nel of the Sandy, and soon its swollen wa- slime, both to him who has sought their aid, ters gave us at the village the assurance, and to those who afterwards mark his that something unusual had taken place stained and blackened appearance. But above us, on the river. The Dr. proposed not to moralize, we soon came in sight to me a ride up the river, which was at once of the mighty channel which an hour or accepled. We had gone but a short dis- two previous had no existence. On one tance when wrecks of buildings and furni- side of the chasm we saw trees suspended ture was seen covering the singular looking by their roots from above, whose tops hardly river, the waters of which were now nearly reached two tbirds the way down to the dark black with the sediment from the pond, as rolling waves below. The trees thus susa we afterwards discovered; but it sadly puze pended were the white birch and the popgled us at the time. We hurried up to the lar. The bank on that side, was, as near as place where the mill had once stood, and we could judge, seventy-five feet high, on witnessed here the devastation which the the side on which we stood, it was about waters had wrought. Here we left our team sixty. After contemplating this scene for a and hurried up the stream towards the place few moments, filled with emotions its gran. where the waters, which were now astonish- deur was calculated to inspire, we were ing us with their power, once lay quietly.- seized with the desire to go up into this baThey were now nearly exhausted; and were sin, whose side bad so wonderfully fallen much lower than they had been at this out. It was impossible to pass up the chanpoint, some few moments before. We now nel, for the water was still several feet deep saw on the banks what we supposed were and ever and anon, the bank was caving black stones, scattered by hundreds a long from above,and a mighty avalanche of earth the margin of the now fast narrowing and trees, and stones were pouring into the stream. We soon had abundant evidence channel below. The stream bere was worn that real and seeming are not always the some ten or fifteen feet lower than the bote same. For we came to a place where the tom of the pond, and a channel had already vater mide up into a sinall creek; it was been worn some rods up into the lake, the very difficult going round it, as in that case, sides of which were caving in, so that it was we must make our way through the bushes, constantly working up farther into the which were very thick, and what was worse great basin, acres of which were even now very wet. We saw with joy that these sup- uncovered with water. As we conceived the posed stones were peeping up through the desire to see more of the inside of this holwater at such convenient distances, that we low, now partially drained, than we could conceived it an easy task to pass over on see by looking up this channel, we turned them. No sooner thought than attempted, and took a circuitous route up the hill, until as we supposed by this course we could not we came to what was once a shore. What only clear the water here, but gain the mar- a sight did we now behold! Who can desgin of the stream inside the world of alderscribe the scene which was presented before that skirted it. Judge then what was our us? It is impossible to convey to the mind disappointment and chagrin, when stepping of one who did not witness this sight, any upon the first stone, we sunk nearly to our adequate idea or conception of the sublimiknees in a black slimy substance which we ty and grandeur of the scene before us.afterwards discovered had formed a part of From the bank on which we stood a line of the bottom of the lake. We had enough of a hundred feet would hardly reach to the our stepping stones, and could not help opposite bank, wbich, but a few bours bethipking of the politician, who has his step- fore, was connected with that on which we ping stones to power, many of them like stood; now there was a broad impassible ours having but the specious appearance of gulf between them. When we considered the stone, but giving abundant evidence of the vast amount of earth so guddenly displaced and regarded the agent of this great the life-current of the race. All the sympawork, we could but think of the insignifi-thies which cluster around the human heart cance of man. How long might he have are aroused at the alarming encroachments labored here to have compassed what the which disease is making upon the human waters have effected in mere pastime. If family. The character of disease is changthis agent has a power so transcendent,whated; those of older date and type excite is the power of Him "who holds the waters nothing of the dread which their more mod. in the hollow of his hand, who makes the ern rivals create. Ship fever, cholera and dys. clouds his chariot and rides upon the wings entery-dread triumvirate—have enshroudof the wind. Who weighs the mountains ined the globe with their victims. Nations scales, and the hills in a balance." An hour's have been decimated by their ravages, and meditation here, could not fail to impress their black wing has hovered along the man with a sense of his nothingness, and fill highways of commerce. The strong man him with wonder and admiration at the trembles at the doubtful tenure of his life. greatness of him whose agents are so It is evident that long-continued violations mighty. I have never had an opportunity of the physical laws of our being have weakto view this place, after the novelty of the ened the vitality of the race, and to that scene has faded. But I believe that the cause can we trace the premature decay of facts as related above are soberly stated, cer | the citarlel in which we dwell. It would be tainly there can be no exaggeration in a case sacrilege to charge the vast evil and its efso unique, and yet so grand.


fects to nature, for nature is kind. Her efforts are always for health—from the gather

ing of the dew-drop on the tiny floweret, to HEALTH.

the raging of the tempest when the storm.

king is abroad. If man is responsible for BY D. WELLS RANNEY.

the fearful increase and malignity of disease,

the clarion of alarm should be sounded. The What an important interest does HEALTH

hardihood of the race depends upon our efsustain in social life. Not a friend meets

forts. What is needed? It is not medicines, friend, but the first inquiry is about health.

