The Second Annual Session of the Association was held at Brinley Hall, in Worcester, commencing on Monday evening, November 23d, 1846.

The meeting was called to order by the President, Mr. Oliver Carlton, of Salem, and after the reading of the Secretary's report, the Throne of Grace was addressed by Rev. Mr. Smalley, of Worcester.

The usual courtesy was extended to the reporters

for the press.

Mr. Elbridge Smith, of Worcester, then delivered a lecture on “ The Claims of Teaching to the rank of a Distinct and Independent Profession;" after which the subject of the lecture was discussed by Messrs. Thayer and Field, of Boston, Smith, of Worcester, and Greenleaf, of Bradford.

It was voted that no member be allowed to speak more than once on the same subject, nor longer than ten minutes except by special vote of the Association.

It was voted that any practical teacher present, not a member of the Association, but intending to become such, be invited to participate in the discussion of the evening

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An invitation to participate in the discussions was extended to practical Teachers present from other States.

The discussion on the subject of the lecture was resumed, and concluded by Messrs. Wm. D. Swan, of Boston, Sweetser, of Charlestown, Merrill and Richardson, of Connecticut, and Isaac F. Shepard, of Boston.

Messrs. Swan, of Suffolk, Dame, of Essex, Reed, of Norfolk, Sweetser, of Middlesex, Smith, of Worcester, Pennell, of Hampden, Rowe, of Berkshire, Edson, of Hampshire, and Ritchie, of Plymouth, were appointed a Committee on nomination of officers.

The Association then adjourned to 8 1-2 o'clock, on Tuesday.

TUESDAY MORNING, Nov. 24th, 1846. The Association having been called to order by the President,

The Committee on nomination reported a list of officers for the ensuing year, and their report was accepted. Twelve o'clock was assigned as the hour for the choice of officers.

Mr. Thayer, of Boston, offered a proposition to amend the sixth article of the Constitution, by striking out the words with the President and Secretaries,” so as to make the Board of Directors comprise all the officers of the Association.

Rev. J.P. Cowles, of Ipswich Female Seminary, then delivered an address; subject, “ The First Principles of School Government,” Mr. Thayer, of Boston, being in the chair. After a discussion by Rev. Messrs. Pierce

and Cowles, of views advanced in the lecture, the subject was laid on the table.

After a recess of ten minutes, the President having resumed the chair, Mr. S. S. Greene, of Boston, delivered a lecture on “ Teaching Grammar;” and after

; remarks by Messrs. Andrews and Field, on the subject of the lecture, the hour of twelve o'clock having arrived, the Association proceeded to the choice of officers, and the following gentlemen were elected.

President, Oliver Carlton, of Salem. Vice Presidents, Thomas Sherwin, of Boston, D. P. Galloup, of Salem, Levi Reed, of Roxbury, George B. Emerson, of Boston, Lucius Lyon, of Shelburne Falls, James Ritchie, of Duxbury, Joshua Bates, Jr., of Boston, Calvin S. Pennell, of Cabotville, Nelson Wheeler, of Worcester, A. K. Hathaway, of Medford, William Seaver, of Quincy, Henry K. Edson, of Hadley, D. S. Rowe, of Westfield, and Charles Hammond, of Monson. Corresponding Secretary, Charles Northend, of Salem. Recording Secretary, Samuel Swan, of Boston. Treasurer, Josiah A. Stearns, of Boston. Counsellors, Ariel Parish, of Springfield, Samuel S. Greene, of Boston, E. S. Stearns, of Newburyport, Thomas Cushing, Jr., of Boston, Wm. D. Swan, of Boston, Rufus Putnam, of Salem, Daniel Mansfield, of Cambridge, Wm. H. Wells, of Andover, Elbridge Smith, of Worcester, James B. Batcheller, of Marblehead, P. H. Sweetser, of Charlestown, and J. P. Cowles, of Ipswich.

The Treasurer made his annual report, which was accepted, and Messrs. W. D. Swan, Allen, and E. S. Stearns, were appointed a Committee to examine into

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the condition of the Treasury, and to report what measures, if any, were necessary to meet the expenses of the Association.

Adjourned to 2 o'clock, P. M.


The Association was called to order by the President.

Mr. Allen, from the Committee on Finance, reported that said Committee had attended to their assigned duty, and had found no further action necessary.

The report was accepted, and the Committee discharged.

The subject of School Government was then resumed and discussed by Messrs. Cowles, of Ipswich, Peirce, of West Newton, Hale, of Boston, and Leach, of Randolph.

Mr. Smith, in behalf of the School Committee of Worcester, invited the members of the Association to inspect the school-house and apparatus belonging to the Classical and English High School.

At 3 o'clock, Mr. Ariel Parish, of Springfield, delivered a lecture on “The Management of the School-room.

After a recess of five minutes, Mr. Bates, of Boston, in the chair, the subject of Mr. Parish's lecture was taken up and fully discussed by Messrs. Field, Greenleaf, and S. Bates, of Boston, and C. S. Pennell, of Springfield.

The subject was then laid on the table.
The following resolution was offered by Mr. Allen.

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