ARTICLE 8. The Recording Secretary shall keep a record of the doings of the Association, and of the Directors, and shall notify all meetings.

ARTICLE 9. The Corresponding Secretary, subject to the order of the Directors, shall be the organ of communication with other societies and with individuals,

ARTICLE 10. The Treasurer shall collect and receive all moneys for the Association, and shall present a written report of his receipts and disbursements at the annual meeting, and whenever required by the Board of Directors. He shall make no payment except by order of the Board. ARTICLE 11. The Board of Directors shall have the

general superintendence of the interests of the Association, with authority to devise and carry into execution such measures as will, in their opinion, promote its objects. They shall engage suitable persons to deliver addresses and lectures at the meetings of the Association, and make necessary arrange ments for the accommodation of the Annual and other meetings.

ARTICLE 12. The Constitution may be altered at any regular meeting, by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at said meeting and voting thereon, - provided that the motion for amendment shall be made at a previous meeting.

On motion of Mr. Thayer, of Boston, it was voted, that the officers of this Convention, assembled to form an Association, be authorized to call the first meeting of the Association, immediately after the Convention is dissolved.

Messrs. Galloup, of Salem, Thayer and Greene, of Boston, Batchelder, of Lynn, Hathaway, of Medford, Lazelle, of Worcester, Parish, of Springfield, Cowles, of Ipswich, and Stearns, of Newburyport, were appointed

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a Committee to nominate a list of officers for the Association.

The thanks of the Convention, on motion of Mr. Thayer, were presented to the President for the dignity, impartiality, and fairness with which he had performed the arduous duties of his office.

Messrs. Bates, of Dudley, Bates, of Boston, and Wells, of Andover, were appointed a Committee to report on the means conducive to the highest degree of intellectual improvement.

The Convention then adjourned to meet at 2 o'clock.

AFTERNOON SESSION. At 2 o'clock the Convention met, and immediately dissolved. (Signed)

SAMUEL SWAN, Secretary of Convention.




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