Official Catalogue of the New-York Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations. 1853


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Pagina 3 - RECORD, we will state at present only a few facts. The leading idea in the plan of decoration has been to bring out the beautiful construction of the building — to decorate construction rather than to construct decoration. To do this, and at the same time to preserve a general harmony of effect, gave Mr. Greenough ample opportunity to display his knowledge of the resources of his art. The result is surprisingly beautiful.
Pagina 4 - The interior has a prevailing tone of buff, or rich cream color, which is given to all the cast-iron constructive work. This color is relieved by a moderate and judicious use of the three positive colors, red, blue, and yellow, in their several tints of vermilion, garnet, sky-blue, and orange, (certain parts of the ornamental work being gilt) to accord with the arrangement of colors employed in the decoration of the ceilings. The only exceptions to the use of oil colors are the ceiling of the American...
Pagina 2 - The dome is supported by 24 columns, which rise beyond the second story, and to a height of 62 feet above the principal floor. The system of wroughtiron trusses which connects them together at the top, and is supported by them, forms two concentric polygons, each of 16 sides. They receive a cast-iron bed-plate to which the cast-iron shoes for the ribs of the dome are bolted. The latter are 32 in number. They are constructed of two curves of double angle-iron, securely connected together by trellis-work....
Pagina 3 - NJ The enamel, with which the whole of it is covered, is laid upon the glass with a brush, and after drying, is subjected to the intense heat of a -.kiln, by which the coating is vitrified, and rendered as durable as the glass itself. It produces an effect similar to that of ground glass, being translucent, but not transparent. The sun's rays, diffused by passing through it, yield an agreeable light, and are deprived of that intensity of heat and glare which belong to them in this climate.
Pagina 4 - The water is accessible at numerous points, which are provided with conveniences for drinking, and also for the attachment of hose in case of fire. The whole quantity of iron employed in the construction amounts to 1,800 tons ; of which 300 tons are wrought, and 1,500 tons cast-iron. The quantity of glass is 15,000 panes, or 55,000 square feet. The quantity of wood used amounts to 750,000 feet, board measure.
Pagina 3 - The flooring of the galleries is made of closely-matched planks, while those forming the floor of the first story are separated by narrow intervals, in the same manner and for the same purpose as in the London building. Over each of the principal entrance-halls, the galleries open upon balconies, which afford ample space for placing flowers, vases, and statues for decoration.
Pagina 4 - ... of colors employed in the decoration of the ceilings. The only exceptions to the use of oil colors are the ceiling of the American lean-to and the dome; these decorations are executed in tempera on canvas. The effect of the interior of the dome (designed by Sr.
Pagina 2 - ... clear, and is surmounted by the lantern. As in the other roofs of the building, the dome is cased with matched deal and tin sheathing. Light is communicated to the interior through the lantern, and also in part from the sides, which are pierced for 32 ornamental windows.
Pagina 3 - The rapid and unexpected increase of the applications of exhibitors induced the Association to erect a large addition to the building already described. It consists of two parts, of one and two stories respectively, and occupies the entire space between the main building and the Reservoir. Its length is 451 feet and 5 inches, and its extreme width is 75 feet. It is designed for the reception of machinery in motion, the cabinets of mining...
Pagina 4 - ... are the ceiling of the American lean-to and the dome ; these decorations are executed on canvas, and attached to the roof covering these parts. The effect of the interior of the dome is superb. The rays from a golden sun, at the centre, descend between the latticed ribs into a soft heaven of azure. The building is supplied with gas and water in every part. The gas is designed for the use of the police in protecting the property by night, but is so arranged, that, should it be deemed expedient...

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