The Massachusetts Teachers' Association was called to order at Brinley Hall, in Worcester, Nov. 25th, 1845, at 2 1-2 o'clock, P. M., by Mr. Josiah A. Stearns, of Boston.

Mr. Thomas Sherwin, of Boston, was appointed Chairman, and Mr. George Allen, Jr., Secretary, pro tem.

The following resolution, submitted by Mr. Joshua Bates, Jr., of Boston, was unanimously adopted.

Resolved, That we sincerely approve of the late movements of the Teachers in the State of New York, in the formation of a State Teachers' Association; and that they have the sympathies and coöperation of the Massachusetts Teachers' Association in all their efforts to promote the general interests of Common School Education.


Mr. Galloup, Chairman of the Committee on nominations, reported a list of officers, which was accepted, and that gentleman was instructed to provide printed ballots.

Mr. Bates, of Dudley, submitted a report on “The means conducive to the highest desirable degree of Intellectual Education ;” which was adopted.

The following resolutions, submitted by Mr. Peirce, of West Newton, were adopted.

Resolved, As the sense of this Association, that the American Institute of Instruction, for the important service it has done, is entitled to the gratitude of all friends of education.

Resolved, As the sense of this Association, that the State Teachers' Association is not formed to contravene the operations of the American Institute of Instruction, or of any other literary association, but rather to coöperate with it, in one great and good cause.

Mr. Wells, of Andover, submitted the following resolutions on school discipline.

1st, Resolved, That the subject of school discipline is one of incalculable importance at all times, not only to teachers, but to the whole community; that the spirit of subordination to rightful authority is the first element of true freedom, and that the permanency of our free institutions rests, in no small degree, upon the correct discipline and healthful influence of the nursery and the school-room.

2d, Resolved, That it is the duty of this Association to express in unequivocal terms its sentiments on this subject.

3d, Resolved, That, at the present time especially, teachers suffer much embarrassment from the irresolute, wavering opinions which prevail in the community on the sukject of corporal punishment, and that unless more sympathy and support are offered to teachers, in enforcing the wholesome restraints of the rod when necessary, the evils of anarchy and insubordination will ere long greatly increase in the adult community.

4th, Resolved, That, not only as an Association, but as individual teachers, we owe our most sincere and active efforts

to maintain what is right, and to correct what is wrong in the views of the community on this subject.

5th, Resolved, That we regard it as one of the highest duties of our profession, to exercise the wholesome restraints of disciplinary control, in whatever form the nature of the case may demand; and that all attempts to render the judicious use of the rod odious in the estimation of the public, tend to paralyze the free discretionary action of the teacher, to cramp his authority, and greatly to abridge bis influence and suc


These resolutions were laid on the table.
The Association then adjourned to meet at 7 o'clock.

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EVENING SESSION. The Association met according to appointment, and was called to order, Mr. P. H. Sweetser in the chair.

The election of officers was proceeded with, and the following gentlemen were unanimously chosen.

For President, Oliver .Carlton, of Salem. Vice Presidents, Thomas Sherwin, of Boston, David P. Galloup, of Salem, A. K. Hathaway, of Medford, Levi Reed, of Roxbury, Warren Lazelle, of Worcester, G. F. Thayer, of Boston, Emerson Davis, of Westfield, Lucius Lyon, of Shelburne Falls, James Ritchie, of Duxbury, George N. Walton, of Martha's Vineyard, Joshua Bates, Jr., of Boston, Calvin S. Pennell, of Cabotville, Nelson Wheeler, of Worcester, and Wm. Russell, of Andover. Secretary, Chas. Northend, of Salem. Recording Secretary, Sam'l Swan, of Boston. Treasurer, Josiah A. Stearns, of Boston. Counsellors, Ariel Parish, of Springfield, Samuel S. Greene, of

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Boston, E. S. Stearns, of Newburyport, Thomas Cushing, Jr., of Boston, Rufus Putnam, of Salem, John Batchelder, of Lynn, Wm. H. Wells, of Andover, Wm. D. Swan, of Boston, Elbridge Smith, of Worcester, Jas. B. Batcheller, of Marblehead, P. H. Sweetser, of Charlestown, J. P. Cowles, of Ipswich.

The Board of Directors, on motion of Mr. Northend, were requested to petition the next Legislature for an act of incorporation; and, on motion of Mr. Field, of Boston, to petition also for pecuniary aid.

Mr. Wells's resolutions on school discipline were taken from the table, and unanimously adopted.

Mr. Sweetser, of Charlestown, offered the following preamble and resolution, which were unanimously adopted.

Whereas, It is an established fact, that civilization and refinement, morality and religion, have followed the introduction of the Bible wherever its principles have been received, and its claims acknowledged, therefore,

Resolved, That in the opinion of this Association, the Bible, or selections from it, including such parts as relate to the highest interests of man, and are calculated to fit him for the various duties of life, ought to be introduced as a text-book into our public and private schools.

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The next meeting of the Association was announced to take place at Worcester, on Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, 1816.

On motion of Mr. Greene, a Committee was appointed to report at the next meeting, on the expediency of establishing a Teachers' Journal, and Messrs. Greene,

Northend, Sweetser, Lazelle and Field, constituted the Committee.

Mr. J. Waldock, of Medford, offered the following resolution, which was adopted.

Resolved, That we fully appreciate the importance of securing the sympathy and coöperation of practical female teachers throughout the Commonwealth, in furtherance of our efforts for the advancement of the interests of education ; that we fully value the lessons which their observation and experience teach them, as highly as any that may result from our own; and that we respectfully solicit them to impart to us of their abundance, by written communications, at the regular meetings of the Association, or through any organ of the institution that may be hereafter established.

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Prayer was then offered by Rev. Mr. Cowles, of Ipswich, and the Association adjourned.

(Signed) SAMUEL SWAN, Secretary.

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