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A Collection of posthumous and orphan
Delivered at St. Pauls and St. Giles his Church,

. BY
:: The Right Honourable

Reverend Father in God
LANCELOT AN DREWS, or facesita

Lord Bishop of VVinchester. '

Never before extant.
'Adelavo Ito dentītu. Heb. 11. 4.

Printed by R. Hodgkinsonne , for H. Moseley, A. Crooke,

D. Pakeman, L.Fawne, R. Royston, and N.Ekins. 1657.

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a s there is nothing that a Christian

can more desire than a personal

union with his mystical Head; fo PL there is nothing that a Christian

" ought more to value than the pretious meanes of its atchievement : For, as the highest degree of perfe& Happinesse, is to be a&tually, present with Christ in Heaven; so the highest des gree of imperfect happinesse C such of which wee are capable in this valley of Teares) is our affurance of a hope that we fhall be happy in perfecti- ^ Ilamespaçkite on. Non amongst the severall Requisites and c. 11. meanes of Blisle, our invoking of God Almighty is not the least : for whosoever shall call up-biomie is on the name of the Lord fhall be saved. But as we cannot call upon him inwhom we have not belee. ::: ved, nor beleeve on him of whom we have not yet .. heard; so neither can wee heare without a Preacher. Upon wbich, it followes; That because*veje ?4 Faith a commeth by Hearing, and Invocation by verse 17. Faith, therefore ( in order of Nature, though not . of Dignicy) Invocation is the third ftep; Faith

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