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which appear to be, either in idea or language, beyond the capacity of one who has gone through the classes of a wellinstructed National School: nor has anything been rejected merely because it might be judged, in point of refinement or beauty, to rise above the common level of persons so educated.

If the effect of this publication be but to introduce one purer thought or one higher aspiration into a home weary with toil or dark with care, the object of the compiler will have been answered, and the kindness of those authors and publishers who have consented to this use of their works will have been as well rewarded as it is hereby gratefully acknowledged.

C. M. V.


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A baby was sleeping, its mother was weeping
A fair little girl sat under a tree
A little cottage
A month, sweet Little ones, is past
A nightingale, that all day long
A simple child
A spirit haunts the year's last hours
A wet sheet and a flowing sea .
Alone I walked the ocean-strand .
An axe rang sharply mid those forest shades.
An oyster, cast upon the shore
As slow our ship her foamy track
At the corner of Wood Street, when daylight appears
At the silence of twilight's contemplative hour
Begone, thou fond presumptuous Elf
Behold her, single in the field .
Behold the western evening light.
Break, break, break
But are ye sure the news is true ?
But who the melodies of morn can tell
By their floating mill .
Child, amidst the flowers at play
Christian life's no bank of roses
Come to the land of peace
Faintly as tolls the evening chime
Faintly flow, thou falling river
Fare thee well! the ship is ready
Farewell to the woodlands, farewell to the bowers
Far in a wild, unknown to public view
Flow down, cold rivulet, to the sea
Full knee-deep lies the winter snow.
Good-bye, good-bye to summer
He walked with God, in holy joy
How dear to me the hour when daylight dies
How grand, oh sea, thou lonely sea .
I am a Pebble ! and yield to none


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