The Indian History of the Modoc War and the Causes that Led to It, by Jeff C. Riddle

Marnell and Company, 1914 - 295 pagina's
Author was the son of a Modoc woman, Winema, and Kentucky-born miner Frank Riddle, both of whom played a large role in negotiations during the Modoc War. This book gives a Native American but still pro-white point of view.

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Pagina 240 - We will go with you," he resolved to go. In the summer of 1877, we made a joint lecturing tour through the States of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. On our return to the East, about the first of November, Colonel Meacham resolved to commence the publication of a paper devoted to his great theme, the Indian, his rights and wrongs and the advocacy of a true Indian policy. In pursuance of this plan he issued on the 20th of December, 1877, the first number of "The Council...
Pagina 104 - Jan 1873 in exposing himself in the most fearless manner to very great danger by walking in front of the line when the men hesitated to go forward as ordered and reassuring the command which then advanced upon the...
Pagina 161 - ... replied in the negative. The members of the commission were then duly sworn by the judge- advocate ; and the judge- advocate was then duly sworn...
Pagina 42 - On the white side three men were killed. On the south side one able-bodied warrior was killed; one girl about fifteen years old killed; two small •"Major Jackson finally rode over to me and said, 'Mr. Boutelle, what do you think of the situation?' 'There is going to be a fight,' I replied, 'and the sooner you open it the better, before there are any more complete preparations.' He then ordered me to take some men and arrest Scarface Charley and his followers. I had taken the situation in pretty...
Pagina 41 - Here, Injun, give that pistol here, dm you, quick." Scar-Face Charley laughed and said : "Me no dog. Me man. Me no fraid you. You talk to me I just like dog. Me no dog. Talk me good. I listen you." Boutelle drew his revolver, saying, "You son b , I will show you now to talk back to me." Scar-Face said, "Me no dog. You no shoot me. Me keep pistol. You no get him, my pistol.
Pagina 178 - Whom, if anyone, were you with there?" A. "With Scarface Charley." The Judge Advocate now called Bogus Charley as witnesj for the prosecution. He was cautioned against perjury. He testified as follows : Q. BY JUDGE ADVOCATE : "What is your name as commonly called?" A. "Bogus Charley." Q. "Were you present at the death of General Canby?
Pagina 186 - INDIAN. You all know me ; during the war it seemed to me that I had two hearts — one Indian and the other white. I am only a boy, and yet you all know what I have done. Although a boy I feel like a man, and when I look on each side of me I think of these other men as women. I do not fear death. I think I am the only man in the room. I fought in the front rank with Shacknasty, Steamboat, Bogus and Hooker. I am altogether a man, and not half a woman. I killed Dr. Thomas, assisted by Steamboat and...
Pagina 86 - How do yon, or can you, expect me to believe you now ? Since I have learned that you are not a man of your word; if a man goes back on one thing he will on another. Take away your soldiers; take away your big guns, and then we can talk peace.
Pagina 176 - What is your business ?" A. "I am a United States Indian Agent." Q. "Of the Klamath Agency?" A. "Yes, sir." Q. "Does that include the Modocs ?" A. "Yes, sir." Q. "Do you recognize the prisoners at the bar?
Pagina 40 - The soldiers rode right up to Capt. Jack's lodge and stopped. Then they advanced a few steps on foot and halted. By that time the braves were all around through the village. Major Jackson demanded Capt. Jack. Scar-Face Charley told the major he would go and get him. Jack appeared in a few minutes. A few of his men were with him. Every Indian had his gun with him. Jackson told Capt. Jack that the Great Father had sent him to go and get him, Jack and all his people and put them on the Klamath reservation....

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