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ENTERED according to act of Congress, in the year 1836, by CHAUNCEY GOODRICH, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court, for the District of Vermont.

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The second day after the author of the following sermons commenced á protracted meeting in Burlington Vt. Dec. 8, 1835-the Publisher engaged Mr. B. J. Tenney, at a stipulated price, to attend all his meetings, and report his sermons, and what other matter he might deem of general interest, in short hand, and write them out fully with a view of publishing them.

Mr. Tenney commenced, at once, to fulfil his engagement, and, being capable of following any speaker, and reporting his sermon or address fully, no doubt was entertained of his, giving true and faithful copies.

On the 17th, Dec. the publisher left town and did not return untill the 9th of January, during all which time, he heard nothing directly, or indirectly from his reporter, until he arrived at Montpelier on his return, (8th January) where he heard many reports of Mr. Burchard's buying Mr. Tenney's notes &c. &c. A statement of which may bo found in the Appendix.

That Mr. Burchard, or his friends, should not be able to bring the charge that the publisher in

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