der storms crash, and away far out where the impress of heartfelt truth. You are bound wide, wild sea howls music and the big waves in duty, and in honor, to attend our stated roar the chorus, sweeping the march of God meetings; but not at the sacrifice of your --there he brews it. That beverage of life, business, or the prior claims of your family. health-giving water. But every where it is What is the duty that has so strong a claim? a thing of beauty-gleaming in the dew- Is it a mere business duty that calls us to. drop--singing in the summer rain-shining gether from week to week, to go through a in the ice gem, till the trees all seem turned routine of forms and resolutions? Is it a to living jewels---spreading a golden vail mere social duty, that for friendsbip's and over the setting sun, or a white gauze around society's sake, we leave our home enjoy. the midnight moon-sporting in the cataract ments? No. It is a much holier duty than --sleeping in the glazier-dancing in the these. It is a duty we owe to our fellow hail shower--folding its bright suow curtain, men, in warning them of their rapid proabout the wintery world--and weaving the gress to the overwhelming cataract to which many colored iris, that seraph zone of the they are tending-to ply the oar and stretch sky-whose warp is the rain drop of earth— out the hand to save them. It is a duty we whose woof is the sunbeam of heaven-all owe to our Creator, in preserving the mind checkered over with celestial flowers by the and body from the enervating ravages of inmystic hand of refraction,--still, always it is temperance. It is a great moral duty ve beautiful. That blessed life water! No owe the world, to unmask the all-pervading poison bubbles on its brink--its foam brings destroyer, that "comes in the mask of kindno madness and murder--no blood stains its ness, proffering the cup of enchantment to liquid glass--pale widows and starving or the merry and social nature," to tell thenphans weep not burning tears in its depths

Trust not the perfidious destroyer; --no druukard's shrieking glost, from the

Wherever he cometh, he smiteth-grave, curses it in the world of eternal des He spares not the high nor the humble, pair. How should we cherish, then, God's For kings of the earth sink lefore him, life-sizing beverage, and teach all to prefer

While wisdom and genius fall prostrate.

He withers the vigor of youthfor their own happiness' sake, to that, that giveth woe--that giveth sorrow-that giveth

All beauty lie turns to corruptioncontention--that giveth its color in the cup, And conquers the might of the brave. and at last biteth like a serpent and stingeth He scatters all earthly possessions, like an adder.”

And leaves not a hope for the future.

His power bath extended for ages It is the duty of Officers to welcome,

To the uttermost limits of earth. heartily, the stranger that has just taken our He rides on the limitless ocean, solemn obligations upon himself, with ear. And buries whole fleets in its depths. nest sincerity--to place him on a footing

Therefore, keep this duty firm fixed in with ourselves, as Sons of Temperànce-to

"] your metuory--as an important one in your salute him as friend and brother, in the name

connection with our order; and still farther that should be his “glory and his shield"

bear in mind, that the sacrifice of your busiinvivialit the truthfulness of your mariner Lucand ti por cius vf soul f...,

onl: 1, the respons liv of jt catis warn bin), Lot as if you yourself believed he

che trom duty. Take a special warning from possessed no influence, but with sincerity Time

the castigation which your late Worthy Paof the effect of his example in advancing or triarch received, for a too literal construction retarding the cause of temperance.

of these exceptions to our line of duty; for It is the duty of the Officers to show the there are eagle eyes watching over the interinitiate his proper relation to the order--notests of Emmons Division. merely in the prescribed form, but with thel Brother officers- I will not presume to in

And dishonors the gray hairs of age.

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struct you in the formalities of your duties; may set it running in our streets as a tribuYou know them sufficiently to have pledged tary to our beautiful straits, until its waters your honor as men to observe them. But shall bear off this tide of death-and “its. be spirited in their exercise-move with the purity shall wash away the stains of black energy that characterizes your actions in less intemperance.". important matters- be inspired with a laud-! Why is it that our order shows any signs able emulation to excel-not only in the of decline or languishing? It is because we daties you are called upon to perform--but forget the object of our formation. We also in displaying in all their effulgence come together our most important object those principles of benevolence which we to get a quorum that we may hurry through are united to perpetuate.

