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• How long shail it be tr ihe end of these WONDERS P” (Dan. xii. &).

“He worketh signs and WONDERs in heaven and in earth. : Hon great are his signs ! and how mighty are his WONDERS !” (Dan. vi. 27; iv. 3). "In those days will I pour out of my Spirit. And I will show WONDERS

Ι in the heavens and in the earth" (Joel ii. 29, 30).

“Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods ? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing WONDERS ?” (Exod. xv. 11).

“ Thou art the God that doest WONDERS (Psa. lxxvii. 14).

“Sing unto the Lord—declare his glory among the heathen, his WONDERS among all people. For he cometh, for he cometh to judge the earth: he shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with his truth” (Psa. xcvi. 2, 3, 13).

“O give thanks to the Lord of lords,—to him who alone doeth great WONDERS” (Psa. cxxxvi. 3, 4).

“They that dwell on the earth shall WONDER, when they behold the wild beast that was, and is not, and yet is” (Rev. xvii. 8).

“ And there appeared a great WONDER in heaven.—And there appeared another WONDER in heaven” (Rev. xü. 1, 3).

“ And I bebeld another wild beast coming up out of the earth. And he doeth great WONDERS” (Rev. xiii. 11, 13).

Tue outline of the present treatise on COMING WONDERS was drawn up by the author three years ago, in the latter part of 1862, and has been in preparation ever since, but it has been hitherto delayed in its completion by various causes. The type-setting of it was commenced in November, 1865. Its leading views were, however, briefly stated in the author's pamphlet, “The Coming Battle,” in 1860, and in his treatise on Louis Napoleon in 1861-2.

The pages of this book are enriched with valuable quotations from prophetic expositions, which are not within the reach of many people, owing to their high price or from being out of print. It should be particularly observed that these extracts are invariably, according to customary usage, enclosed between inverted commas to distinguish them from the author's own remarks, and are in some cases necessarily abbreviated.

The prayers of Christ's people are requested for the Holy Spirit's influence to accompany the teachings of these prophetic works, and their author.

Believers in these views will find the pamphlets—"The Coming Battle"

(32 pages, 2d.), and the threepenny abridgment of the Napoleon treatise (96 pages) very useful for distribution in their respective neighbourhoods. It may also be mentioned that as it is the author's aim and desire to send gratuitously one or other of these pamphlets to as many ministers as possible, especially in country places and distant colonies, where such information is not easily obtainable, and particularly during the present postal facilities for spreading information, before they are greatly impeded by approaching wars and revolutions ; with this object, any sum of money can be sent to Messrs. J. Wright and Co., printers, Thomas Street, Bristol, England, for the gratis circulation of these prophetic works, by persons who may wish thus to help in disseminating these views. The author has received many applications from ministers in the Southern States of America for a gratuitous supply of copies of his books.

Any communications for the author, who is in England, will reach him, if directed to the publisher of this book, or from American correspondents, if directed to Rev. M. Baxter, Box 1199, Philadelphia, Pa.

December, 1865.
Postscript in August, 1866.-The printing and publication of this

treatise has not been fully completed until August, 1866, but the coms mencing portion, comprising the first six wonders, was all stereotyped

in 1865. The prophetic conclusion, expressed in the second wonder, that the Austrian empire would ere long be broken up, and Venetia T8-annexed to Italy, was also stated and maintained in the appendis on Menacing Perils in Britain and America, added in April, 1865, to the author's Napoléon treatise.


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Fourth Wonder. (Peginning fully about nine months and twenty-five days—and perhaps

partially about eight months and ten days-after the Covenant.) Commencement of Daniel's great Prophetic Period of two

thousand three hundred literal days, which here begin with the restoration of the sacrifices and oblations in the Jewish temple, between eight and ten months after the Covenant, and which terminate with the cleansing of the Sanctuary at the Lord's descent on earth at the introduction of the Millennium. (Dan. viii. 13, 14; Isa. lxvi. 3) 74 to 83 (Rev. W. B. Saville, Maramensis, A. Bonar, Judge Noah, Rabbi Adler,

Sir M. Montefiore, Rev. T. Parker, quoted.)

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Fifth Wonder. (Progressing during all the first three and a half of these seven years.) Increasing activity of the three unclean frog-like wonder

working Demon-Spirits of Antichristian Infidelity, Revolutionary Democratic-Despotism, and Jesuitical Propagandism, which are predicted to go forth to the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them together to the War of Armageddon. (Yearday, Rev. xvi. 12-16; 2 Thess. ii. 9)

84 to 92 (Rev. Dr. Seiss, C. Beale, Rev. Dr. Cumming, Rev. B. Slight, quoted.)

Sixth Wonder. (Commencing some time within the first three and a half years-most

probably a year or two after the Covenant.) Great War by Daniel's Wilful King, the revived Napoleon,

against the King of the South, the Sovereign of Egypt, and sanguinary defeat of the Egyptian Army. (Dan. xi. 21-28)

92 to 102 (Alison's Description of the First Napoleon's Battle of the Pyramids quoted, as a typical illustration of this coming war.)

Seventh Wonder.

(Within about two years after the Covenant.) The Dissolution of the present Turkish Empire-accompanied

by the governmental severance of Syria from Turkey, and the termination of the existing Ottoman Government. (Yearday, Rev. xvi. 12)

103 to 109 (Tillinghast, Galloway, Lamartine, Rev. R. A. Purdon, quoted.)

Eighth Wonder. (Occurring between two and three years after the Covenant.) Re-establishment of the Four Horn Kingdoms of Greece,

Egypt, Syria, and Thrace-with-Bithynia, as four distinct and separate kingdoms, as in ancient times. (Dan. viii. 22, 23; xi. 40)

110 to 116 (Rollin, W. Reade, Alison, Leibnitz, Addis, quoted.) Exhortation on the Love of Christ

117 to 122

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Ninth Wonder. (Taking place about two years and between three and five weeks after the Covenant; that is, in general terms, about five years before

Christ's descent on Olivet at the Millennium.) The First Ascension, or first stage of Christ's coming, con.

sisting in the resurrection of the bodies of all deceased saints, and in their being caught up together with 144,000 living watchful Christians, to meet Christ in the heavens. (1 Thess. iv. 16, 17; 1 Cor. xv. 51, 52; Rev. xiv. 1–5; xii. 5; iv. 5; iii. 10; Matt. xxv. 10; xxiv. 37–41; Luke xvii. 28-30, xxi. 36 ; 1 Pet. v. 4)

123 to 163 (Rev. R. A. Purdon, D. N. Lord, Dr. Seiss, Sabin, Mr. Evill, Rev. R. Polwhele, Rev. Tilson Marsh, W. Cunninghame, Colonel Rowlandson, Rev. C. D. Maitland, Lord Congleton, quoted.)

Tenth Wonder. (Commencing about two years and from three to five weeks after the

Covenant, and continuing for about nine months.) The First Seal and the First Angel Message, causing an un

unparalleled Religious Revival and wide-spread preaching of the Gospel throughout all nations, with a renewed Pentecostal outpouring of the Holy Spirit. . (Rev. vi. 1, 2; xiv. 6,7; Joel ii. 28–32; Psa. xlv.)

163 to 180 (Rev. J. Hooper, D. N. Lord, B. W. Newton, Judge Strange, Mr. Evill,

Rev. J. G. Gregory, Dr. Grabe, quoted.)

Eleventh Wonder. (Beginning about two years and eight months after the Covenant, and

fulfilled within the next four months.) The First Trumpet, causing hail and fire mingled with blood


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