for their profusion has long been deleterious. The foundation of beauty--the arbiter of

We must return to the noble, invigorating our destiny-it controls the enjoyments of us

ments of customs of the Greeks and Romans. We the human family. A boon as precious as / must establish the gymnasium and the baths. that contained in the golden shores of the

Our fragile and delicate ladies must take Pacific; yet its attainment is but idly regard

to the open air. Health must be wooed in ed. We are intrusted with the keeping of a

long rambles on the hill-tops, in equestrian temple “fearfully and wonderfully made." Journe

journeys, and in the cultivation of flowers, Should ever the "silver cord be loosed, or

whose roseate tints will reflect their hues on the golden bowl be broken or the wheel be the pallid cheeks. The perpetuity of the broken at the cistern,” from our violation race depends largely upon those who are to of the laws of our being, we shall be held | fill the places of our once hardy mothers. responsible for such trangression. A rapid Out-door plays and pastimes, as the gracedeclension in the life and health of man hoop, battle door, jumping rope, and skating has taken place; for how few there are who and sleigh-riding, in imitation of Northern do not mourn the early dead. Two-thirds Europe, must become universal. Immedi. of the human race have some chronic ail- ate attention should be paid to the subject ments which they have inherited, or entailed of ventilation. All public and private rooms upon themselves.

should be well ventilated, for every adult Scrofula, in some of its hydra forms, taints person requires over two hundred thousand


cubic inches of pure air every twenty-four Or sought in innocence to stay

The fleeting butterfly, hours to properly oxydize the blood; while

Rest, while blissfully you may, in that time is expelled torty thousand cubic

With half-closed angel eye. inches of carbonic acid gas, which is destructive to life. Bathing, as conducive to

Furrowed man of many a year,

With thy thin grey hair, health, should be religiously performed. The

Let this hour thy spirit cheer, Mahomedan, who, to fulfil the requirements

Though life be hard to bear, of his religion, will bathe in sand when he

Twilight brings each loved one near, cannot find water, ought to be an example to Rest in thy old arm chair. us. The skin is an important waste organ

Christian, hath temptation sore, to the system, and its million of pores need a

Vexed thee with the light, daily ablution to perform their health pre Hast thou seen on earth the power serving office. Too much attention has been Of sin, and wept the sight? paid to the intellectual, to the neglect of

Rest thee, not a grief deplore,

All above is bright? the physical faculties. Our lunatic asylums

Grand Blanc, 1852. are crowded with those whose physical energies were unable to sustain the excitement of the intellectual organs. Ipsane asylums

THE CONTRAST. are a modern necessity, We must vie in the noble athletic games

BY 2. W. CHESEBRO. which endowed the Greek and the Roipan with Herculean strength. If needs be, the Some years since I became acquainted lourney and the joust must be established, with two men who were then teaching in and the age of Iron must give place to that Albany County. They were of the same of Chivalry.

age, the same condition in life, apparently of

the same mental capacity, and both had For the Miscellany.

fair prospects of being useful in their day REST AT TWILIGHT HOUR. and generation; but the one had acquired

the habit, pernicious and debasing to any BY M. A. RICE.

one, and especially so to a teacher, of spen

|ding his time, out of school hours, in gosHie thee maiden, to thy bower, Dream of truth and love,

siping with tavern-haunters; sometimes Closing is the "sweet blue flower,"

playing the violin for convivial parties, and The stars look out above, .

sometimes in the destructive pleasures of the Rest theo at the twilight hour,

wine-cup, with no more thought of improve And its enchantment prove.

ing his mind, than if he had no such thing Manhood, in thy noble prime,

in his possesgion. Rest at set of sun,

He continued to teach, but bad habits Heavy are the toils of time,

engendered in our younger days, seldom fail But this day's work is done. Labor is the art sublime,

to assert their supremacy as years advance; Of Nature's noblemen.

and I will remember the prostrating blows

I received from the hands of this drunken Mother, with thy infant fair

schoolmaster. Presently he would be found Sleeping on thy knee,

by the road-side in a helpless condition, Rest thee, for this quiet hour Brings peace for even thee.

loathed and shunned even by the swine Thou art watchworn, pale with caro,

that wallowed in the gutter. Debased, disYet now let thought be free.

pirited, and unkindly treated by the world, Blooming child, that all the day

one cold winter morning found his mortal Hath played wbere violets lie,

remains a Atiffened corpse, with a rum-bote

tle by his side! The midnight winds had TEMPLAR's MAGAZINE.—This interesting bowled his fuperal dirge, and a Helderbergh and valuable Magazine is published at Cinsnow-bank was his mausoleum, Oblivion cinnati, Ohio, and not at Columbus as we shall soon cover his memory!

linadvertently stated in our last. We have But the other, instead of spending his not seen the number for April, but we doubt leisure hours idly, was diligently garnering not it will sustain the character it has hereup information. His manner of instruction tofore borne. It can be sustained at its low was superior; his mind active and constant. price, only, by a large list of paying subly enlarging. He was cheerful, good-na- scribers. It deserves them. tured, and whole-souled in the school-room,