the form of our business, and then retire Brothers all, you are instructed before

without having gone a step towards the taking upon yourselves our obligations, that

Vfurtherance of our obligated purpose. If the Order of the Sons of Temperance was

we join to do a fashionable good, and use instituted as the strongest and closest bond

for it the best talents we may possess as of union among the friends of total absti- |

| long as the object of its use remains a popusance to encourage and sustain each other lar one, and relax when that exertion bein the paths of temperance-virtue, and hon- comes

virtue, and hon- comes one entirely of principle, may we er—and I am not leaving my subject—if I

not expect that we will lose all that we officially, offer to you as private members a have gained? We do not sufficiently bring fer Fords of advice and urge you to a our object in view b

rge you to a our object in view by exerting our selves not more faithful performance of the work we only as an order, but individually to keep have taken upon ourselves voluntarily to up an interest in the great work, another do-you will not ask what there is for us to reason of our decline is that we make our Co, with a work crowding upon us that plans too general. We as a Division can vould fill the heart and hand of super-hu- not expect to do the work of the whole ore man benevolence. With the power that der. We must leave each branch to do the this vast elernent of sin has upou the heart work of its own departm.ect, taking some of man-while the tear of sympathy is local or specific ground to build upon, let us daily glistening in our eyes—while human not leave it until our project is gained and Derils glut their avarice at such an awful complete. Our deportment in the Division price—while widows and orphans cry out

Room should be such as will make the work for vengeance on the inhuman traffic that has characterize the object. These meetings are made them the poor deserted beings they essential to the systematic pushing forward are-work is not wanting for a Son of Tem- of our means to the end. perance. We may have our hands full in! Ours is the best plan that has ever been filling up the graves, that are dug by the devised forgetting the insolent and arbitrary roin-seller for his victions, and leading him king of ruin, debauch and shame under over it to a life of usefulness and honor.- strong hands, in iron gloves, that will press We may fill a long life with joy and happi- bim down into, and bring him to a moral Ideas, by giving back to the Lcart-stricken and legal grave and fill it up to a lovel with

hur an eming : 01--binding up the bruken the path of rectindo that viir an llenor heart of the wife, as we lead back the repen- may not stumble over his remains. If then tant husband_and may expect God's bles- this object is so desirable we should be more sing under the prayers of the aged mother, strenuous in advancing the cause. We for our instrumentality in the salvation of should cherish with our whole hearts a plan her child from this blighting evil. We may that may do so much for God's service and take down the glittering temptation from man's happiness. Let none suppose that he before the eyes of its wretched victim. Welcomes here to kill time or for amusement,


and if any have mistaken that for the ob- When the beaker's brim with rust is dim ject, let them be undeceived on the subject.

the snbiect 1 Because no lip will press it;

When the worm is dead, which ever fed Although much good has been done in

On the heart that dared caress it; this glorious reform, and many victories, When the gay fulse light of the eyes so bright have been won over from the power of the Be too true for thought to smother; despotic Tyrant, and many noble trophies of When the art be lost, and the demon tossed,

And man tempt not his brother. our conquests may now be exhibited, in the persons of the reformed and blessed-and Then peaceful and blest, from toil ye may rest; the many happy homes that are this evening

Else, rest is but in heaven cheerful, that were once dreary and sad, and

For shame still lies in sad wet eyes;

Still hearts with wo, are riven, multitudes of glad hearts and smiling coun

Then, Brothers, on! though the night be gone, tenances of wives and children that will

And the morning glory breaking; welcome home their busbands and fathers Though your toits be blest, ye may not rest not from the scenes of brawls and dissipa For danger-danger's waking. tion-but from their Divisions and sacred work as Sons of Temperance; and while

SINCERITY. this is cause of gratitude and rejoicing-it gives no time for relaxation, much less in: Be SINCERE! wreathe no smile, wear no difference or inaction, for the foe is still in mask, under which lies coiled the serpent of the field, and although defeated at one point, falsehood and duplicity: speak with your he rallies at another-and while one fire has lips that which your actions may justify, been quenched another has been kindled,and that which your

