quiet accuracy of observation; sound justness of reasoning; and apposite reflections, drawn from undesigned coincidences in the Pentateuch; as to carry the mind unhesitatingly along with it, to the full admission of the "Genuineness and Authenticity of the Mosaic History." And the Author never rose from the perusal of it, without having his convictions of the Truth of Scripture strengthened; and his heart grateful to one, whose work was calculated so effectually to serve the cause of religion; and he therefore cordially coincides in a celebrated modern writer's opinion, that it is "a work which ought to be on the table of every scholar."

In works of such a character, it is no easy matter for a compiler to do any thing like justice to his subjects; or to make such a selection of topics, as neither to obscure the general line of reasoning, nor weaken the arguments of the originals. "Brevis esse laboro, obscurus fio," has not unfrequently occurred to the Author's mind, in the progress of his work. Limits, however, there must be; and his chief endeavour has been, to give a faithful representation of the general scope and meaning of the originals, in as concise a manner as the subjects would admit of,

without introducing any opinion of his own, except in

an occasional note.

In conclusion, he ventures to express a hope, that the goodness of his motives may serve as some apology for any imperfections which may be discovered in the work now presented to the public.

Of a State of Probation as intended for Moral Discipline and Im-


What our business is here, 53; A determinate character ne-
cessary for each state, 54; Capacities for habits, ib.; improved
by exercise, 55; Exercise of internal principles and external
acts analogous, ib.; Man incapable of duties of mature age at
once, 56; requires time and practice, ib.; to form a charac-
ter, 57; Religious character similarly formed, ib.; Future life
not inactive, 58; Virtuous principles strengthened by disci-


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