TRIP TO RICHMOND. reason for very strong apprehension of the

downfall of our institutions. Integrity and We do not mean that city in Old Virginia intelligence going hand in hand must conwhere the pobles of that old, time-honored tinue invincible. Such seems to be the fact State do congregate to guard hier sacred in- even in the newest portions of this great terests. But our trip was up in the upper country. We have not space for more this tier of towns in Old Macomb, Michigan, month. More anon. where the sons of New England have congregated to subdue the forests and to culti-| EDITORIAL COURTESY. vate the virgin soil, which, here if any where

We fiud in the last yumber of that excelon this wide earth, will largely compensate the tillers toil. If there is aught that would

| lent religious paper the Pittsburg Christian

| Advocate, an article which appeared in our move us to forsake the pleasant but toilsome life of an Editor, it is the field and forest

last issue, from the pen of Rev. R. R. Kelwhere nature is exhibited in beauty and

log, entitled the Sabbath of our freedom.where God is revealed in the wonders of his

We are glad to acknowledge the courtesy

of hand. Richmond is eetiled principally by

the able Editor in giving due the hardy sons of our glorious New England

credit to our work for the article. We do

this more readily because this treatment is as before intimated ; who, finding that their own country was becoming too strait for

so different from what we have received at them, relinquished the sweets of society and

the hand of some other caterers for the litforsook the scene of many ballowed associa-teray phone. We bave policed in one of tions in the land of the Pilgrims, and came our

me our exchanges, three articles, in one issue to this Western forest to make themselves a

taken from the Miscellany without credit. home and a sanctuary. There is one very

The article above refurred to, we have alprominent feature of their fatherland, exhi-ready se

wtherland oshiready seen in one exchange claimed as origibited whererer they find a home. The

pal. We are very glad if we can gather up schoolhouse is reared in every neighborhood."

od anything that will be useful to the world and and provisions made for educating their

heir heip in forming right principles among men,

and we are not sorry when an able paper children, preparing them thus to bear their part in the history of their country, which is

recognises the propriety of our course and yet future. So long as this principle is in

the correctness of our judgement by copring the ascendant there can be no serious ground

our articles, but it affords us additional pleasfor fear with regard to the future destiny of ure

inn ofures when the courtesies of Editorial life are our country. Especially as we find that the practised towards us by our brethren of the house of God stands in proximity to the

quill, and our unpretending magazine is

credited for its articles. school house; or when the poverty of the people or the fact of their too recent settle- We still receive those excellent Monthlies ment forbids the hope of seeing erected at the Student and the Schoolmate, published once the temple of prayer--the school house in New York at One Dollar a year. Three goes up, and is used through the week as a dollars directed to the Editor of the Miscelplace of instruction for young republicans lany will secure for one year the two above and on the Sabbath becomes a nursery of named works and the Miscellany and Ohio piety, affording a convenient place for the Cadet. assembly of the children to receive religious Send your orders. Please all speak at once. instruction, and a place of worship where Meyer's Universain is still excellent; but the people congregate to listen to the words we do not receive it from the Publishers of this life.While learning is generally Why is this? We cant afford to do without disseminated and the means of sanctifying it it. Having complied with terms, it must provided and appreciated, there can be no' come

[blocks in formation]

The law of the aniverse is progression. Individuals which we call societies. By conobedience to it everything moves on, either sulting the page of bistory we find that soin an increasing or decreasing series. The ciety in its infancy is very different from solid granite gradually crumbles into dust. society in its manhood. Men seem to have The tall oak of the forest is first a tender berded together, in the early ages, by a sort shoot, then a green sapling, till at last, under of instinct, for mutual protection and comthe genial influence of warmth and moisture, fort. Their physical wants soon became it becomes stately in its maturity; and if fewer than the means of supply. Hence permitted to remain unmolested, it as gradu- moments of leisure were found, which, by ally decays, to afford nourishment to others. the natural contact of mind with mind, were So the human body is first seen in all the by degrees devoted to mental improvement. helplessness of infancy, then in the freshness Civilization, as a necessary consequence, and beauty of youth, then in the full strength followed, and kept pace with the progress of of manhood; till old age steals on apace, im- | mental cultivation, and daily originated new pairing its beauty, wasting its freshness, and

wants, not solely of a physical, but princidestroying its strength till in the grave, pally of an intellectual nature. Science and man's second cradle, it turns again to dust. I art followed in the track of civilization to Memory, imagination, judgment, and reason supply these daily increasing wants. have also their infancy and youth, and, if | The nature of Society is such, and its unproperly cultivated, reach not only a definite limited improvement being so entirely depoint of perfection, but progress in strength pendant upon the cultivation of our intelBo long as man can witness their manifesta- lectual and moral powers, our duty is plain. tions through the unimpaired bodily organs. The present generation is bound to transmit And when the spirit leaves the body, if disci- to unborn millions the rich blessings which plined in virtue, it progresses in knowledge it now enjoys. Especially obligatory is it to all eternity. The Word of God assures upon the younger members of the commuus this same law exists in the moral, as in nity to labor assiduously in the cultivation the mineral, vegetable, animal, and intellec- of their minds. Our fathers are rapidly tual world.

