted wi' Squoire an'choorch

an' staäte, An' i' the woost o' toimes I wur niver agin the



An' I hallus comed to 's choorch afoor my Sally wur

dead, An' 'eerd un a bummin' awaäy loike a buzzard

clock * ower my yeäd, An’I niver knaw'd whot a meän'd but I thowt a

'ad summut to saäy, An' I thowt a said whot a owt to’a said an' I comed



Bessy Marris's barn! tha knaws she laäid it to

meä. Mowt 'a beän, mayhap, for she wur a bad un,

sheä. 'Siver, I kep un, I kep un, my lass, tha mun un

derstond; I done my duty by un as I 'a done by the lond

. Cockchafer.


But Parson a comes an'a goos, an'a says it easy

an' freeä • The amoighty's a taäkin' o'you to 'issen, my friend,' I weänt saäy men be loiars, thof summun said it in

'aäste : But a reads wonn sarmin a weeäk, an' I 'a stubb’d

Thornaby waäste.

says 'eä.


tha was

D’ya moind the waäste, my lass ? naw, naw,

not born then; Theer wur a boggle in it, I often 'eerd un mysen; Moäst loike a butter-bump,* for I ’eerd un aboot

an' aboot, But I stubb'd un oop wi' the lot, an' raäved an'

rembled un oot.


Keäper's it wur; fo' they fun un theer a laäid on

'is faäce. Doon i' the woild 'enemies † afoor I comed to the

plaäce. Noäks or Thimbleby toner 'ed shot un as dead

as a naäil. Noaks wur'ang'd for it oop at 'soize

but git ma

[ocr errors]

my yaäle.


Dubbut looäk at the waäste : theer warn't not feäd

for a cow : Nowt at all but bracken an' fuzz, an' looäk at it


* Bittern.


Warn't worth nowt a haäcre, an' now theer's lots

o'feäd, Fourscore yows upon it an' some on it doon in



Nobbut a bit on it's left, an' I mean'd to 'a stubb'd

it at fall, Done it ta-year I meän’d, an' runn'd plow thruff it

an' all, If godamoighty an' parson ’ud nobbut let ma aloän, Meä, wi' haäte oonderd haäcre o' Squoire's an' lond

o' my on.


Do godamoighty knaw what a's doing a-taäkin' o'


I beänt wonn as saws 'ere a beän an' yonder a

peä; An' Squoire 'ull be sa mad an' all a' dear a'

dear! And I 'a monaged for Squoire come Michaelmas

thirty year.


A mowt 'a taäken Joänes, as 'ant a 'aäpoth o

sense, Or a mowt 'a taäken Robins a niver mended a

fence : But godamoighty a moost taäke meä an’taäke ma

[ocr errors]


Wi’auf the cows to cauve an' Thornaby holms to



Looäk ’ow quoloty smoiles when they sees ma a

passin' by, Says to thessen naw doot what a mon


a be

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