THE SOUTHERN PARLOR MAGAZINE.ready, able and willing to explain the diffi

Willis G.C. Clark Editor. Published by cuit points in a school-boy's education.With a word of commendation, instead of

Strickland & Benjamin, No. 28, Dauphin St

Mobile, Ala. This is a very neat and beaua rude blow; his name is associated with

"tiful Magazine, and so far as we have been all that is pleasant and agreeable in my

able to judge from a cursory examination of youthful days. Soon the rich stores of knowledge accu

the third No., very ably conducted. Will mulated in his hours of leisure attracted the the Publishers please send us back numbers attention of Dr. Beck of Albany, and he Crystal Fountain. This paper comes was chosen Prof. of Mathematics in the Ale to us from Alleyhany, Pa., Price $1,50 in bany Academy. Here he remained but a advance or $2,00 if not paid within three short time, for the spirit of study did not months. We can cheerfully recommend forsake him, and the world was anxious to this paper to lovers of Temperance. use him. I next find bim Prof. of Natural Scieircos in New Jersey College; but the

We again record our testimony in favor of same indomitable spirit of study, and persevering, patieut thought, soon called him to a

Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. A medicine which

we believe has no rival in Bronchial difficul. higher 1rust. The U.S. Government solici

ties. For colds and coughs we find it a cer. ted him to take charge of the Smithsonian

tain remedy. We have advertised this medInstitute at Washington.

icine for months, because we have believed HURL GATE.

| it was what it prolessed to be. See adver

tisement. The whirlpool at Hurlgate, on Long Island Sound, has ceased to be a whirlpool. Our friend F. W. Burgess, Gold, Silver The rock which caused the whirl of boiling and Brass Plater, can be relied upon for the Waters has been blasted, and the debris of finest specimens of the various kinds of it has filled up the yawning gulfs around work in his line of business. There is no it. Monsieur Maillefert has done this by in- necessity of sending your sash to the east serting a shaft in some crevice, attaching a for close plating, it can be done as well at canister of powder to it to rest on the rock, your door, and transportation saved. Work and then discharging the powder by the done in old or new style close plating.– electric spark. The water answered as a You will find him ready to place any varie. lever to make the powder act upon the rock. ty of Door Plate upon your door or hang The discovery of this principle of blasting a bell for you in the most approved styleis a valuable one. We do not know who Those who will examine specimuns of the claims to bave discovered it, the invention handiwork of our friend at his place of busiwe know, is five years old at least, and was ness, 42 Woodward Avenue, nearly opposite used to tear up the concrete shoal in the the Post Office, will need no recommenda Thames in 1847 or '48.

tion of ours.

[blocks in formation]

Ir is well to twine a fadeless wreath cy pleads)those details of crime and wickedtzoand the brow of the fearless statesman, ness, which are now heralded by the winged adaunted soldier, devoted patriot and gen- lightning, throughout the civilized world. -evus philanthropist. It is well to crown Iu lieu of these lo:11 hsome bot-beds of rice, vith undying bonors, the poet, the hero, the we would have portrayed wbatever is amiasage. But, as stars of the first magnitude, ble and lovely to an upright mind. Virtue Constellations and even systems, revolve with her attendant train,- the good, the arend some bright and luminous ceptre un- | kind, the just. Place before the eye of the sed to us, so, these great souls, circling soul, those holy attributes which shone pre

ne boly influence whence emanates the eminently in our Savior's life, and to which bregbtres of their course, shine with daz- his death added ten-fuld lustre. Place belng brilliance before the enraptured vision fore i ho immortal inind pictures impearled of their fellow-men. This centre of human with gems of living light, set rouud with Teatness and glory, is oftentimes a noble brilliants of ever-hrightening hue. mindal Mother. From her lips, fall like! Mind naturally assimilates itself to the pearls, those great truths and principles, character of the scenes and influences by which, taking root, though perhaps unnotic- which it is surrounded. Are these luw and ed, in the genial soil of the youthful mind, degraded? The nuud, poised on drooping brings forth in after years, a rich harvest of wing, circles slowly above for a wbile, imbipoble rorks.

bing the poisonous atmosphere, then sinks Tet, not alone of the great, the gifted and to rise no more. Are these pure and noble twe wise, should we record the name. Deeds -lighted by beaven's own rays of virtue of heroism, of deep devotion and generous l'aud love? The mind soars on eagle-pinself-Jenial, are constantly occurring around ions, higher, purer, stronger, and the vast ad among us, and were our hearts divested universe holds no barrier to stay the onaf prejudices and prepossessions, which, sweeping of its glorious flight. Eke a thick veil, obscures our mental vision, In the autumn of 1842, after a tedious we should not only perceive, but award ride orer a portion of country upon which it them their due meed of praise. We be ieve seemed as though the skies never looked that vice may be checked, and even ually, without a frown, we at length reached Camin a great measure, up-rootel and destroyed den, our intended place of destination. This by suppressing (except when justice or mer. pleasant, neat and euterprising little village,

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