passing away, and we must soon fill their In all ages of the world the same law has places. We must bear the burdens, disbeen manifest in those combinations of in- I charge the duties, and share the responsibili. ties, as well as enjoy the blessings of society. I quicksands. This is that “round-about We must be the pillars on which the super- common sense,” for the destitution of which structure must rest, and intelligence and nothing can atope, and the loss of which virtue alone can mould and fashion us for nothing can repair. It is judgmcut alone our respective places. Peculiarly applicable that can teach us how to avail ourselves of are these remarks to those who are engaged the knowledge which we have acquired. We in Sabbath School instruction. From the behold its exercise in every man who disstation which they occupy in society and charges with success the duties of life. The from the nature of the work committed unto Sabbath school teacher manifests it in the them the duty of mental cultivation assumes government and instruction of the children an importance hitherto unnoticed. And committed to his care. The artful politician when I reflect upon it, and consider its in- exhibits a specimen of judgment disciplined separable connection with the welfare of our in the ranks of party. In every popular country and the prosperity of our Zion, I speaker, also we may behold the exercise of indulge often, in momentary grief that our a well-trained judgment in the arrangement old and able writers do not more frequently of his discourse, in the skilful management lay this subject before the world.

of his own feelings, and those of his audiThe young constitute the flower of the ence, and in his taking advantage of the very church, and as such they are beheld by the moment or circumstance best adapted to world. How desirable then, that they present make them accord with him in his views to its view one deep, glorious phalanx, and feelings. That the reasoning powers adorned with intellect and virtue. Second should be duly cultivated appears evident to the ministers of the gospel alone in rank, from the fact that no one can maintain a they are second to them only in influence permanent influenee over men without their and responsibility. To Sabbath school exercise. He should be able to convince teachers are committed the children of the them that bis understanding has been suffichurch, to train for elevated stations in 80-ciently cultivated to enable him to discover ciety, and for the holiest office in the sanc- and expose the errors as well as the fallacies tuary. The Bible is their text book, they of his opponents and that he is able to stand are to explain its laws, enforce its precepts, erect upon the field of argument. Unless he unfold its beauties, and recommend its love. can do this he can have no confidence in The whole world is their field of illustration. himself, and no expectation of usefulness. To fit them for their calling, they need An age of intensity and debate will discover minds disciplined in the school of the pro- his defects. He will be unable to command phets, hearts daily imbibing wisdom at the attention, and will be compelled to leave the cross of Christ.

field without even covering his retreat. Without soliciting the readers attention, 2. The power of analysis is, likewise a further to this general view of the subject necessary requisite. By this I mean the let me now direct luis thoughts.

faculty of perceiving and exhibiting the main 1. To an enlightened understan:ling which principles upon which every science and is indispensibly necessary. So obvious is this every system depends. By analysis every requisition that it scarcely seems necessary disguise and ornament is stripped off, and the to dwell upon it. Whatever other qualifica- naked thought displayed; a process analotions we may possess, if we are destitute of gous to that which a skilful anatomist uses this we shall be unable to effect any great in obtaining a good skeleton. The habit of and permanent good in any station in so- analysis is necessary to assist us in our menciety. Without this we shall move along tal operations, and to enable us fully to exlike a vessel with every sail set, and every amine any subject. It is of great service pendon flying in the breeze, tut with no also in reading. This power is an indisrudder by which to steer clear of rocks and pensable qualification for a teacher. The whole process of instruction is to advance A man may, in some sort, tie his frail hopes from principles to facts, and to deduce prin- and honors with weak, shifting ground-tacciples from facts. Who can teach another kle to his business of the world; but a wowhat he himself has not learned? Who can man, without that anchor which they call make that plain to another of which he faith, is a drift and a wreck. A man may himself bas but an imperfect conception? | clumsily continue a kind of responsibility or Especially ineombert is it upon every young motive, but

motive, but can find no basis in any other person at the present day to analyze the system of right act on than that of spiritual great subject of discussion a:no:g us, that faitl. A man may craze his thoughts and · from just premises he may arrive at tbose his brain to thoughtfulness in such poor conclusions which shall show him the duties harborage as fame and reputation may required at his hands, a' d the manner in stretch before him; but a woman—where which they must be discharged. How nu - can she put her hope in storms, if pot in merous and momentous are the questions real

are the questions | heaven? which now agitate the community, and how And that sweet trustfulness, that abiding great and sacred the interests which they love, and endearing hope, mellowing every involve! Now "indeed, is the time for men scene of life, lighting them with pleasures to think and act for themselves, and to take radiance, when the world's cold storms break their own individual responsibilities. The like an army with smoking cannon, what can latter rest upon them, however they may bestow it all but a holy soul-tie to what is neglect to do the former! Who will weigh stronger than an army with cannon? Who eren the political responsibilities of the that has enjoyed the love of a God-loving young men of this generation? Who that mother, but will echo through with energy loves his country, will doubt the propriety and hallow it with a tear? of becoming acquainted with politics? I mean not party politics, but politics as a

