withal Promises of what we had been obliged to if we had never vowed, and therefore the more ftri&ly to be performed, if we intend to hallow the Name of God, and not bring upon our felves the dreadful Guilt of trifling with and mocking his sacred Majesty.

Lastly, Even all Christians, all Baptized Perfons, are holy to the Lord, separated and called out of the World for the Service of God, according to the Rules of holy Living; and therefore we are to use our felves as holy Persons, by having no Fellowship with the unfruitful Works of Darknefs, Eph: 5. 11. by not polluting our selves with any Uno cleanness of Wickedness, by using our selves as becomes those whom God hath drawn nearer to himself. Hence it is that the ApoAtle so often exhorts Christians to walk warthy of their holy Calling, and of the Gospel, since they were not Aliens, and Strangers from God, but made nigh by the Blood of Christ, Eph. 2. 13. It is not for nothing that in the New Testament the Union be

... twixt Christ and his Church Fohne 15. 5. is described by that of the Ephef. 5. 23, Vine and the Branches, the 24, 25, 29, Husband and the Wife, the 30, 32. Gal. 3. 26. Head and the Members, that and 6. 10. we are all called the Children

of God, the Houshold of Faith, and the like; all which Expressions denote

a very near Relation to God, to which he hath been pleased to admit us. And I doubt not but this is one Account why the Catholick Church in the Creed is called holy, that is, because it is relatively holy, as being called out of the World for the Service of God, and to have a Fellowship and Communion with him. And from hence it is plain, that every wilful Sin in a Chri. {tian, whose Name is given to God, is an Act of Profaneness properly so called, tho' it might not be so in an Heathen; 'tis an alienating of himself from that Use to which God hath separated him; it is to bring that into God's House and Family which is dishonourable to him. And therefore the Apostle calls a Believer God's Tenple, because he is dedicated to God's Service. Know ye not that ye are the Temple of God? says he to the Corinthians. And so he calls them to make them afraid of polluting themselves with Fornication, or any such unclean Practice, because thus doing they should defile the Temple of God. And if any Man defile the Temple of God, hinz jhall God destroy: for, says he, the Temple of God is holy, which Temple ye are, 1 Cor. 3. 16, 17. :

And now having thus shewn what it is to hallow the Name of God, you may easily fee, What Kind of Persons they are that can with any Seriousness or Sense say this Petition, Hallowed be thy Name; To be sure, Not thofe that have no Fear or Reverence of God in their Hearts, and Thew none in their Lives; Not those that neglect and contemn his outward Worship, and have no Regard to holy Things; Not the facrilegious Inva, der upon his Rights; Not the profane Abufer of his Word in idle Talk; Not the perjured Man, Not the vain Common Swearer; Not he that lives in the Violation of Promises and Vows made to God; Nor indeed any profess’d Christian whatsoever that lives in the Practice of known Sin.. 1. Therefore were any Such well aware what they say when they say the Lord's Prayer, that is, when they fav, hallowed be thý Name, and if they considered well the Sense and Meaning of thefe Words, their Consciences would stop their Mouths, and make them ashamed to put -up that Petition to God, which they live in a dired Contradiction to.

In short, the Particulars contained under this Petition are such as ti

" Let us ever remember, O God, that " thou art our great Creator, our absolute “ Sovereign, our great Benefactor, our merciful Saviour, and our all-feeing Judge; “ and whilst we do thus acknowledge thee, “ may we stand in awe of thine Almighty Power, thine all-leeing Providence, and

« thine

" thine angry Justice, and love thy bound“ less Goodness, and be always thankful for “ thine innumerable Benefits, and trust in “thy Wisdom and Truth, and call upon “thy Name as long as we live.

“ Let thy Worship be every where main"tained and devoutly frequented, and thy “ Praises be worthily set forth in the Al“ semblies of thy People.

“Let thy Priests, the Ministers of thy “ Glory in the World, that serve in holy “ Things, be supported by their Dues in “thy sacred Service, and in the Execution “ of their great and high Office..

6. May the folemn Times of thy Worship “ be religiously Observed, and the Places “ where thy Name is recorded be had in due “ Regard; and may thy Sanctuary be never “ laid waste nor brought to Desolation.

“May thy holy Word be had in Reve" rence, and let us never take thy Name in vain into our Mouths, nor defer to pay " the Vows we have made.

" And thro' the whole Course of our 5 Lives inay we shew forth the Praises of bim, who bath called us out of Darkness "into bis marvellous Light, who batis called us to bis Kingdom and Glory, that others seeing our good Works may glorify our Fa'ther wbich is in Heaven. Thus, O Lord, " let thy Name be hallowed.


And, my Brethren, let every one of us resolve that in all these Particulars we will do our Parts, what lies in us, towards the Sanctification of the Name of God, whilst we pray to God that it may be San&tified. To whom, God the Father, the Son, and the holy Spirit, be all Honour, Praife, and Glory, now and for ever. Amen.

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