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Duchess of Northumberland.

In dedicating this work to your Grace, the author feels assured he may be more justly accused of attempting to attract the attention of the public, than in any compliment he can hope to be enabled to convey to your


It is your Grace’s particular distinction, that surrounded by all that wealth can procure, or power can bestow—the willing patron of deserving merit, and ever mindful of the wants of others—your Grace is at all times ready to listen to the supplication

of distress, and relieve, with unsparing generosity, those who require your aid.

The high birth and distinguished rank alone of your Grace, would not have secured the general approbation which attends your name, had they not been accompanied by that amiability of character, and condescension of manner, which renders duty a pleasure to all


subordinate to your Grace, whilst that aversion to ostentation, which leads you to do good in secret, and “ blush to find it fame,” have not a little tended to increase those feelings of respectful admiration, by which your Grace and your noble Consort, are every where regarded.

The affability and courteous deportment of your Grace and the noble Duke, in this town on a late occasion, will long be remembered with respect and esteem ; while the meritorious conduct of his Grace the Duke, in private life, as the kind friend, the noble benefactor of a numerous tenantry, and the generous patron of genius in obscurity, are well known, although as assiduous to shun applause as he is solicitous to merit approbation. Such conduct adds new lustre to the name of Percy, and to that of the noble ancestor of your Grace, so appropriately designated by the illustrious Chatham, as “the Heaven-born Soldier."

Without trespassing further upon the notice of your Grace, it may be offered as an additional apology for affixing to the following pages the name of the Duchess of Northumberland, the well-known promptness with


which your Grace came forward as the patron and rewarder of the Heroine of Fern Islands, and the object of the author being to give a record of the events which have so justly given a celebrity to the name of Grace Darling

I have the Honour

To subscribe myself,

With the utmost Respect, Your Grace's most obedient Servant,


Newcastle, Feb. 1839.

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