SPIRITUAL EXISTENCE AND science embracing the theory of government

COMMUNION. -the duties and powers of rulers and subjeets-the protective and banking systems

BY MARY. the commercial and agricultural interests of the community and all those questions FUTURITY, how boundless the theme which vitally affect the welfare of nations how unutterably dear the thonght of living and the existence of republics. Who will on through the ceaseless ages of eternity siy these subjects can be investigated with Can finite man comprehend infinity; or out analyzing them? No one. My sheet mind contemplate its own eternal expanbeing now full, I will close this article with sion, when like a winged spirit it shall soar a promise of writing another communica

above this earth and bathe its wearied wings tion on this subject for the Miscellany.

in light resplendent and eternal, without Rose, September 9th, 1852.

being lost in a complexity of aspirations ?

Could I but lift the sacred vail ; could BEAUTIFUL SENTIMENT.

I divest myself of mortality, and think of

that which is immortal ; dwell but one moA man without some sort of religion is at

ment in the divine light of that Heavenly best a poor reprobate, the foot-ball of desti

clime, and feel the divinity within me—the Dy, with no tie linking him to infinity and gift of inspiration; I might dare to breathe to the wondrous eteruity that is within him:) the language of the soul and paint the rapbot a woman without it is even worse-atures of the spirit's communion. But I fame without heat, a rainbow without color,

must bear, with my fellows, the trammels of a flower without perfume,

| earth; and it is not mine to hold to mortal

eye the mirror of their purified being. The night watchings has not had the solitude dispoet has said:

turbed by visitations from the spirit-land? “ When coldness wraps this suffering clay,

| Yes! oft have our lone aud weeping vigils Oh! whither strays the immortal mind ?"

changed to smiles of gladness--oft have the

departed, hallowed those moments, and with and thousands of hearts have united with

an “angel touch” and spirit-sinile, made sahis to know the destiny of our immortal

cred our lonely hours, and left their purifypart. I would go into no deep metaphysi

ing influence on our souls. Nor need we cal research concerning the spirit; yet who

tread a fairy clime or bask in the light of is there who could not lay his hand upon his

| enchanted realms, but press the soft turf of bosom and say, there is that within me which

our own sweet world, and many a little throbs with wild, tumultuous emotion, yet

flower would breathe in its fragrance, puriunspeakable! Are these the throbbings of

ty itself, and tell, in the blending beauty of the mortal part ? Nay there are the inward

its tints, that earth holds much that is pure, workings of the spirit ! Who can define

| much that is spiritual. Or who has not ever them ? yet who has not watched a star at

met a kindred soul on earth and communed even until, losing his indentity, its glimmer

with such? who has not felt the magic of ing beauty has lead him to another, a brigh

angel smile, and in a heart whose every ter, a holier world : who in the whispering

throbbing lives in unison with his own, gale, the murmuring rill or the thousand

felt the sweet communion of spirit with streams of nature's ever-tuneful lyre, has

spirit? not echoed a silent response and turned from “ Yes; the earth has angels tho' their forms are earth to Heaven ? Yes! this is the whisper

moulded ing of the spirit—this is the soul's own But of such clay as fashions all belor; peculiar language.

Tho' harps are wanting, and bright pinions folded, However imperfect the ideas of the nature We know them by the love-light on their brow." of tbe spirit's essence, the doctrine of its And cannot inortal man hold communion existence has ever been a cherished one. It even more sacred than this? Can he not enhas been the fondest theme of all ages, how-joy sweet converse with God, who is a spirit? ever rude, from the metem psychosis of the Ay, who that bas knelt at the holy altar of heathen, to the doctrines of the New Church prayer, and felt that angels tuned their harps concerning the spirits of the departed, hover- anew, as he poured out his soul in holy acing around us, smiling sweetly and approv- cents to the Lord, and that seraphs sang in ingly on our good, and with the same gen- bappier strains; who has not known that tleness reproving our evil; yet still ever for a time his spirit left its earthly tabernacommuning and existing with the living. cle and rested in the bosom of its God?It is the spirit which lights the first smile of Who that has felt the bliss of such commuinnocence, and shines in the last gaze of nings could deny the existence of the spirit, departing age; and its flight to “God who and its fellowship with God? And who gave it,” which leaves the temple cold, chill could open the lids of the sacred volume; and inanimate. Yet, what is the spirit's drink in its beauties and not feel that he had existence? It is the radiance of Heaven tasted food far sweeter than the nectar and resting for a while on the darkness of earth ambrosia of the gods? Whose soul has not and lighting for a brief space its gloomiest been refreshed with the dew drops of Solorecesses ; and its communion the holy inter- mon's wisdom and bad written on his heart change of love with other purified exis- with “a pen of iron and the point of a diatences. “Millions of spiritual creatures mond," the lamentations of the mourning walk the earth unseen :" and who for one propbet? Whose heart has not vibrated moment would throw aside the pleasing with ecstasy at the inspired songs of the rapthought? Who in the loneliness of mid-'turous visions of Isaiah? and what Chris

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