Indled, and that which your heart approves, that which cry of woe has been stopped at a good conscience dictates, or be silent Do one of his altars of immolation, he has reared you say th

reared you say there are some cases in which sin. another, and the shrieks of the sacrificed cerity is out of the question ? victims are still heard in the land.

| A God of truth has commanded us to lie Then Brothers, let me repeat, there is no not at all, and what is insincerity but a time for rest---but to renew our strength at spoken or acted untruth? You have a friend; the holy altar of our principle and go forth he is as dear to you as one can be, not bound to mighty battle and certain victory_and by the ties of nature : he greets you with a we may take courage in our blessed work— ' pleasing face, gains your confidence, comes by the interesting fact--that the virtuous to you at all hours, sits by your hearth, eats and good are on our side, their prayers aid

"at your table, even sleeps by your side. His us, and their sympathies bless us—but best

presence is ás sunshine to you ; in difficul. of all, God is on our side, and who can suc- ty you go to him, in joy you ask his particicessfully oppose us. THEN

pation, in sorrow you seek his consolation. “On, brothers, on! though the night be gone,

But the knowledge comes to you, no matter And the morning glory breaking!

| how or when, that dear friend has abused Though your toils be blest, ye may not rest, For danger's ever waking;

your infirmities. Oh, the crushing weight Ye have spread your sail, ye have braved the gale

that falls upon your heart as these things And calm o'er the sea is creeping,

are revealed; "can it be?” you murmur,with But I know by the sky that danger's nigh a glance that strives in vain to mount hea. There's yet no time for sleeping!/ I

venward. Still dingy walls nurse midnight brawls,

The man, by his insincerity, has blackenUp from the vale is wreathing A fatal cloud the soul to shroud,

ed his soul, and planted the seeds of rebelWhile man its poison's breathing,

lion, perchance in yours; for it is hard to Still vice is seen in glittering sheen

have good faith towards your fellows, while In the ruby bubble laughing;

the heart-strings, torn and quivering, vibrate But Death his shrine has reared in wine;

I to the rude hand that has swept only to deAnd the young blood he is quaffing.

stroy them; it is hard to trust where you the land shaiks following closely in his have been deceived.

wake, and nothing coming in but chips and Be sincere in little matters; the cord that grindstones, instead of endeavoring to make holds us to life, the “silver cord,” and it is a readable paper, he feels like taking his de beautifully expressed in Seripture, is very parture for the other world; and like a ray slender, a slight touch would destroy it.- of light, piercing the blackest gloom, comes So that which connects our souls with hea- the thought, that he will not be troubled by ren is exceeding pure and subtile; a breath the presence of his delinquents in those will tarnish its lustre ; ph! take care that by bright abodes — Weekly Review. sinning, as it were by piecemeal, you do not break the far more precious tie.

THE FAMILY HOMESTEAD. Be sincere with children ; notice how the the little eager things hang upon your lips. lieaven's blessing be on the family homeTell them a story, and almost the first im - stead! “Be it ever so humble, there's no pulse of an intelligent child will be to ask, place like home!” sung the imaginary maid "Is it true? Was it really so?” Do not of Milan, the beautiful creature of John Howwe implore you, in word or deed, be insin- ard Payno, when returning from the glare cere with them; as you value “the word of and pomp of the world, to her native cottage the Lord.” do not dare trifle with their in the mountains of Switzerland. And, altrusting natures. That mother, upon whose though all out of date, and conventionally yea or pay a child may fearlessly, wholly vulgar this sentiment may be now considerrely,will see her children honored of men and ed, such is, or should be, the subdued, unsoblessed of God; but she who by her ex- phisticated feeling of all natives of the farm ample sends out liars and deceivers to work house, and the country cottage. We may ruin in the earth, will have no one to blame leave the quiet roof of our childhood; we but herself, if she goes down in hopeless may gain its treasures; we may enjoy its sorrow to the grare.Loston Olive Branch greatness, its honors, and its applause; but

there are times when they will all fade into

nothing, in comparison with the peace, and THE LIFE OF AN EDITOR.

quietude, and tranquil happiness of a few Our friend Garven, of the Western Press, acres of land, a comfortable roof, and conthus feelingly and sensitively depicts the life tentment therewith ! of an Editor : To publish a paper, successfully, it is ne


