Game Birds (Ring-Necked Pheasant cover): A Celebration of North American Upland Birds

Farcountry Press, 18 okt. 2016 - 248 pagina's

Through the words and images of award-winning photographer and writer Gary Kramer, Game Birds: A Celebration of North American Upland Birds takes readers on a visual journey across North America in search of turkey, pheasant, quail, grouse, partridge, ptarmigan, prairie-chickens and the game birds of Hawaii. Among these are two on the brink of extinction, the masked bobwhite and Attwater's prairie-chicken; those that are struggling, such as the Gunnison sage-grouse and lesser prairie-chicken; abundant species that have been introduced from foreign lands including the chukar and ring-necked pheasant; as well as species that are widespread due to successful wildlife management efforts, like the wild turkey. Gary's photographs capture the range and diversity of their beauty and behavior, from the widespread and familiar northern bobwhite to the intricately marked Montezuma quail and the seldom photographed Himalayan snowcock. His compelling narrative is delivered with accuracy; each chapter has been reviewed by the top experts in the field. Containing 256 pages and 384 color photos, this volume is the most ambitious book ever attempted on gallinaceous birds, or as they are more commonly known, game birds. Gary may be the only individual to have ever photographed and published images of all 34 game birds found in the United States and Canada, making this book a milestone achievement. If you are an avid hunter, a serious birder or an armchair reader, Game Birds will provide you with range maps, natural history and conservation status and a photographic insight seldom revealed.

Foreword by Howard K. Vincent, President and CEO Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever. Includes references, conservation organizations, and dust jacket. This edition of Game Birds features the Ring-Necked Pheasant on the cover. A Wild Turkey cover is also available. The interiors of both books are identical.


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Chapter One
RingNecked Pheasant
Wild Turkey
Dusky Grouse
SharpTailed Grouse
Attwaters PrairieChicken
Scaled Quail 1
Scaled Quail 2
Montezuma Quail
Photographers Notes
Publication Data
Back Cover
Alternate Front Cover 9781591521853

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Over de auteur (2016)

Gary Kramer is an award-winning freelance outdoor journalist who lives in Willows, California. He has published five books, hundreds of articles and thousands of photos. His photographs/articles regularly appear in many outdoor magazines in the United States including Ducks Unlimited, Shooting Sportsman, Gray's Sporting Journal, National Wildlife, Living Bird and others along with calendars and corporate advertising.

A native Californian and US Navy Vietnam veteran, Gary earned Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in wildlife management from Humboldt State University. For 26 years, Gary was a biologist and refuge manager with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. After a ten-year stint as the refuge manager of the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex, he retired to pursue his writing and photo career full-time. Having traveled to 57 countries, he is among the most well-traveled outdoor journalists in the world. In the process of putting this book together, Gary traveled from the Arctic Circle in Alaska to the deserts of Arizona, west to the Hawaiian Islands, east to Canada's Hudson Bay and the north woods of Maine, south to Florida and many places in between.

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