'A FEAT cessary not only to have a large subscription list, but to have some money, occasionally,! During a recent lecture delivered by Prof. and without that, no person need try to B. Silliman Jr., in New York, he solidified make an interesting paper. This is almost carbonic gas. This was effected by bringa self-evident truth. It will in spite of him, ing sulphuric acid in contact with carbonat be influenced by the state of his pocket. If of soda, in a strong iron vessel, capable of they are well lined, he feels independent, resisting an expansive pressure of thirtyloves bis fellow creatures, and can, with more four atmospheres, or 510 pounds to the life and good will, defend and uphold the square inch. Prof. S. stated that this excause which he has espoused.

periment had been given up entirely in The manner in which the circulating me. France, in consequence of bursting several dium quickens the perceptive powers, and iron vessels, by which several persons have causes the ideas to flow, is truly miraculous! been killed. But he stated that the iron vesBut if his pockets are empty, bis paper bill sels used on this occasion, had never been unpaid, his family fighting for the last bite, known to burst, and the experiment was

considered not at all dangerous. As the


DITORIAL liquid (it being in a liquid state in the vessel) was drawn off, a large portion instantly evaporated, and by the evaporation re

STICK TO THE RIGHT. duced the remainder to the freezing |

This direction is very difficult in its obpoint. In this way, several pounds

servation, and very important in its effects of solid carbonic acid was obtained. It had

upon the present and future enjoyments of the appearance of the wbitest snow, and

moral beings. Any other course will result was so cold that by holding it only three in

in evil to him that pursues it, perhaps to seconds, the band would be frozen.. He

others. This will sooner or later be made placed a portion of it around a long vessel

apparent. But if the purpose be right, and containing mercury, and froze the mercury

the efforts to do right be constant, then the solid! The mercury was then taken out and

path of happiness is entered, and the way of hammered like lead. — Albany Register.

peace shall be found, whatever may be the

outward circumstances of the individual.REMARABLE CAVE. For no right purpose is formed without Di

vine assistance, or pursued without aid from A remarkable cave, recently discovered in

1 | above. God helps those who will cleave to Berkshire County, Mass., has been explored.

that which is good. The path of life, to It is situated about a mile south of the vil.

such, will not be uneven, or their ways uplage of North Adamus. A narrow and diffi

certain. But while observing the direction cult passage, about eight feet in length, leads

given above, the consciousness of right moto a room large enough to contain six or

tive and right action will afford joy of unaleight persons. Northward, a small horizon

loyed sweetness, and peace not disturbed by tal avenue, ten or twelve feet long, leads to

the changes of the present, or the thoughts another room, considerably larger than the

of the future. But to bim who disregards it, first. From this, by descending twenty per

however pleasant the way may appear bependicular feet, another room is entered,

fore him in the outset, there will there thirty feet long, by an average breadth of

must be disappointments and weariness. about twenty feet, and twenty feet high.

For in his way there are shares and dangers Beyond this, and lower down are similar

| and pitfalls which he cannot escape. It is apartments, answering to bedrooms, pantries,

| less difficult, but incomparably more haz&c. Farther on, no one has explored. The

ardous, to follow the inclinations of the mind walls of the cavern are composed of lime

without reference to right, than to make stune, belouging to the vast ledge of which

right the ground of all action. Saddle Mountain is composed.-Scientific For, to stick to the right, we must possess American

a firm, unyielding purpose of soul, and a

habitual determination of will, to pursue unA Rent COMET.-A correspondent of the compromisingly the way of righteousness.-Boston Traveller states it is a fact that Biela's No man, without this, will pursue with an Oomet was rent in twain in November, 1845. undeviating step the right path. There are There is no doubt of the fact. The two so many temptations to turn but for a mopieces were seen both in Europe and Ameri- ment-to step but one step from the beaten ca. One was larger and brighter than the track, that unless one is fully aware of the other, and side by side, they retired into the importance of right in the smallest, as well distaut regions of space, in the same path as in the greatest matters, it is next to certhe unbroken comet would have pursued. tainty, that his step will be uneven, and his

continuance in the right but transient. PrinBe temperate, if you would have health. 'ciple, fixed and holy principle, must have

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